Best dating my best friends ex boyfriend

best dating my best friends ex boyfriend

Bro code # 345 One shall not date another bro's ex, current lover, or one they are interested in.

best dating my best friends ex boyfriend

Fu Fang Si and Li Tang, Cheng Xiang Nan and Yin Hao Ran, had beautiful and romantic memories, personality conflicts, and eventually lost due to real differences. After many years on a gorgeous fashion show, fate let them meet again. When Fang Si is already very close to reaching her dreams in the fashion industry, Li Tang has once again entered her life; The problem became even more complicated when her current boyfriend's famous supermodel ex-girlfriend entered the scene.

Fang Si's studio suffered more misfortune with her ex-boyfriend Li Tang coming to the rescue. Will they have a better future this time?

Rewatch Value 8.0 Unlike many viewers, I actually thought the second half of the drama wasn't as draggy as I thought it would be. Maybe because I'm used to draggy t-dramas, but I sincerely thought that this drama didn't drag. Although this is supposed to be a fashion drama, there is quite a lot of corporate politics which I surprisingly kind of liked to watch (the fashion for the girls looked great though!).

Sure, the story is a little cliche, and yes, there are a lot of flashbacks, but that's what makes this drama great. The flashbacks show us a glimpse of the 'ex-boyfriend' and they were actually my favorite part of the drama. I have no complaints about the cast at all. Viola Mi's character (Xiang Nan) was just beyond annoying as the antagonist but she is an amazing actress (this is the first drama I saw her in). Her emotional scenes were spot on and I could really feel her inner turmoil.

Of course, many said Maggie Jiang was kind of cold and unemotional but I actually thought she nailed her role as a strong career woman and she had huge character development to change her previously cold exterior. Nothing needs to be said about Jerry. I always love him in dramas, but I thought this role fit him a lot more (he's really adorable when he acts immature).

Last but not least, Ron Ng (I saw him in Cantonese movies before), but this is the first time I saw him in a drama, and unfortunately he was dubbed but anyone who has second lead syndrome would definitely fall in love with him. The rest of the cast were great as well. There are the accomplices, the hilarious (and gossipy) office staff, a supportive mother, a disapproving father, and two comedic reliefs in the form of Ban Jie and Da Luo!

Music was really nice, albeit a little repetitive. I liked how they used some of JJ Lin's old songs. That being said, I even downloaded the OST so I guess it's pretty catchy! Overall, I really recommend it.

Re-watch value is alright because at 42 episodes, it's long! However, maybe I would watch it again a few months later, but I would definitely re-watch some of my favorite episodes. If your taste is anything like mine (meaning you're used to 'draggy t-dramas'-see previous reviews) and you can stand that for the cute OTP, then you will definitely love this drama.

Of course, if you're a Jerry fan like me, you can't miss out on this drama either! (9.25/8) Rewatch Value 9.0 First of all, I didn't expect much when I started watching this and because I just felt like I had to watch it as a Jerry Yan fan. The story’s very simple and can be typically found in a lot of other dramas but sometimes even the simplest plots can lead to a really good development of both the story and the characters.

There are also plot lines about revenge and business which may annoy you but at least it didn’t drag much compared to most C-dramas that I’ve watched that focused too much on those sides.

I actually have nothing to complain about the main cast because I felt that they played their parts very well. Jerry Yan's immature/childish Li Tang made this drama turn into comedy (especially his outfits). Despite his childishness, I just found myself falling in love with him more and more. Maggie Jiang's Fu Fangsi is very inspiring and I'd love to be someone like her. She doesn't let anyone or anything stop her from pursuing her dreams.

She's a rare breed in dramaland and more female characters should be created like her. Ron Ng's Yin Haoran may be your typical martyr-like second male lead but because of this kindness, his flaws were also revealed. Viola Mi's Cheng Xiangnan may be the annoying antagonist but it's not always rainbows and butterflies in a supposedly feel-good drama.

It also shows that she's an effective actress! I also have to give credit to the supporting cast because they added elements of fun to the drama as well. I LOVE the music in this drama. I’m not into CPop unless the songs were used in a drama so it was only recently that I discovered that some of the songs used in this drama were not new already.

