Best dating flight attendant schools near me

best dating flight attendant schools near me

Dating a flight attendant means when it comes time to meet them for a weekend getaway you don’t have to scrounge Agoda or for $20/night crowded hostels, in which there’s a strong possibility you’ll be awakened at 5 AM by an inconsiderate lout who forgot to turn off his alarm. You’ll have privacy and comfort in a 3- or 4-star hotel, which can make the time together far less stressful and far more romantic. 2. Buddy Passes 3. Flight Attendants are tried and true travelers. The turnover among FAs is significant, no matter the airline: most either stay 1-3 years and decide the next passenger who grabs them will get punched in the face. Some FAs choose to make it a lifetime commitment.

best dating flight attendant schools near me

That is very true. school is a waste of your time and money. It will not increase your chances of obtaining a job with an as a F/A. All have their own training. Either they feel you are the right fit, or they don't. And if they don't, the school will have been a waste of time. And if they do feel you are the type of person they are looking for, they still don't care about the school since they're going to train you their way.

Save your money! DEE in Vancouver, Washington said: LMAO it's funny how after I wrote that comment things went downhill and it actually did come out to be a racist school BIGGG TIIMMMEEE... and I'm not going there anymore Usually the people who claim that people or companies are racist are the type of people who do not want to do the work and need to blame someone else for their failures.

There is no way in the world that the school is racist and if you keep saying these slanderous things, you could have a lawsuit on your hands. And since I am assuming you have no job, I don't think you can afford that.

Do what you feel is right. One persons negative experience isn't a reason to change what you want to do in life. You have a different personality and tolerances and may enjoy it. Training: As a former Flight Attendant Manager I will share this with you. have their own training, yes. Having a knowledge of this training ahead of time can only help your chances of getting hired.

It shows Dedication and motivation. Most people giving you advice about the course as being "a waste" may NOT be aware of the difference between a commercial flight attendant and a corporate flight attendant.

Corporate Flight Attendant (my career backgroud) you are required to take the courses on your own, out of your own pocket. This is an extremely demanding, high paced career. I was a commerical flight attendant as well.

The only comparison I can give you is this. A professional olympic athlete who trains on a daily basis, maintaining a completely healthy lifestyle, no drinking, no sugars, focusing all attention to the sport, family and friends come second.

THIS is a Corporate Flight Attendant. Someone who is in ok shape, likes to go to the gym a few days a week, eat somewhat healthy, but also like pizza and ice cream at times and enjoys going out on Friday night. THIS is a Commercial Flight Attendant. Choose your career wisely. Do a lot of research. Listen to peoples experiences BUT Also realize some people were rejected or could not handle the high stress, chaos that comes with this industry.

It requires hard work and detrmination. The classes require you to give 100% at all times. If you do not give 110%, they will know it...this is how the "not so good" ones are weeded out from the "Great" ones. aip in Bellevue, Washington said: Hi there, I heard there is a good flight attendant training school near Portland, OR. A lot of Horizon flight attendants get hired from the school. Does anyone know the name of the schoo?[/ flightcrew in Montclair, New Jersey said: Do what you feel is right.

One persons negative experience isn't a reason to change what you want to do in life. You have a different personality and tolerances and may enjoy it. Hello, As a 10yr F/A and now in Inflight Management Going to a school will not help you get the job. Each will train a new F/A on policy and procedures for that company.

When going for a interview we look for people who have great interpersonal skills and people who can handle conflict resolution issue. My suggestion to the person would be to make sure they get enough CSR training and try and volunteer working with a diverse population.

Working with youth or women are great projects. The school can not teach skills needed to help you get the job the school can only show you basics. You will still need to know the codes for each etc. The only other suggestion is if the person wants to pay money for the school then they should do it! but believe me it will not make a difference if you get the job or not. Only YOU!! can go into the interview and whoo the interviewers. My daughter will be attending the flight academy in vancouver wa starting july 12th she is very excited about it.

I need information from some that has attended the school and were you able to find a job after you finished school.

Also is it a ggod school for an 18 year old to attend right out of high school. Thanks lisa in Starkville, Mississippi said: My daughter will be attending the flight academy in vancouver wa starting july 12th she is very excited about it.

