Best dating my career nba 2k19

best dating my career nba 2k19

NBA 2K19‘s MyCareer mode, for the second year in a row, features a robust social hub dubbed the Neighborhood. Along with going to practice and competing in the grind that is the NBA season, you can stroll over to the gym to lift, head to blacktop for pickup games against real players, and even play a pseudo version of Slamball. Neighborhood almost makes it more of a role-playing game than a sports sim. As an RPG, there’s a lot to manage and even more to do. The ultimate goal, however, is to become an NBA star with a 99 rating, the max grade a player can receive in NBA 2K19. We’ve put together.

best dating my career nba 2k19

NBA 2K19 has a brand-new MyCareer mode called The Way Back. As seen in the official trailer above, players take their created baller from the minor league to the pros while interacting with a cast of unique characters. The story-driven suite can be experienced in a free demo launching later this month. In The Way Back, players create a custom baller who rises from the ranks of the Chinese Basketball League to the NBA-affiliated G League.

While trying to prepare for the pros, you’ll encounter all types of personalities looking to offer their own unique advice. Haley Joel Osment of The Sixth Sense plays your quirky social media manager, while Michael Rapaport of White Famous lends his talents to your team’s coaching staff. Ballers will also rub elbows with fellow players portrayed by Avengers actor Anthony Mackie and Straight Outta Compton’s Aldis Hodge.

Ted’s Ginger Gonzaga also appears in the role of a potential love interest. This is what your MyPlayer’s stats look like. Visual Concepts/2K Sports As has been the case in past years, NBA 2K19 also features a free Prelude demo. This year the sneak peek arrives Aug.

31, and will likely take MyPlayers through the first few hours of the mode. Those who purchase the full game can continue their journey as early as Sept. 7. While this morning’s trailer offers a solid preview of the story to come, the clip raises several questions. For one, there’s absolutely no sign of the open-world Neighborhood lobby system that made its debut in 2K18.

There also aren’t many details with regard to gameplay specifics like archetypes and character customization options. Beyond a brief shot of possible stats, we’ll have to wait for an official blog post or livestream to learn more about those aspects. As we inch closer to the Sept. 11 launch date of NBA 2K19, many facets of the game have slowly come into focus.

In addition to MyCareer details, the team at Visual Concepts has also shared fresh details about MyTeam play and the game’s soundtrack. In the days ahead, it’s only natural that future reveals start being a lot more specific.

best dating my career nba 2k19

best dating my career nba 2k19 - NBA 2K19 My Career Best Builds Dunks, Crossovers!

best dating my career nba 2k19

There are plenty of attributes that you're going to want to upgrade as quickly as possible in NBA 2K19's MyCareer mode. In this NBA 2K19 MyCareer guide, we'll be walking you through how to earn VC quickly in NBA 2K19 MyCareer, so you can put it all towards upgrading the speed and shooting skills of your created player.

If you instead need help with any other areas of the latest iteration of NBA 2K19, you’ll want to head over to our . It’s on this page that you can find all our key beginner’s tips and tricks to the game, as well as a complete overview to all the gameplay changes that 2K has made to the title this year.

NBA 2K19 My Career Tips To kick off the NBA 2K19 MyCareer mode, you’ll be tasked to create your very own player avatar. This is the character that you’re going to take on the journey throughout MyCareer. Although 2K19 will stick you straight into the content from The Prelude, it’ll give you the option to go straight into the actual NBA, skipping out the Chinese league content entirely (which is actually pretty impressive).

Once you’re in the NBA, it’ll be Free Agency time. You’ll now have to select one team, and try to negotiate your way into playing for them. Each team will offer you three things: minutes per game, VC earned per game, and a bonus meter for your performance.

Based on these three factors, you have to select one team to sign with and play for. Next up, it’s time to head into a game in NBA 2K19’s MyCareer mode. You’ll begin the game on the bench, but simply tap A/X to immediately skip ahead, and sub into the game. Now, you’ll see a ‘Takeover’ meter in the top right of your screen, as well as grade for your performance, which always starts off at a C+.

Earning VC in NBA 2K19 My Career It’s your job to build up the Takeover meter, as well as your grade, as doing this will earn you more VC for your in-game performance. Simply put, you need to avoid turning the ball over, fouling, and missing shots while playing in order to increase your Takeover meter and performance grade. A tried and tested method is to actually avoid taking shots yourself, but instead distribute the ball around using quick bounce passes. Every pass you successfully make will increase the Takeover meter and your performance grade.

At the end of the game, you’ll always earn a certain amount of VC, and you can then take this VC and spend it on upgrading your NBA 2K19 player character after the match is done.

You’ll bag yourself more VC if you can either win the game, finish with a higher performance grade than you started with, or fill up the Takeover meter. These are the basic fundamentals of NBA 2K19’s MyCareer mode, and these tips and tricks will get your character on the path to success. Now that we’re done here, head over to our , or our , both of which will help you with additional areas of the game.

