Best dating in arabic language programs

best dating in arabic language programs

The Advanced Arabic Language program provides students with a full immersion experience commensurate with their abilities and proficiency level. All courses are taught in Arabic and include both subject area content and language instruction. This approach enables students to develop a high level of proficiency in Arabic, and gain an in-depth understanding of important issues facing Jordan and the Middle East today. Academics.

best dating in arabic language programs

Arabic is spoken throughout the Arabian peninsula, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and many other African and Asian countries. Its the 5th most spoken language in the world and also, it is the language of Islam. Arabic speaking countries are one of the fastest growing market and one must be familiar with the culture and language to establish a healthy trade relation.

Arabic speaking countries also attract a large number of tourists. As a tourist you must be aware of the language to have a better experience and to avoid miscommunication. There are dozens of websites which provide free online Arabic learning. So I picked up the best Arabic language learning websites for you so you don’t have to struggle while choosing one. These websites are rich with various Language Learning Tools, such as Flash Cards, Games, Word Matching, Audio playbacks, etc.

And if you are interested in other languages, you can check out the and , or have a look at the . is an impressive online language learning website. Arabic is one of the languages which can be learnt with the help of this website. The audio-visual interactive approach makes learning Arabic really easy. The Arabic learning course is divided into different levels, which are further divided into lesson modules.

The beginner's lesson starts with basic conversation tools, such as greetings, feelings, pronouns, etc. As you move to Elementary and Intermediate levels you get to learn the Arabic language better. Once you are finished with your daily lessons, you can go to the Practice tab and improve your Arabic writing skills. You can practice writing on a picture/video, or you can chat with an online native speaker of the Arabic language. You can keep complete track of your progress as your learn Arabic.

Your personal profile is created on the website, where you can add words to the Vocabulary section, add friends, set goals, earn points and do a lot more while learning Arabic. is another multi-language learning website. You can learn any language available in the list for free. To learn Arabic language, select Arabic from the drop down menu and start your journey. The interface design is impressive. The lessons are based on audio-visual interaction.

The phrase modules are categorized according to different situations one may come up with in a day-to-day life. You have to select words/phrases from a list, which is divided based upon the situations where they are used.

For every word/phrase there is an audio playback and a picture which describes the situation. After learning a module you can take a Quiz to evaluate your knowledge of Arabic.

This language learning tool is best suited for beginners & travelers. The website also offers language learning PDF and MP3 files, but you have to make a payment to download the files.

Slaam Arabic is a wonderful website to learn Arabic language. It has learning options for Beginners, Intermediates and Travelers. The language lessons cover topics from Arabic numbers & alphabets learning to Arabic words & phrases used for different situations. All of the lessons include audio-visual interactive options and games which makes Arabic language learning a piece of cake. These lessons include greeting, social etiquette, months, seasons, food and describing people. This is one of the best online tool available to learn Arabic.

You can sign-up & keep track of your progress. Apart from English, the website supports Spanish, French & Portuguese language. Every resource on this website is free and there are no hidden charges. provides language learning course in Arabic. You can learn Arabic language for free on this website.

To start learning Arabic, select the language from the "Courses" list, and select a level from where you want to start learning. The Arabic language learning course is Video-Audio supported. You begin with basics of Arabic language, such as Arabic alphabets, vocabulary, etc. You can access different levels by using the coins provided at the time of sign-up, and earn coins as you complete the levels. L-Ceps offers 10 basic Arabic language lessons for free. You can learn Arabic words & phrases very easily with the help of audio playback available for each one of them.

The course includes lessons on greetings, numbers, food, animals, etc. This website helps you to quickly get a hold of Arabic language. MyEasyArabic offers free Arabic language learning. The lessons are divided into four modules. The modules teach you the basics of Arabic, Arabic alphabets, reading Arabic and writing Arabic. The course is audio based, you can listen to Arabic alphabets and phrases to learn how they are pronounced.

The training for writing Arabic is straightforward. A lot about Arabic language can be learned from this website. The simple layout makes it easy to find what you are looking to learn. This is one of the best tool to learn Arabic online. introduces you to Arabic, its history, areas where its spoken, its historical and modern aspects.