I need information from some that has attended the school and were you able to find a job after you finished school. Also is it a ggod school for an 18 year old to attend right out of high school. Thanks Hello Lisa, I am not familiar with the school but if she is excited then go for it!! I wish her luck when she gets out in finding a job Once again Good Luck!! flightcrew in Montclair, New Jersey said: Do what you feel is right. One persons negative experience isn't a reason to change what you want to do in life.

You have a different personality and tolerances and may enjoy it. Training: As a former Flight Attendant Manager I will share this with you. have their own training, yes. Having a knowledge of this training ahead of time can only help your chances of getting hired.

It shows Dedication and motivation. Most people giving you advice about the course as being "a waste" may NOT be aware of the difference between a commercial flight attendant and a corporate flight attendant. Corporate Flight Attendant (my career backgroud) you are required to take the courses on your own, out of your own pocket.

This is an extremely demanding, high paced career. I was a commerical flight attendant as well. The only comparison I can give you is this. A professional olympic athlete who trains on a daily basis, maintaining a completely healthy lifestyle, no drinking, no sugars, focusing all attention to the sport, family and friends come second. THIS is a Corporate Flight Attendant. Someone who is in ok shape, likes to go to the gym a few days a week, eat somewhat healthy, but also like pizza and ice cream at times and enjoys going out on Friday night.

THIS is a Commercial Flight Attendant. Choose your career wisely. Do a lot of research. Listen to peoples experiences BUT Also realize some people were rejected or could not handle the high stress, chaos that comes with this industry. It requires hard work and detrmination. The classes require you to give 100% at all times. If you do not give 110%, they will know it...this is how the "not so good" ones are weeded out from the "Great" ones.

Thank you for your professional advice. Is the school mandatory? If so, which one is best for online classes and placement. If not, where do I start? Thanks amill in Grayson, Georgia said: That makes no since so ur an olympic athlete and a fa and thats what type of people are corp fA's for real what are you trying to sell??

Amill, first of all, learn how to read and write English. Then look up the term Metaphor. FlyGirl- classes are not done online. They are interactive. I don't know what classes are in your area. lisa in Starkville, Mississippi said: My daughter will be attending the flight academy in vancouver wa starting july 12th she is very excited about it. I need information from some that has attended the school and were you able to find a job after you finished school.

Also is it a ggod school for an 18 year old to attend right out of high school. Thanks I went to the Air Academy stright out of hight school, I thought this was a great idea at the time, but unfortunatly it wasn't. I was 18 at the time and if you research most of the now require that you be 21, so here I am 20 one more year to go!!! i sugguest that you research are you willing to relocate, work for a smaller company, wait, do you have experience??

One of my best friends also had this same issue, now we are both going to , I sincerally think that I would have been better off going to college and not waisting time!! what if you dont want to empress the with your paper work saying you went to flight school, what if you just want to better your chances when you go on the interview? man i was looking forward to going to fligh school but if most of you guys already expierenced it and was a tottal waste then i have no clue what to do.

How do you stand out from all the other apps? i really trully want to become a F/A i just dont know what to do anymore ! ugh please help, give me your opinions. iFLUANt, First thing, an training school on your résumé will have no bearing on whether you get hired or not. Check each airline you'd like to apply for, minimum requirements. Make sure you meet them, this is the best start. Since most now handle applications over the internet make sure you attach your latest CV and do not forget to add a cover letter if one is requested.

If you meet the basics, you'll most likely receive a phone call for a five to ten minute phone interview. Job facts will be explained, and you'll probably get asked a couple of questions..THIS is when you get the opportunity to stand out! Hope this helps, Marco Marco the school i was looking at, she told me that she will show me what needs to be said and how to act on the interview. Does that matter? i dont know why but i really want to go to a school, people have told me its a great idea then there is others telling me not to do it, do you know anything about pan am academy, they have accepted me into the school already but i told them that i wanted to wait and think about it.

I just dont want to make a horrible decision and pay back that money and not have a job, i am only 19 and i never had a real job so i dot know what to do on interviews and i am just oh so lost. lol i know sad right, but i really dont know. I really understand what you are saying here. I am Interested in a change. I have been a 911 for 6 years, Devorced for 3 and need to get out of Montana and make a change. I have been looking at the schools and would like to go forward with school.