I have always known that JJ Lin is a great singer based on people’s opinions since I never got the chance to listen to his music so it was just great that I got to listen to his music because of this drama. My ultimate favorite songs are JJ Lin and Kym's "Waiting For Your Love" as the opening song and Wang Su Long's "If I Could Turn Back Time" as the ending song.

Will I rewatch this drama again? There’s a huge possibility that I will because I started and ended it with the mere focus of blogging about it. So next time, I’d probably watch it out of leisure/enjoyment. And why wouldn’t I want to rewatch the adorable and funny scenes especially involving Tang and Fangsi? Count me in! The cinematography/editing of the drama was well done and of high quality and I wish more C-dramas would learn their lesson from this drama.

It’s also important to note that the story pretty much revolved around the world of fashion which makes it refreshing and pleasing to the eyes! Most importantly, the story’s really enjoyable to watch because of the splendid cast (both main and supporting). Overall, I recommend this to anyone who's just up to watching a refreshing C-drama in terms of its quality and theme.

best dating my best friends ex boyfriend

best dating my best friends ex boyfriend - My Best Ex

best dating my best friends ex boyfriend

The Girl Code states that you should NEVER date your best friend’s ex. But, every rule has an exception. What if you and he develop a relationship many years after he and your bestie broke up? The rule just wouldn’t make sense then, right? But, what if your bestie tells you that she still has strong feelings for him despite having broken up years ago?

What would you do then? We know it’s tough and we understand your pain. So, if you’re in this boat now and you’re wondering how to sail the seas smoothly, here’s how you know when dating your best friend’s ex-boyfriend is a no and when it’s a go.

Dating your best friend’s ex-boyfriend is a NO when: He cheated on your best friend. If his infidelity is the reason why their relationship came to an end, forget about the guy.

If he cheated on your closest friend, who says he won’t do the same thing to you? You can’t prove that he’s a changed man. Lastly, losing a friend you’ve been with for years. Their breakup was very recent. Maybe you had a secret thing for this guy already even when he and your best friend were still together, and now that they parted ways, you think there’s a chance for the two of you. While that may be possible, it’s important that you wait.

Wait for your friend to heal and move on. You don’t want her thinking that you were just waiting for them to break up and, now that it has happened, you’ll jump on her ex-boyfriend without caring how that will make her feel. Their breakup was messy. If they didn’t part ways amicably, they may still have unresolved issues. They might get back together when things have settled down a bit or they might hate each other forever.

Whatever the situation, don’t date your best friend’s former man. If you do, you’ll just add insult to injury. At the very least, you should wait and see what happens to their relationship and then decide what to do. She’s not over him yet. You know your best friend is when she reacts badly to the mention of his name.

If remembering him pushes her to tears or makes her explode, it means the wounds are still fresh, so you should respect her and give her time to move on.

Dating your best friend’s ex-boyfriend is a GO when: Their breakup was mutual and there were no hard feelings. If they both decided to end the relationship because it was not working for them, and you know there aren’t any hard feelings between them, then it’s a good sign. Your best friend may not mind if you date her ex-boyfriend. Just be sure to let her know about your intentions and see how she reacts. If she does not flip out on you, it’s a go!

It has been a long time since they broke up. If it’s been several months or even a year since they went their separate ways, then you’ve probably waited enough time for your best friend to heal. They remained friends after the breakup. While people seldom stay friends with their former partners (it’s another tricky thing), if they’re both in other relationships and are now happy and content, your best friend may not care about you dating her ex-boyfriend.

This is the best situation and one where jealousy and awkward feelings rarely occur. So, go ahead and ask your bestie for her blessing. She’s moved on from him. If your BFF is already in a committed relationship, one where you see that she’s happy and serious, that means she’s moved on.

Talk to her and confide about how you feel; if she really is your best friend, she will understand your dilemma. She will appreciate your honesty, having waited for the perfect time and respecting her situation. She’ll surely give you the green light to date her ex after your heart-to-heart talk. Now that you have clear guidelines on when it’s alright to date your best friend’s ex-boyfriend, use your best judgment when making a decision. Always proceed with caution and love.