Then you get to learn how to pronounce and write Arabic alphabets. Grammar and sentence structure are explained neatly. Arabic phrases lets you know Arabic better. The website includes tool which can translate English to Arabic and an Arabic editor. You can also play educational games to put your Arabic skills to test. A downloadable version of this tool is available for free as well. is a website for free certified learning. The Introduction to Arabic language on this website is video based. There are 2 different modules and each module is divided into different topics. Start learning Arabic from the beginning, and after you finish learning you can give an assessment to evaluate what you have learned.

A simplistic approach has been chosen to teach the Arabic. A progress bar shows how much you have progressed with lessons. There's an area provided for you to take notes while learning. You have to sign-in before you can start with the course. As this is a video based learning tool, its not much interactive, but does its job of teaching Arabic language very well. is a website where you can read Quran in more than 8 different languages.

The webpage offers free online Arabic language learning. The first lesson teaches you the Arabic alphabets, followed by grammar, counting & phrases. Later you can go through lists of words and exercises to brush up your Arabic. Every lesson is Audio enabled, you can listen to every word or sentence and learn how to pronounce properly. Learn Arabic alphabets and how to read them for free at The course starts with studying the Basic Facts about Arabic followed by 13 lessons on Arabic aplhabets. Each lesson comprises of 2-3 alphabets, where you learn to pronounce them and learn their uses. The audio support makes the language easy to understand.

There are tests available for each lesson, where you can check what you have learnt so far. This is a dedicate Arabic learning website and teaches Arabic very well. is a platform where you can learn more than 100 languages for free. Arabic is one of those languages. The Arabic language course is divided into 5 modules i.e. Vocabulary, Phrases, Grammar, Flash cards and Quiz.

The extensive collection of Arabic words, phrases and flash cards with audio playback, makes Arabic language learning a child's play. The course is designed with the help of Arabic translations of the words we use on a daily basis, so you can use what you've learnt right from Day-1.

Islamopas offers online multimedia based course in Arabic language. There are 10 lessons which makes you go through Arabic step-by-step. These lessons include Arabic alphabets, grammar, vocabulary and an overall review. Listen to the examples as you learn to create a firm base for the Arabic language. A downloadable version of the course is also available on the website. Egyptian Arabic Course Egyptian Arabic Course is a Blogspot page where Egyptian Arabic language can be learnt.

The course comprises of Arabic alphabets and 15 lessons. The Arabic alphabets have been explained very neatly with examples. The vocabulary list is extensive and each word comes with an explanation and examples.

Few videos have been embedded to make the Arabic language course more interesting. The approach to teach with Arabic songs and their lyrics is really innovative and thoughtful.

Goethe-Verlag Goethe-Verlag is a home to learn more than 50 languages. Select from a variety of situations to read & listen conversations based upon them. Click on the audio option just besides each sentence to listen to their Arabic translation. Each situation has more than 10 sentences to learn from. Few lessons based on Arabic grammar has also been included for you to learn Arabic language perfectly. The online Arabic language course is free to use.

WeSpeke WeSpeke is a free online portal to learn & practice languages. You have to create an account and a profile to use this awesome language tool. Set your language preferences and get ready to learn Arabic. There are no lessons or course that you have to follow. WeSpeke lets you chat with people who have registered here to learn a language.

Just select a person with Arabic language skills, and you are all set. You can add people who speak Arabic as friend and chat with them. You can learn Arabic and teach a language that you know, at the same time. eLanguageSchool eLanguageLearning is a free multi- language learning platform.

The Arabic language learning course starts with a brief introduction & history of the Arabic language. There are two modules to this course. Arabic Words & phrases is the first module where you can find a list of words with their Arabic translation.

The Video module holds a series of videos which will help you learn Arabic step-by-step. These videos include Arabic alphabets, numbers, writing tutorial, grammar, etc.

The Arabic video tutorials are really communicative and must be given a try. MyLanguages is another website where we can learn multiple languages for free. The online Arabic learning course has 45 modules.

These modules teaches us Arabic alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, grammar and many more things related to Arabic language with audio support.