Please E-Mail me so we can talk further. I would appriciate it. Thank you Bobbi J vancouver, wa in Portland, Oregon said: I went to the Air Academy stright out of hight school, I thought this was a great idea at the time, but unfortunatly it wasn't. I was 18 at the time and if you research most of the now require that you be 21, so here I am 20 one more year to go!!!

i sugguest that you research are you willing to relocate, work for a smaller company, wait, do you have experience?? One of my best friends also had this same issue, now we are both going to , I sincerally think that I would have been better off going to college and not waisting time!!

Anyone willing to dedicated time and always benefits from any sort of even if it's "outdated". Obviously, you did not, because at 20 years of age you should be able to spell and use basic grammar.

Please, do not waste your time by writing useless comments. Thanks. hey, I used to be a . The has to train you. They do not give preferential treatment to people who went to these types of schools. Apply directly to the airline. If you want an edge get some experience and second language is a big plus.

I think you would learn more from reading the posts on these forums than from going to a school like this. Its a scam.

best dating flight attendant schools near me

best dating flight attendant schools near me - Flight Attendant School & Training

best dating flight attendant schools near me

> Flight Attendant Schools Flight Attendants are the members of an aircrew tasked with looking after the safety and comfort of the passengers on an airline. If you have flown on an airline before, you have seen them in action. The primary job however is passenger safety so as a flight attendant you have to learn emergency procedures and how to deal with passengers in distress.

Most airlines select and train their own flight attendants, but there are preparation courses you can take to excel the selection process or to further your career as a flight attendant. Training to become a flight attendant will open your world to a career full of fun, excitement and travel opportunities. In this quick guide you will learn the basics about becoming a flight attendant, how training is conducted and the benefit of attending a preparation course.

Firstly, it is important to note that being a flight attendant in most countries is not a licensed profession in the same way that being a pilot or a mechanic is. Each airline will have its own approved training program for its flight attendants that use the standards and procedures for that specific airline.

However, being a flight attendant is more than just serving food and drinks at 30,000 feet, so having some knowledge and experience before you attend a job interview will help you get through the selection process with ease.

Why Should I Pay for Flight Attendant Training? Most airlines train their own flight attendants and there are no official license requirements to be qualified to apply for a job as a flight attendant.

Therefore, you will be applying for a position that is very popular and receives a large number of applications. A preparation course will set you apart by teaching you the basic skills required to become a flight attendant and give you guidance on how to conduct yourself during the interview process. What Will a Preparation Course Teach Me? A Flight Attendant´s primary focus is to ensure the safety of the passengers on board the aircraft. A preparation course will teach you everything from basic first aid to how to deal with troublesome passengers, and in-flight emergencies.

You will get an introduction to what it is like to work for an airline and what will be required from you when you get the job. Am I Guaranteed a Job After? No. Most programs will only prepare you for the interview and selection process. There are a few exceptions where an airline has outsourced the training to a third-party or require that a candidate has completed a third-party course before applying but this will be advised by the airline you wish to apply for. Requirements to Become a Flight Attendant The minimum requirements may vary slightly between countries, and each airline will also have its own criteria, so the information below is only intended to give you an idea of what is required to become a successful candidate.

• Be at least 18 years of age (21 with some airlines) • Have a High School Diploma, G.E.D. or equivalent • Clean criminal background check (at least past 10 years) • Be safety conscious • Good personal skills and able to work in a team • Good customer service skills • Height and weight in proportion • Good medical health In addition, many airlines have minimum and maximum height requirements ranging from 5’0”” (150cm) to 6’3” (190cm).

Do I Still Have to Go Through Training at The Airline if I Get Hired? Yes. All airlines will put you through their own training program if you are selected. Even successful candidates with flight attendant experience from a previous airline will normally go through training again.

The duration of the course will vary depending on the airline and the size of aircraft you will operate on but typically the training lasts from 3-6 week. Click to Read Full Article

best dating flight attendant schools near me

Have you been dreaming of becoming a flight attendant since you were old enough to spot a plane in the sky? Or maybe you just love to travel and want to see the world without paying a penny for the plane tickets or the hotels. Do you want to meet and talk to people from many exotic places? Or do you just desire all eyes on you while strolling through the airport wearing red lipstick and high heels? But how do you get there? Where should you start? Whether this is the first time you consider applying for this job, or you have been trying but failing to get into the glamorous airline world, you are in the right place!

Here at Flight Attendant Central, you will learn exactly how to start the process of becoming a flight attendant for some of the most significant, competitive airlines in the world.