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best dating my career nba 2k19

With yet another year of NBA 2K now upon us, we return to the franchise’s most popular mode: My Career. For years, the my Career mode has made the NBA 2K franchise undisputed king of the sports game genre, offering players the opportunity to fulfil the dream of rising from rags to riches on the way towards NBA superstardom. Always the long, at-times repetitive grind, My Career in the NBA 2K series continues to evolve year-on-year, changing the way a narrative-based story fuels the drive towards being the league’s most dominant and popular player.

With a continued focus on gameplay and progression, let’s take a look at some necessary tips to help you rise the ranks to the top of the NBA. For the initiated here, the information included in this guide will be all-too-familiar. However for those new to NBA 2K, the creation and progression of the mode can be quite overwhelming, so hopefully this guide can take you through the basics and help you on your way to becoming an NBA superstar.

While there is normally a steep learning curve with NBA 2K games, My Career is fun and forgiving enough over time to allow you to slowly but surely master the experience. Don’t be deterred by poor performance ratings, as all these really do is prolong the ineivitible: keep at it, and keep a firm eye on the end goal.

So, want to know how to quickly build your MyPlayer up to level 99 and dominate the NBA? Here are some tips. | | | | | My Player Creation tips The trick when creating your player in My Career is not to get bogged down by all that’s on offer, as there’s an intimidating range of player styles, resources and skills available to you. Ultimately, you want to create a player that is well-rounded, one that is balanced next to what’s expected of the specific position you’ve chosen.

Importantly, creating a player that suits your own NBA 2K play style is integral, not only to ensure the mode remains most enjoyable for yourself, but so it best encapsulates the best of what NBA 2K has to offer.

Before stepping out in The Prelude, decide on the kind of player you want to be: is controlling the play more suitable? To distribute and dictate the terms of a match? Then, obviously, Point Guard (PG) is what you should be leaning towards. The SG and SF positions are more suitable if you like moving off the ball and shooting off the dribble, although both positions demand more defensive accountability and off-ball movement.

Tougher positions to play, there is an obligation here to get into good position for your teammates. The C and PF positions are different beasts all together. Hit the boards, set screens, and play D down in the post: demand the ball when you know you have the capacity to beat the opponent close to the basket.

If you lack proficiency in these areas, My Career won’t be kind to you. Primary And Secondary Skills – Why They’re Important Don’t let this part of the player creation suit get to you. Ideally, you want to choose two skills that balance your player out realistically next to the expectations of the position. With a PG, for example, Passing & Ball Handling as a Primary Skill will increase or decrease the maximum attribute cap for skills more or less relatable to the skill itself, respectively.

Obviously Passing is more important than Blocking for a PG. If you absolutely want to go down that path, by all means, but no one wants a blocking PG that can’t pass. What’s the point? Who do you want to be? What sort of player do you want to guide through the ranks? Do you want a defensive, low-post scoring centre? Or a driving and finishing, 3-point shooting SG? Tips To Get You Started • • Positions each have caps for attributes that fall in line with the expectations of the position, so be wary of this.

As an example, a PG can’t have a perfect dunk rating. So don’t choose a PG if you want to be a short dunker. It won’t happen. • The body shape and size of your player is pivotal, and again falls in line with the expectations and types of player you want to create. You can go for a small, lean PG, and they’re going to be fast, but they won’t be strong or especially agile.

This makes it difficult to defend a, say, Ben Simmons. The game does a good job of telling you we’re going right or wrong. • If you don’t quite have the time to grind through My Career, then choosing one of PG, SG or SF would be the best option for you. That way you’re getting your hands on the ball, whereas C and PF are both playing at the mercy of their guards.

• If you’re confident with your shooting, then go with a guard position. NBA 2K18 Skill Selection and Attributes Here are the five attributes you should focus on above all else for each position and the corresponding play style (in order of importance). PG Passing & Ball Handling • Ball Handling • Passing • Speed • Acceleration • Stamina 3Pt Shooter • Mid-range shooting • 3pt shooting Shot Creating • Ball Handling & Passing • Speed • Acceleration • Stamina • Strength • Rebounding • Layups • Dunks Driving And Finishing • Ball Handling & Passing • Speed • Acceleration • Layups • Dunks • Mid-range shooting SG Driving And Finishing • Ball Handling & Passing • Speed • Acceleration • Layups • Dunks • Mid-range shooting 3Pt Shooter • Mid-range shooting • 3pt shooting Shot Creating • Ball Handling & Passing • Speed • Acceleration • Stamina • Strength • Rebounding • Layups • Dunks Defender • Stamina • Strength • Acceleration • Speed • Lateral Quickness • Vertical • Blocks • Steals SF Defender • Stamina • Strength • Acceleration • Speed • Lateral Quickness • Vertical • Blocks • Steals 3Pt Shooter • Mid-range shooting • 3pt shooting Driving And Finishing • Ball Handling & Passing • Speed • Acceleration • Layups • Dunks • Mid-range shooting PF Driving And Finishing • Ball Handling & Passing • Speed • Acceleration • Layups • Dunks • Mid-range shooting Defender • Stamina • Strength • Acceleration • Speed • Lateral Quickness • Vertical • Blocks • Steals Rebounder • Stamina • Strength • Acceleration • Speed • Lateral Quickness • Vertical • Blocks • Steals Post Scorer • Post Scoring • Stamina • Strength • Acceleration • Speed • Lateral Quickness • Vertical • Blocks • Steals • Rebounding Center Defender • Stamina • Strength • Acceleration • Speed • Lateral Quickness • Vertical • Blocks • Steals Rebounder • Stamina • Strength • Acceleration • Speed • Lateral Quickness • Vertical • Blocks • Steals Post Scorer • Post Scoring • Stamina • Strength • Acceleration • Speed • Lateral Quickness • Vertical • Blocks • Steals • Rebounding Skills will be capped depending on the type of Primary and Secondary Skills you choose.