With the help of tests, you can track your progress easily. This is one of the best platforms to learn Arabic language. is a place where you can learn how to read & write Arabic in a grammatically correct way. You start with learning Arabic alphabets, verbs/verb conjugation, grammar, phrase/sentence creation, numbers and learning vocabulary.

The method of explanation is pretty clean and each topic is categorized precisely. The website can be used by beginners and advanced learners of Arabic language as well. The contents are accurate and covers almost all aspects of Arabic language including its history. This exclusive Arabic learning website is a free resource.

Madinah Arabic Madinah Arabic is a free online tool which offers Arabic language course for beginners and advanced learners. You can learn to read Arabic or take the "Arabic learning course". The Arabic learning course has 100 lessons to learn from. The Arabic vocabulary flash cards lets you learn Arabic translations of words with written script. You can use the Discussion Forum and get your query solved. The Interactive Questions section lets you test the progress you've made.

This is a dedicated website for learning Arabic and does its job pretty well. Speak Speak offers language learning course in 11 languages. This website teaches you Arabic based on the basic conversations that may take places in different situations. The lessons are divided based on different public places such as Airport, Banks, School, Beach, etc. The conversations are pretty basic and can be repeated. The audio-visual approach used, makes Arabic language learning very simple.

The Arabic phrases used in the conversation are available to be viewed and played back separately. Speak7 Speak7 is a resourceful website to learn Arabic, right from the basics.

Here you can learn Arabic alphabets, phrases, grammar, enhance your vocabulary, play interactive games, watch video tutorials and do a lot more to strengthen your knowledge of Arabic language. The UI is very basic, with a list of contents on left side of the window. Click on any link to toggle between the lessons.

The test section lets you check your progress with the Arabic language. The extensive Arabic vocabulary list is categorized and lets you learn various Arabic words. This website also introduces you to the places where Arabic is spoken.

It also has contents related to the culture followed at those places. provides free Entry level Arabic language learning. The tool is basically a set of simple conversations between tourists and Arabic people. There at 6 conversations during different situations. Hear the conversation and view the translated version in English. You can also pause the audio and view the transliteration of the conversation.

This tool does not teaches you the language, it just teaches you the basic Arabic conversational phrases you can use while interacting with someone. Another tool that this website offers is . You will require a paid subscription to use this tool for learning Arabic. Digital Dialects Digital Dialects features free to use games for learning Arabic language. The flash games available for Arabic lets you learn how to pronounce and write numbers and colors in Arabic.

The website also includes few Arabic phrases and useful links to learn Arabic. The game lets you learn the Arabic translation of items and then quizzes you to match the names with translations arranged randomly. provides basic Arabic learning course for beginners.

When you start the Arabic course, a new window opens where you can find the content of lessons. There are a total of 3 lessons where you can learn basic Arabic word and sentence/phrase formation. The course is supported by audio playback and tests to make learning easy.

This website is still under development and addition of new lessons are in progress, however it is available to use and learn the existing lessons. Apart from Arabic language lessons, this website offers knowledge on Islam and Arabic Art & Culture.

best dating in arabic language programs

best dating in arabic language programs - Summer Intensive Arabic Language Program

best dating in arabic language programs

Arabic Intensive Language Programs Being fluent in more than one language could be beneficial in the current global economy. Many students study languages such as Spanish and French, but looking to Asian and Middle Eastern languages may help you to stand out from the competition. It can be tough to learn these languages, especially since they use a different alphabet than English and other European languages. When you learn Arabic abroad, you could have the opportunity for full immersion, which may make it much easier to learn a language.

As an added bonus, you have the chance to learn about the culture first hand. Consider an Arabic intensive language program to fully immerse yourself and speed your grasp of the language. Learn Arabic Abroad Most of the countries in which Arabic is spoken are in the Middle East, making it a crucial language for the U.S.

government and many private corporations with interests in the region. By taking an Arabic language course, you may have the chance to include a highly sought-after skill on your resume. No matter your language ability, you may be able to find suitable Arabic Intensive Language Programs.

Some offer courses for beginners, while others are set up to help those who have already studies some Arabic in school to have a chance to speak with native speakers and learn more about the culture. Immersion in the culture is one of the best ways to learn a language. When you live in an Arabic country, you will have to use the language throughout the day, rather than just during the few hours when you are in class and language lab. This additional practice outside of the classroom is part of the reason some students may learn a language better in country than in the classroom.