The selection process the airlines have for recruiting new crew is not the simplest. Typically, out of 1000 applications, only 100 are called for an interview. Through a series of complex assessments to establish the ideal candidates, only ten people are offered the job. You will be one of those ten people if know what to expect, but also what is expected from you. I talked to many people who have tried their luck without researching what the specific companies were looking for and failed.

I also listened to the ones who went in there just to ‘give it a try’ and were sent home after the first round of interviews. They were surprised. By knowing beforehand what to expect, preparing for success and showing the best version of yourself on that day of the assessment, you will be one of the selected candidates! Let us start with the specific steps for turning your dream into reality.

There are some prerequisites for doing this job, and to qualify for an interview, you will need to meet every single one of them. If you have other concerns about what might be relevant or not, read through the 1. Age You must be minimum 21 years old to start working as a cabin crew.

This is the legal age in many states to be able to serve alcohol and be independent of your parents or guardians. You will be required to handle the onboard consumption bars, as well as take decisions regarding your bank account, insurance policy, and other paperwork.

If you are younger, you will need to wait for your 21st birthday to submit your application online. Use this time wisely and 2. Arm-reach When working as a cabin crew, you will need to close the overhead compartments in the larger planes and be able to access the emergency equipment that is sometimes located in there. Emirates and Qatar Airways require their candidates to be able to reach 212 cm (6’11.4’’). For Etihad, the arm-reach is 210 cm (6’10.7’’). Take a measuring tape and put a mark on the wall next to the required height.

Without shoes (you may get on your tip toes if necessary), you will need to touch the mark comfortably. No jumping to reach it is permitted. ***Emirates has a height minimum requirement as well: you must be at least 160 cm in height. 3. High school certificate This minimum educational requirement is in place to ensure the candidates have some general knowledge and ability to learn to be able to pass the safety and emergency training that needs to be completed once an offer of employment is made.

The training is intense. If you don’t yet have your diploma, study hard and pass those final exams. If you dropped out of school, contact your last high school and ask for the necessary classes to attend to obtain your certificate. For this job or any other one, having a minimum education is extremely important. 4. No visible tattoos No tattoo should be visible while wearing the uniform. Putting a bandage or concealer on it is not acceptable.

Stay clear of ink on your hands and arms, as well as your legs and your neck area. The female uniform is usually a short sleeve blouse and a skirt, while the male one is a long sleeve shirt and long pants. If you have tattoos and are considering laser removal, don’t participate in an interview while it is still visible.

You will be automatically disqualified regardless of your potential. Be patient and work on skills that can be polished until the tattoo removal procedure is done. *** Qatar Airways has a strict no-tattoo policy regardless of location. 5. Medically fit This job is associated with glamour, and for many people being a flight attendant means looking fabulous all the time and offering tea or coffee on the plane. The truth is very far from that.

You will need to work long hours (day or night), on high heels, with different cabin pressures and sometimes lifting bulky items – while continuing to look fabulous. Also, being in contact with so many people, you will need to be clear of transmittable diseases such as TBC, Hepatitis or HIV. You will be able to pass this stage if you keep a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and attend your medical check-ups. Medical clearance must be provided after your successful interview.

Once you join the airline, you will have to pass the aviation specific medical test that will be done at the airline clinic. 6. Fluent in English English is the most extensively used official language of aviation and the one used for all emergency related commands and training. It is also the language to communicate with colleagues and passengers.

If English is not your first language, you will need to make sure that you can read, understand, speak and write correctly in English. If you want to check your levels, you can 7. Customer service experience ***This is a minimum requirement from Emirates. Applicants for the cabin crew position must have at least one year experience in customer service or hospitality industry.

Regardless of the airline you wish to apply for, having customer service experience is always viewed as an advantage. If you fulfill these minimum requirements, you can take the next steps: Browse the companies that hire Here at Flight Attendant Central we focus on the selection process for these three airlines: For any other airlines, go directly to the official careers website. Apply online or go to the open day If there are open days organized in your country or in a location you can travel to at your own expense, prepare your documents and start the interview research.

If the events are invitation only assessments, you must apply online first. If your profile is shortlisted, you will receive an invitation with the details. Start preparing for the interview Download the Guide or Read Photo by on Hi Bee, it really depends what kind of step would this be for you professionally. If it’s a natural transition, and you have a strong profile, with previous customer service or airline experience, then you do stand a chance.