We hope you not only get the guy but, more importantly, you keep your best friend’s friendship and love. Have you ever loved an ex of your best friend?

How did it go for you? Do you have any additional tips and advice for other women in this situation? Share your thoughts and words of wisdom in the comments!

best dating my best friends ex boyfriend

WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! You just broke section 3 in the girls rules book. NEVER date your best friends ex! Its the worst thing ever! Cause your bff might thinking your trying to make her jealous! You NEVER date her ex. No matter how cute/sweet/nice he is. And even if your bff tells you its okay to date him, cause its NOT. BREAK-UP with him. Chances are, you won't date him long.

A friendship lasts a lifetime. Always choose your friends over the boy. NO MATTER WHAT. Friends are more important than that. What I would do in this case would be, confront her. Tell her how much she absolutely means to YOU. And ask why she won't speak to you. There always has to be a WHY. Dont irritate her about it.

She'll end up getting annoyed by you. First things first is to break-up with the dude and just ask to be friends. That's always the easy way to go. And then go to your bff and tell her that you broke up with him because friendship matters more.

And whocares if your single or not. Being single is the best way cause you can focus easily without that image of your bf in your head. YUCK. So, do what I told you to do. And everything should turn out of. Be calm about it. k? Love, if he broke up with you then don't push things, be glad that you still have a friendship with him, sometimes that can be better. if it was mutual or you broke things off, then just show signs of liking him, and do what you did before to get his attention as a boyfriend.

people get together and break … up all the time so this shouldn't be too bad. but if things start to look grim just go back to friendship. Okay, this might sound kind of bad but i'm telling the truth not trying to be mean, but if your ex is dating your best friend then there's two things that you need to do, but getting your ex back is not one of them.

1st off, if your ex really cared about you he wouldn't be dating your best friend. A … nd 2nd, your best friend is not a friend at all. That's like the number one rule that best friends should never break. The two things that you should and need to do is cut off "friendship"with both parties because they were never truly your friends.

Then you should tell your friend that and see what she says about it. Or you should talk to your ex-bf and see what he says about it and if he wants to get back together with you or not!!!

Maybe you should just get over your old bf and stop dating a guy that you wll be dating off and on only a perso … n that you will have a good stron relationship with!!! I hope it all works out!!! i had a boyfriend who i was totally in love with and he was in love with me.

we broke up 2 or 3 times, but always got back together. one time we didn't. he asked out one of my best friends and she said no cause she will never do that to me.

a month later i end up moving and one of my friends tell me … on the cell phone that there going out. he has had 3 new girlfriends seens me and i had 0 boyfriends seens him. i do think about him, and say oh i love him but then i say i hate him i wanna hate him but i cant. but i finaly am over him, just it bothers me. that is a really tough one to get over just as you have got overyou past boyfriend your BEST friend than gets something going withthem.

I bet what you are thinking at the moment "some friend she turnedout to be!" But then your just as bad try to support her without getting toinvolved try to distance … yourself when she and your ex aretogether. Hang with other friends until you feel ready the lastthing you want to do is break friends with your best friend becauseit just makes you look jealous. If your best friend is dating your ex boyfriend, then your best friend shouldn't be called your best friend.

Or your ex could just be using your best friend to make you seem jealous. If it hurts too much to think about him, then you should give back your gifts from him(if you have any) so it won't r … emind you of him. But you shouldn't do that for revenge or to make him feel bad.

If you and your ex are becoming good friends again, you should just keep those gifts and think of it as a gift from a guy friend. Most of the time you just wanna hear what you wanna hear and nothing else , but if he is dating your best friend it just means you have no best friend , and iwouldn't want him back even if iwas in love because that's just nasty !

If he cared about you he wouldn't have gone out with your best friend … because he knows that it'll make you hurt and so does your " best friend " ! the person you are now in a relationship with should know how his best friend would react but its important to tell him because if he finds out from someone else he could be more angry and if you think he will react badly you need to see weather the person your dating values his friendship with your … ex or your relationship.

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