Taking a summer, semester, or year to enroll in an intensive Arabic language course abroad may not only help you to become a fluent speaker of Arabic, but you may also get to see some incredible sites of the world. You could and spend your free time sailing the Nile or exploring the pyramids and ancient temples, or you could study in Jordan where you can take a break to snorkel in the Red Sea or walk around Petra. The west often has no knowledge of the incredible beauties the Arab world has to offer.

An Arabic study abroad program could provide you with the opportunity to explore this area while adding skills to your resume that may have the potential to enhance your future career. Gain Insight into Other Cultures When you study Arabic abroad, you could gain valuable insight into other cultures. Not only may you learn the nuances of the language, but you also may learn important cultural practices.

This has the potential to improve your ability to communicate with people from other countries, especially from the Arab world. This may not only help in careers in international relations, but it potentially also helps locally, as many Arabic immigrants are emigrating and might require interpreters or look for doctors, lawyers, nurses, dentists, psychologists, and more who understand Arabic.

Before you decide to participate in Arabic intensive language programs abroad, there are some important considerations to make. First, it is important to consider the type of program, as well as whether the credits will transfer back to your home university. It is possible that you could spend one summer in an intensive language program to fulfill all your language requirements for school Researching programs offered by your school as well as other programs could help you to find the right one for you.

best dating in arabic language programs

Even though there are quite a lot of online programs aimed at teaching Arabic in general, this foreign language has quite a lot of different dialects. For some of these dialects the choice of online programs is larger while for others it is smaller. Some of the most commonly taught dialects are MSA, Egyptian or Eastern Arabic. Bellow you can find a list of online programs that are aimed at teaching one or more dialects of this foreign language.

#1. Recommended Arabic Course Online – Rocket. If you are just starting to learn Arabic one of the most beginner friendly courses for you can be Rocket. Rocket Languages have a good reputation among online courses and it is being preferred by many learners. While the main focus of Rocket courses is to teach learners how to communicate in foreign language there is material included for learning writing, grammar and finding out more about culture too. This can be a great advantage for Arabic learners who want to learn all aspects of this foreign language.

Main Advantages: • Rocket Languages offers lessons for any language so you can try this Arabic online program for free and make sure that it is suitable for you; • With Rocket course you can learn Egyptian dialect of Arabic. This dialect is one of the most widely understood dialects of this language since different types of Egyptian media is widespread across Arabic countries; • With this online program you can learn a lot about Arabic culture too, because Rocket includes extensive culture lessons; • Since Rocket includes video based lessons that are aimed at teaching Arabic script, with this course learners can also improve writing skills of this foreign language; • In case you have limited time for studying Arabic, Rocket can be very useful course for you.

Audios in this course can be transferred to other devices and also included apps allow you to access all material in the course and study on the go via different devices; • If your main goal is to learn how to speak Arabic you will not be disappointed with Rocket program.

This is mainly because audios are recorded by native Egyptian speaker so you can learn proper pronunciation. Also this course includes Rocket Record feature, which allows to record & compare pronunciation of Arabic words and phrases with a native speaker; • Unlike most online based language learning programs Rocket also includes material for studying Arabic grammar. So it can be said that with this course you can improve all areas of this foreign language; • Lessons in Rocket course are not too difficult to follow because there are transcripts available in both Arabic and English.

Also material is repeated and explained in detail so you will be able to understand everything that you are learning; • Rocket can be a very useful language learning program for users who are studying Arabic for traveling purposes. This is mainly because it teaches essential Arabic phrases and words from the first lesson and culture lessons can help to learn how to communicate with local people better; • Another great advantage of Rocket is that audios in this program are interactive.

This means that you will need to say different phrases in Arabic out load and in turn you will be more prepared to speak this foreign language in real life situations; • Rocket includes quite a lot of programs and quizzes that are aimed at reinforcing material from this course. Due to this learners are able to practice Arabic from different angles and increase retention rate; • In order to keep learners motivated to study Arabic, Rocket program includes badges as well as leaderboard.