My oldest reader was 42 when hired. If however you are seeking a complete and total reinvention, and you want to start a brand new career in aviation, this might not be the best environment in which you can use your talents.

I hope this helps you. Hi Kara! I’m from Brazil, Im gonna participate of the next EK OD in Sao Paulo, I feel very confident with my english, but i dont feel very comfortable with my appearance, I was told that the guys they are hiring are like models with built bodies etc… I feel very normal, im not thin or fat, just regular. what advice would you give at this point? I’m studying hard and Im graduated and I work on tourism industry over 10 years.

The only sane advice I can offer you is to work on your mindset. More specifically, the expectations that you believe are crucial for the job. You speak about your English, but how about your soft skills, such as cultural awareness, team-work, empathy, resourcefulness?

You must become very clear about what this job is about, and then work on your confidence and ability to differentiate the essential from the insignificant. I wonder who told you that they were hiring only model-like people? hi Kara, hope you keeping well. well I’m 19… Last year i studied cabin crew and international management and i also got a chance to go to Europe oh not to for get I am from South Africa.

So i really want to be a flight attendant so bad, its actually my dream to be a flight Attendant. but now i ended up working in a travel Agency because i couldn’t get anything. well i want to ask you, so I’m working as a junior travel consultant does that make it easy for me to get the job i want. Hi kara, I would like to ask you something.. I´m in the selection process of Qatar Airways, I uploaded the medicals, I am just waiting the feedback, but I thinking about getting married before joining and moving to make easier that my boyfriend can move to Doha too.

I looked at the website and I found this: If you become married between your application and joining please let us know and upload your certificate. Please note that there are limitations to amending your marital status once you join Qatar Airways. If you think this will affect you, contact us right away. What do you know about this? Do you recommend me to do it before or after joining? Hi Noemi, This is a difficult one to answer precisely.

I am married, and I don’t believe that any life decision of this magnitude should be made in a rush. As for the practicalities, you will be initially bound to the company provided accommodation, which can’t be shared with family members for a long period of time. If you decide to wait and get married after, there is a procedure that needs to be followed then, details of which I am unable to provide.

I suggest you contact your recruitment coordinator and ask for more details from their side. Hi Adeee, Here is what you can expect to get from the course: 32 Videos covering every single stage of the assessment, from your mindset and confidence, mastering first impressions, preparing the CV, photographs, introducing yourself and others, passing the group exercise, English Test, Math Test and Final Interview.

You will learn to become confident and step into the interview room with the conviction that you are the best candidate for the job. You will also get some extraordinary resources: English Tests (250 missing words sample test, 6 sample practice grammar test, find the synonyms test, reading test samples and 35 sample essay topics) Group Exercises Samples (Creativity, customer service and role play, prioritization and team-building construction sample exercises) Math Test CV Templates, desirable skills list, sample job descriptions, and a sample cabin crew CV And much, much, more.

Here is the link to it Let me know if you need more help. Hi Sarah, Your option at the moment is to create an online application. In my experience though, Emirates tends to only review applications from countries where they plan to conduct recruitment event in the following months.

At the moment, we don’t have any information in regards to when they will visit Ethiopia. Here is where you can apply online. Good luck! Hello Kara, Firstly thanks so much for helping all of us…I wanted to ask for some guidance. I’m a 22 year old American waitress, fluent in English and conversational in Arabic just finishing college this summer. I applied for Emirates cabin crew towards the end of April; everything about it is basically my dream job .

I’m concerned though because my application never offered to let me do an online video interview. Also my status has said “application under review” for over a month now. Since there are no open days offered in the US, does that mean that they don’t want to hire any Americans at all? Also, do you think it would be a red flag to the company if applied for some of their other Dubai-based positions (I also considered analyst positions although the flight attendant position is the goal)?

Will they think this means I’m not passionate about the flight attendant position? Thanks! Hi Cierra, The online video interview has been removed from the online applications at the moment, so it is no longer necessary for the application to be valid. You are right, there are no recruitment events schedules in the US, but that doesn’t mean they are not hiring Americans. It only means their schedule is occupied already with other countries. Some countries, such as countries in South America only get visited once per year or even more seldom.

My suggestion for you is to wait for a little while longer and redo your application when you see an event in your area. If you apply for other vacancies, it might be difficult to change departments. Use this time and work on creating a strong CV, with relevant experience and a careful improvement of your skills as you transition from college life and jobs to the period that comes after.