Body shape also plays an important role in this instance, which will need to be designed to suit the specifications of the position and body you’ve created.

Tips To Get You Started • • Ideally you want to create a well-rounded and balanced player, with a key focus on the attributes listed above. • Jump shooting for guards and rebounding for forwards isn’t a complete necessity. You can skill expand the skillset into other areas to make players at this position reliable in other areas. Getting A Perfect Teammate Grade Offense On your way to NBA stardom, you’re going to need to start things off by performing from day one. However, performing in the gym and selecting the right skills won’t get the job done alone.

You’ll need to ensure you’re getting many an A+ rating to get through games and boost up the rankings as quickly as possible. Ideally, you want to not try and dominate in the early days. That can be tough with wanting to be involved in every single play, but forcing shots, demanding passes and setting bad screens will lead to a poor teammate grade. You don’t want to cause a turnover, because that’s the worst possible thing to do for your team.

If your rating hits a low range, your VC earnings will decrease, making it toucher to climb. The most important tip on offense is to only take open shots. Shooting through traffic or forcing shots over defenders, especially early on in your player’s career, will hurting your standing with your teammates, unless by some miracle you manage to make these shots.

Hit the gym as often as possible, practice shooting and discover where your player’s sweet spot is. If you guy can’t hit the backside of a bard, don’t take jumpshots, and don’t force it. A “bad shot penalty” is the My Career equivalent of being sent to the G League. Get into space by calling for screens from teammates, and faking and then driving past open for an open shot.

Utilise your team’s best shooters so that you get either an Assist or Pass-To-Assist grade rating. This earns an incredible amount of VC.

Understand your teammates, and know how to best utilise them. Memorise hot and cold spots on the court, and know where your team thrives. Don’t over dribble or force the dribble, because the AI can and will punish you, causing a turnover. If you do cause a turnover, get back onto defense as quickly as possible: while you’ll lose teammate grade for losing possession, you can make some (but not all) of it back by filling the lane and contesting any fastbreak shot.

You want to avoid the double penalty at all costs: Turnover, and then Score off Turnover. Screens are also a fantastic way to boost teammate rating. Press B/Square to set a screen, but make sure your player’s feet are planted and not moving when the opposition player crashes into them.

If you’re moving when this happens, it’s an offensive foul. If your team scores off a screen you’ve set, you’ll get a teammate boost for a good screen and a “screen assist”.

Tips To Get You Started • Don’t force your shots • Don’t over-dribble • Get into space • Move off the ball • Keep moving! • Set screens • Don’t force passes through traffic • Pass the ball around and get good ball movement going • Utilise space Defense Much like those in the NBA 2K series before it, NBA 2K18 is an “easy to play, hard to master” beast.

It can be a brutal mistress, especially considering the fast nature of the experience. Good defense is key to a good teammate grade. So long as you defend well you won’t get a penalty: you may ever get a grade boost for good defense and shot contention. So long as you don’t give your direct opponent on open jumper or lane to the basket, you should be okay.

You should also learn how to utilise lock-on defense, but don’t over-do it. This allows you to “stick” to the defender, but it leaves you vulnerable to ankle breakers and quick drives to the basket. Keep a good distance, but not too far, just close enough to be able to both contest the ball and move into space should the player drive to the basket.

You don’t need to jump when they take a shot: if you’re close enough when locked-on, your player will automatically content the shot. Jumping may cause a foul, which will land you a penalty. If you foul while defending well, generally there’s no punishment or reward either way. Stay ring-side of your opponent so as to be between them and the key.

A block, steal, or defensive lockdown is a fantastic way to boost teammate grade: it’s not all about scoring points! Tips To Get You Started • Stay awake and wary of screens from the opposition: be sure to get around them and stick to your player. • The AI will always want to create mismatches on the court, so step back from a screen and stick to your direct opponent as much as possible.

• Don’t force steals. If the opportunity is there, try once and that’s it: spamming the steal button will just lead to a reach-in foul and teammate penalty.

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