These mentioned features help to keep track of your progress and also compare yourself to other learners; • Phrase Finder feature in this program allows learners to use this course as a dictionary too. When searching for different Arabic words this feature will not only give meaning, but it will also provide examples of how it was used in different situations throughout the course; • Rocket Premium course comes together with free Survival Kit, which includes audios of essential Arabic phrases & words.

This free material can help you learn how to pronounce the most essential vocabulary quickly; • With Rocket program you will get access to a forum, which was specifically created for Arabic learners. There you will be able to share your experience with other learners or ask questions; • You only need pay once for Rocket Arabic (99.95 USD) and it will give a lifetime access to this course together with upcoming future upgrades.

This is a great benefit over programs that offer yearly subscriptions that are even more expensive; • Rocket Arabic Premium is backed up by 60 days money back guarantee; Main Disadvantages: • There is only one part of Rocket available for Arabic ( Premium), so learners can only achieve intermediate level at this language when studying via this program; • Rocket is mostly online based course so it is necessary to have an internet connection in order to access all material and learn via this course.

Even though it is possible to buy CD version of this program it is quite expensive ($299.95); • Although there are material in Rocket program included for learning Arabic grammar and writing, it can be said that the main target of this course is to teach learners how to speak in this foreign language; #2. Living Language Courses. Living Language offers 4 different courses for Arabic so learners with different budgets and learning needs can find a suitable course for them.

From the traditional courses the most popular series tend to be Complete. They contain 4 books, access to online learning material and also 9 audio CD’s.

These particular series can be preferred by Arabic learners who have limited budget and need to achieve higher level at this foreign language. For learners who have a bigger budget and need to study mostly while on the go it might be worthwhile to consider Platinum series of this course. It contains the same studying material as Complete series; however free apps in this course makes it convenient to study via different devices and it also includes free online e-tutoring credits.

The Main Pros: • Living Language includes material for studying all areas of Arabic language so you can improve not only your speaking skills, but also learn grammar, writing, reading as well as listening; • Living Language teaches MSA dialect (standard form of Arabic), which is mostly preferred by learners who are learning Arabic for educational purposes; • It is possible to choose from 3 different Living Language courses ( Platinum, Complete or Essential) for Arabic language. It is also worthwhile to mention that there is also online version available for users who want to study on the move.

Due to this learners can choose a more suitable course based on their budget, preferred features and studying material; • Living Language courses for teaching foreign languages were developed many years ago, so they are tested by many users who rate them positively; • It is not too difficult to follow Living Language lessons, because they are based on Building Block approach. What it means is that new Arabic words and other concepts are being introduced only in small parts so that learners would be able to understand everything; • Living Language gives sufficient explanations in English language so that learners would be able to understand new material, grammar, language structure and progress in Arabic with confidence; • In addition to main material in the course Living Language also includes free guide, which teaches Arabic script.

This is great additional content for learners who want learn how to write in this foreign language; • Since Living Language includes different multimedia for studying Arabic (books, audios, online quizzes & flashcards) learners tend to have high retention rate and study more efficiently on overall; • If you want to find out more about people speaking Arabic and their culture you will find some notes included in Living Language courses for that too; • Living Language teaches essential Arabic phrases and words so these courses can be very useful for travelers too; • Since Living Language coursebooks come together with audio CD’s, you can learn how to pronounce words & phrases correctly; • Living Language is quite commonly complimented for its e-tutoring lessons.

If you will choose Platinum version of this course it will include 12 free e-tutoring credits or they can also be also purchased separately on the official website; • It can be said that Complete edition of Living Language Arabic offers great value for money since it is priced at only $49.99 and it includes quite a lot of studying material. While online version of this course is not cheap it can be ordered as one or three month subscription, which makes it affordable for most learners too; The Main Cons: • When compared with other courses it can be said that Living Language lacks more advanced features for improving Arabic speaking skills.