I hope you find this helpful. Good luck! Hello Kara! Thank you for all your helpful answers and motivation! Would you advise on below questions please: 1. In case if there’s no OD in my country is that ok if i participate OD in close countries?

Last OD in my country was in 2008. 2. Not visible tattoos in uniform should be declared at the time of interview? Thank you Kara. Hi Kara, I plan to attend the OD of Qatar Airways this coming weekend. But I have a bit of mosquito bites on both of my legs and they turned into black spots. I’m applying an ointment, it gradually lightens but still visible. Do you think I can pass the interviews with these?

Can I cover them with makeup? Thank you. hay so i have a question so im 20 and im planning to apply next year, i had a jaw and cheekbone surgery 2 years ago because my face was a little unnsymmetrical, now everything healed perfectly i dont feel anything anymore even when i fly its like i never had surgery BUT i have some screws in my jaw/head (i dont feel them at all) which makes me really scared of not being able to apply bc of that, my face looks waay better than before but its still a LITTLE unsymmetrical, but i am a very confident person and an emirates crews member alredy told me its not about the teeth or face but your personality and the way you present yourself but im still kinda worried, what do you think?

thanks in advance 🙂 Hi, Sarah, Your friend is right. It’s only about your skills and attitude! If this procedure is not affecting your daily life and you don’t experience any pain or consequences, you should be fine. I, however, am not an aviation doctor. You should consult one first and seek their advice. I hope this helps. Hii Kara, You’re helping so many people who are willing to become a cabin crew and you’re getting lots of blessings as well.

Have a Happiest Life Ahead! My question is …. I’m wearing spectacles, Will I be able to apply for a cabin crew If I get a Laser Eye Surgery. Already subscribed & joined Facebook Group. A bit busy in office. Want to get a Paper book not E-Book, If any option just let me know for that also. Many Many Thanks Kara! 🙂 Sanjeev Saini Hi, Sanjeev. You can have your vision corrected by contact lenses. If you want to go ahead with the surgery, that is fine as well.

The book is currently only available in electronic format, which you can print by yourself, but we will have it available in paperback through Amazon in the next couple of weeks. We will keep you posted. Hi Kara, thanks so much for this platform. It has been really helpful. I applied to Etihad airline in May but I got a mail that they won’t continue with my application and I should reapply in 6months time (November).

I have the knowledge of 3 languages and I was wondering why it was rejected until I read in one of your articles that customer care service experience is required to boost your CV. I am new to the labour market and I decided to apply to a local airline in my country which I am presently working on. I want to know if this will increase my chances to get to work with Etihad or Emirate? And also the 6 months “re-apply rule”, should I wait 6 months or should I try applying again before that time?

Hi Funto, Your attitude is excellent. You should seek as much customer service experience as possible. It will certainly boost your chances of being selected. I am a big believer in following rules, especially right now as they are not advertising any recruitment events, but just gathering CVs.

Wait until November, improve your profile and re-apply. I hope this helps 🙂 Mariam, you see, Open Days are highly competitive events and only the best of the best will be selected. The recruiters will consider not only your CV, but also your ability to make a good first impression and perform well in all the stages of the event.

So the more you prepare and understand what is required from you, the best you will perform. I hope this helps you 🙂 hello kara. first of all, amazing website. I find it incredibly helpful. I am 22 years old and i am from pakistan. I wanted to know if emirates have open days in pakistan? and when do they start hiring ? like which month would it be? and i don’t have any job experience right now but i’ve done two internships and i’ve volunteered a lot so would that improve my chances of selection?

and how do i apply online? i have created an account on their careers page and they didn’t even ask for my CV? I would really appreciate your help. thank you 🙂 Hi Sara, Emirates is currently not recruiting cabin crew, anywhere in the world. They also do not accept online applications. We don’t have any details in regards to when they will restart, however, we will keep you posted as soon as we know something if you sign up for our newsletter.

I hope this is helpful 🙂 Hi Jrel, Here is the official information. Your vision is acceptable if -Distant visual acuity with or without correction is 6/9 or better in the better eye -Near visual acuity with or without correction is at least N5 at 30-50cm and N14 at 100cm It is unacceptable if you have -spectacles for visual correction (only contact lenses are accepted) -visual field defects -functionally monocular vision Greetings Kara.