Audio lessons in this course are not interactive and you can only improve your pronunciation by repeating speakers in the recordings; • Since the main learning material in Living Language Arabic comes in a form of books it is not the most convenient program for studying on the move. The alternative would be to buy online version of this course; however it is almost 3 times more expensive; • Since Living Language pays a lot of attention to explanations, which is a good thing in most cases, it might be also quite difficult to immerse yourself into Arabic language when studying via this course; • If we would compare online features of Living Language (quizzes, games and etc.) with some other studying programs this article it can be said that that they are far less engaging; • It would be quite useful if Living Language online courses would have more advanced tracking.

Currently you need to finish the whole lesson so that it would be marked as completed; #3. Pimsleur Audio Lessons. In case you are learning Arabic for communicational purposes and you don’t need to learn writing & grammar of this foreign language it might be worthwhile to consider Pimsleur audio lessons. Since the main studying material in this course comes in a form of audios it can be preferred by audible Arabic learners.

Also lessons in this course are interactive, which means that instructor will ask learners to say different Arabic phrases and words quite often. Vocabulary that is being taught in these audios is mostly oriented for travelers so if you are planning to visit Arabic speaking country soon, you will find Pimsleur course very useful. Strong Sides: • One great benefit of Pimsleur Arabic is that it offers lessons to learn 3 different dialects of this foreign language – Egyptian, MSA as well as Eastern.

However it is worthwhile to mention that there are 3 levels available only for MSA and Eastern and for Egyptian dialect – only 1 level; • Arabic learners are able to try Pimsleur method for free since it is possible to get 1 free sample lesson by registering at the official site of this course; • Due to the fact that Pimsleur offers only audio based studying material it is very convenient to study Arabic via this course while on the go; • Since Pimsleur audios are recorded by native Arabic speakers who can learn good pronunciation & accent from these lessons; • Pismleur can be a very useful course for learners who are planning a trip to Arabic speaking country.

This is because it teaches Arabic phrases and words that are needed to get around in a foreign country; • When following Pimsleur lessons you will constantly need to say different words & phrases in Arabic out load. Due to this you will need to use your target language from the first lesson, which in turn will make you more prepared for real conversations and improve your overall learning efficiently; • In general Pimsleur lessons are not too difficult to follow and it is not necessary to repeat them many times.

This mainly because new concepts & material is introduces in small steps and it is being repeated through current and further lessons a few times; • In order to complete one lesson of Pimsleur you will need less than half an hour of your time daily. So this course can be suitable for Arabic learners who have very limited time for studying too; • Pimsleur method was developed more than 50 years ago, so you can be sure that many learners have already tested it and had success with this Arabic course; Weak Sides: • At the moment Pimsleur doesn’t offer Unlimited version for Arabic language.

This version would be useful for learners who want additional features like flashcards and games; • Even though Pimsleur lessons are not too difficult to follow in general it would be quite convenient to have English & Arabic transcripts of dialogues included too; • Even after completing all 3 levels of Pimsleur Arabic your vocabulary at this foreign language would be quite limited.

This is because each lesson of this course concentrates only on a couple of new Arabic phrases and there is a lot of repetition; • Pimsleur lessons are not very useful for learning Arabic grammar so you will need additional material if you want to learn it properly; • Pimsleur audios can be repetitive at times so if you need more engaging studying material it might be worthwhile to consider other Arabic courses; • One of the biggest downsides of Pimsleur Arabic is that these lessons are very expensive.

Each level (30 lessons) costs $119.95, which is quite a lot considering that there is no additional studying material included, only audios; #4. Michel Thomas Audio Lessons. One more audio based course that is rated highly by most Arabic learners is Michel Thomas lessons. Some unique aspects of these audios are that instructor of these lessons teach Arabic together with a few beginner students. This is quite useful feature because you can compare your progress with other learners, it makes lessons more realistic and also you can learn from other students mistakes & questions.

The other thing to mention about Michel Thomas method is that it promotes very relaxed teaching atmosphere. The instructor of these lessons constantly reminds learners to follow instructions and don’t focus too much on remembering new vocabulary or grammar rules.

Main Benefits: • If you want to try Michel Thomas method prior to buying these lessons you can download sample lesson from official website online; • These lessons teach Egyptian Arabic, which is one of the most commonly taught dialects of this foreign language; • There are two main parts of Michel Thomas course available for Arabic ( Total and Perfect) so learners can advance quite a lot with this foreign language; • Since studying material in this course is mostly in audio format you will be able to learn on the go and there is even a free app available, which will allow you to access lessons via different devices; • To improve learners retention rate newer versions of Michel Thomas course have computer program, which includes different exercises for practicing what you have learned in audio lessons; • Most learners will not need to repeat each lesson too many times because new material is being introduced not too fast and instructor does a great job at explaining everything; • In case you are learning Arabic for traveling purposes you will find Michel Thomas lessons very useful since they teach essential phrases to get around in a foreign country; • Most Arabic learners enjoy studying via Michel Thomas method because it doesn’t require to learn complicated grammar rules or long list of vocabulary.

Instead listeners are encouraged to be completely relaxed while listening to these recordings and they only need to follow directions of their instructor; • Students that are present in these recordings quite commonly ask instructor to clarify more difficult parts, which is quite useful since you might have the same questions; • Instructor of these audios quite commonly gives useful Arabic-English associations, which helps to remember new Arabic vocabulary easier; • Michel Thomas lessons are interactive so instructor will ask you to say different sentences in Arabic while listening to these audios.

This can help not only improve your learning efficiency, but it will also make you more prepared for real life conversations; • When compared with Pimsleur Arabic it can be said that Michel Thomas lessons are less repetitive and they are quite fun to listen to in general; • Instructor of these lessons quite commonly mentions some facts and other information about Arabic culture, which can be especially useful for learners who are studying this language for traveling purposes; • After you will finish both levels of Michel Thomas course it shouldn’t be too difficult to construct different sentences in Arabic.

This is mainly because instructor of these lessons explains key points of Arabic well, how this language is structured and also gives quite a lot of examples; Main Drawbacks: • As with most audio based courses you can learn very limited new Arabic vocabulary in each lesson of Michel Thomas; • The main focus of Michel Thomas course is to teach learners how to communicate in Arabic so if you need to learn all aspects of this language you will need some additional material; • Due to the fact that these recordings have beginner Arabic students who participate in these lessons, you will not always hear correct pronunciation of words & phrases.

Also these students can make learning phase too slow for faster learners; • If you prefer immersion type of studying material you might find too much English and explanations in Michel Thomas lessons; • Even though instructor of these audios gives explanations about main concepts of Arabic grammar you would need additional material if you want to learn it properly; • In order to buy both levels of Michel Thomas Arabic you would need to spend ~300 USD.

This is quite a lot considering that this course doesn’t offer much additional features & material to audio lessons; #5. Assimil. It can be said that Assimil’s method of teaching Arabic is quite different from other courses reviewed in this article. The main difference is that instead of dividing a new language into smaller parts, Assimil teaches Arabic by introducing full sentences and examples.

This way learners are supposed to notice patterns in Arabic and later be able to construct their own sentences. It is also worthwhile to mention that material in Assimil comes in a form of book and accompanying audio recordings, which was and still is a common format for foreign language courses.

Main Advantages: • Assimil teaches MSA dialect, which can be preferred by learners who are more interested in studying Arabic for educational purposes; • Assimil can be a useful course for learning Arabic writing, grammar and improve their listening, reading and speaking skills.

Also since dialogues in these lessons cover everyday situations you can find out more about Arabic culture too; • Assimil with Ease series introduces about 1500 new Arabic words so this course can be very helpful for expanding vocabulary; • Both visual and audible learners will find Assimil course suitable for them, because it includes audios & written material; • Since audios in Assimil are recorded by native Arabic speakers, learners are able to learn correct pronunciation; • When studying via Assimil course it is possible to immerse into Arabic language fully.

This is mainly because audios contain only dialogues in Arabic and on the coursebook translations into English are given on the other page; • Since dialogues in Assimil lessons cover everyday situations, Arabic vocabulary that is being taught in this course can be called essential. However in case you are studying this language for traveling purposes it can take a while until you will be able to communicate & construct your own Arabic sentences; • Even though Assimil doesn’t offer apps or other similar features, this course can be used for studying while on the go.