I would like to ask some questions about the cabin crew’s job because I’m so confused about few things. First: I know that the minimum age of this job is 21 years old, Is there a maximum age or preferred age for this job?

and what about the ages like 28,29,30,and 31 could be any chance for these ages not to be hired? Second:I already know that he/she must reach arm 212cm on tip toes but I would like to know the minimum height for both of them?

and what about the male’s height like 169 cm or 168 cm, could be any problem for these heights not to be hired?

I’m sorry for all these questions, but these questions really mean a lot to me Thank you kara Hi Kara, I am actually born 20/09/1982 and I just wondering if you letting me know am I old to become cabin crew as I failed on open days both for EK and Qatar? however I worked 5 years in hotel and have enough experience.

Also does it matter if I attend to another country open days as I live in Australia in case of local preference? Kind Regards, Hi Kara, greetings from India! My query is that I’m having a centimeter-wide oval black birthmark on wrist of my right hand.

I’m not willing to go for cosmetic surgery. So I want to know will it work for me if I conceal it? Also,if they ask if I have anything concealled-Should I show it honestly or not? Thanks in advance. Hello 🙂 I just got my golden call and the lady asked me if I could join June 18th then i asked if i could join in December and she said she doesn’t have the dates yet for the december batch ans she will call me back when they have the dates. I’m getting stressed now in case they forget to call me back for the december dates 🙁 should i try to contact them for nov dates or should i wait for the dates ?

Sephora, first of all, congratulations. You’ve made it! Second of all, this is the time to relax. Everything went well, you’ve got your golden call, nobody will forget about you. If you want to join in November, go ahead and call them. If you want to join in December, then tell them that in an email or in a phone call.

Either way, the hard part is done. Hi V, here is the information I found for you: if the scars are still visible on the x-ray or there are still signs of active TB you will not be able to clear the mandatory legal requirements for a work permit. TB is acceptable if treated and a chest x-ray is clear and free of scarring, however, documentation must be presented showing a course of treatment has been completed.

This, however, is not coming from an official source. Flight Attendant Central is not an airline and we are not medical professionals. You can only know this for sure once you discuss your situation directly with an airline medical representative. Hi Kara! Good day! I would like to ask, I have a natural black hair and 3 mos. ago I dyed my hair, Actually I bleached it.

So now, my hair color is blonde. I found out that Qatar Airways will have an OD here in my country at the end of this month and I’m planning to apply. Do you think it’s inappropriate to have an inch long with black hair and the rest is ash blonde, it’s like an ombre style?

Or is it better for me to dye it back to black! Thanks in advance. More power! Hi Kara! First of. Awesome website! I’m currently still abroad and will be back at home end of September. Alteady preparing for applications. One question though. I’m said to have a pretty smile but one of my upper teeth is turned sidewards. I believe this is very hard to fix if at all and it is like that by birth.

Fir myself i say it gives me character but would it be a problem for an airline? I am aiming on emirates. I do not believe i have other (physical) big deal breakers but could this be one? I had a surgery last year (tumor removal). Everything went very well i only have small scars on my stomach and am physically fitter and healthier than ever. Should i mention that since it would come out in health checks at some point or just wing it?

Currently I am traveling abroad (a year) without working but i did spanish classes and had a lot of personal growth this year. Will i have a chance to explain that or will they look badly at something like this? Thanks and best regards from Peru (for now :)) Hi 🙂 I got a mail from Emirates saying there are no places available until end of the year for training courses and that they will contact me again when they have places to see if I’m still interested.

But it didn’t say the word successful so I don’t what it means “on hold” lol does it mean I’m successful ? Thank you for your reply Sephora, they send that email to many people.

It means you made it so far, but they can’t guarantee your spot yet. So it’s a hopeful communication, but not a certainty that you will get hired. You can only be hopeful. I know this may not be the answer you were expecting, but it’s the only one that is realistic right now. hi I desperately wanna become a member of cabin crew but I am not ready for interview and my height is also exactly 5’2″ .I am an Indian so do I have possible chances to grab the job .

And please help me by guiding how to prepare for all kinds of interviews, which kind of classes should I join? thank you Megha, start by reading all these articles As for your height, you must be able to reach 212cm on your tip toes for Qatar Airways and Emirates and 210cm for Etihad.