The book is quite small so it can be carried whenever you go and it is possible to listen to accompanying audios on any supporting device; • With Assimil Arabic you will not need to do too much guessing, because each dialogue has a translation into English and also there are short notes provided after each lessons. These notes will explain basic grammar rules and language structure; • To make content more engaging in Assimil some lessons will include humorous cartoon.

While this doesn’t compare to other courses features like games & quizzes, but it is still helpful for making learning less monotonic; Main Disadvantages: • There is only one part of Assimil Arabic available for English speakers and additional courses are only aimed for French speakers; • In case you need to have in depth understanding of Arabic language you will need additional studying courses to Assimil. Provided notes at the end of each lesson will give you knowledge only about grammar basics; • If your main goal is to learn how to communicate in Arabic other courses might be more suitable for that.

While Assimil includes recordings of dialogues, they are not interactive. Also there are no additional features included that would help to practice & encourage speaking; • As it was mentioned previously Assimil introduces quite a lot of new Arabic vocabulary in each lesson. Since there is very limited number of exercises in each lesson it is quite difficult to retain new words & phrases from this course.

Due to this you will need to go through each lesson a few times in order to keep retention rate high; • Since Assimil teaches new language by introducing full Arabic sentences it might take some time until you will be able to notice patterns and build your own sentences. So if you need to learn how to communicate in Arabic fast most likely other courses would be more suitable for you; • At times it might be difficult to evaluate your progress with Arabic language when learning via Assimil course.

This is mainly because this course doesn’t have quizzes, point system and there is only few translation exercises included; • Assimil doesn’t have any social features like forums, ability to communicate with tutor & other Arabic learners. This can be a downside if you want to share your learning experience or you simply need some support; • If we would compare price of Assimil (~170 USD) with other programs it can be said that it is not the highest, but also not the cheapest course for learning Arabic.

#6. Rosetta Stone Software. While popularity of Rosetta Stone for some languages is really high, we listed this software only in the 6-th place. This is mainly because with Rosetta Stone’s immersion method it is kind of difficult to learn more complicated languages like Arabic. This is especially true if you don’t have previous Arabic learning experience. This language learning program is available in two versions – online or download.

Online subscription can be preferred by learners who want to study Arabic on the move, need more features and have a larger budget. The other version is cheaper and it comes with lifetime access; however it also has fewer features.

Main Pros: • Rosetta Stone includes workouts that can help to improve all areas of Arabic language (speaking, listening, grammar, writing as well as reading); • Based on their budget and needed features Arabic learners are able to choose from two versions of Rosetta Stone – online or computer program; • This software has advanced tracking features so with Rosetta Stone you will be able to see which exercises you’ve already completed, what was your score in the them and etc.; • At any time users of this program are able to choose what workouts they want to do.

This is quite useful feature for learners who want to improve only specific area of Arabic language; • The list of Arabic vocabulary that you can learn in each part of this program is larger when compared with most audio based courses (Michel Thomas and Pimsleur); • Rosetta Stone has advanced Speech Recognition feature, which evaluates learners pronunciation.

Also all recordings in this software are made by native Arabic speakers so it is possible to learn correct pronunciation and good accent from this program; • Online version of Rosetta Stone Arabic offers some more advanced studying features like apps, games as well as live tutoring sessions; • Different type of workouts in this software are very engaging so at times you will not feel like you are even studying.

Also online version of this program includes games that can be played with other Arabic learners; • Since Rosetta Stone doesn’t include explanations & translations in English it is not too difficult to immerse into Arabic language when studying via this software; Main Cons: • This software teaches quite random Arabic vocabulary so it is not the best program to learn how to communicate in this foreign language fast; • You will not find any information about Arabic culture in Rosetta Stone and also this software is designed basically the same for all languages; • With Rosetta Stone’s immersion method it is quite difficult to learn grammar and other more complicated parts of this language.

Due to this you will either need to have previous learning experience or some additional studying material; • Since this software doesn’t provide translations into English language at times it is not fully clear what particular Arabic word or phrase a picture is portraying; • For more popular foreign languages Rosetta Stone offers 5 levels; however at the moment there are 3 parts of this course available for Arabic; • Both versions of Rosetta Stone are quite expensive – 250-300 USD (online) or ~440 USD (download) and also online version doesn’t give lifetime access to the course;

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