Emirates however, requires a minimum height of 160cm. Previous cabin crew courses are not required. If you are interested in a course that prepares you in detail for the different stages of the interview, see this page Good luck 🙂 Hi, There is an open day for Emirates near me and I would like to attend but I just have one question. My family own hotels and I have worked there since I was a child.

I also had customer service jobs throughout university. I finished university 3 years ago but for only 6 months after I worked at my family’s hotel. After that I have been travelling/backpacking and not working. The only work I have done is help with graphic design for my family while travelling.

Do you think this will hinder my application??? Thank you! Hi Ana, This is such an awesome and interesting question. Being an introvert is not something you can or should aim to change. Please watch this talk, it is a fantastic reminder to celebrate your true introvert nature As for being shy, you should become curious about this.

Is it shyness or lack or confidence? When does it seem to take over how you feel? Can you trace that back? Are you stuck in past events that shaped your personality?

I’m an introvert and found the cabin crew career to be the most fulfilling choice, as I could balance moments to service and customer interaction with stretches of solitude in layovers. I wasn’t laughing during the interview. I was smiling when appropriate and made a conscious effort to maintain a positive body language. This has nothing to do with your personality type.

I hope this helps you. Hello, Kara) Thank you again for your blog and knowledge)) Could you give me an advice, please?) I got an invetation from Etihad for AD. They invite me to Abu Dhabi in August, however, I would like to reschedule it and make it a bit later( and may be in different location, but I don’t see autumn days now).

Are they ok with it, it won’t reduce my chances?.. And another question: Dates for the ADs are published only till the end of August, does it mean that there are no days in September etc?

of they just open this info later? Thank you in advance)! Hi Ms.Kara i am Virginia from Cameroon 25 years old, currently i am working as a customer service / sales in a company based in Dubai and i really want to transfer my skills and strengths to the skies however,i have been applying for the position of Cabin crew for almost 6 months but i have never been called for an assessment greatest desire is to land that opportunity and i think you can be very helpful to be with some ideas or advice…(the other way were i can apply kindly help me please.) Virginia, if your online application is not being shortlisted, then your only chance is to participate in an Open Day or CV drop off, however don’t expect a different result when you do the same thing.

Try to adjust your CV, redo the photos, enhance skills, start learning Arabic or any other language in demand. I hope this helps you. Akshat, I am obviously unable to tell you the exact reason for being rejected. Cv drop off days are highly competitive events and only the best of the best will be selected.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration such as language abilities, soft skills, customer service experience as well as impeccable first impressions. This is all measured against the rest of the candidates. I can only advise you to keep on trying and apply for all airlines hiring, even if it’s just to gain experience. Focus on improving yourself and your skills, as well as broaden your experience. The fact that you are looking for answers and ways to improve yourself is a very good sign.

Hi Kara, So I got my invitation letter today. YAY!! It’s only 4 days too late for the Johannesburg interview, so now I’m driving to Durban! Roadtrip. Haha. So anyway, I just wanna tell you, I bought your book about a month ago to prepare for the interview, even though I hadn’t even been invited yet, and I’m hoping and hoping that I get through. It’s been extremely valuable so far.

What documents should I bring with to the interview though? On the invitation it only says “please bring an updated CV, a photograph, and a copy of this letter” but I remember seeing somewhere that I should bring a lot more with than that?

Hi Meghan, so exciting!!!! The CV, photograph and the copy of the invitation letter are the first step. You should take with you some more copies of the passport photo (6), one full length photo in business attire and a copy of your highest educational certificate. They will probably ask as well for two full length casual photos, but you can always provide these at a later stage. Make sure to answer the 101 Questions and Answers from the book so you are not surprised at any of the questions coming your way.

Smile and be friendly with everybody. And lastly, think positive. I can’t wait to hear how it went 🙂 I am really worried about my teeth. 2 of my upper jaw teeth in front are bit outside so when i smile you can see its not in align with others.

Also my lower jaw teeth are crowdy but not visible when i smile. Would it be problem if i apply for emirates would they select me. If i have clear braces would they consider my application for interview. I am 25yrs living in Australia. So i am worried about getting braces or not and how would it affect my application in emirates.

Hi Kara, How are you? Well, my name is melwin samuel and i’m from india. Currently, im working in Doha, Qatar in Qatar airways as a customer service agent. Is it possible that i can be join and work as a cabin crew?????? My details, Age-31 years martial status – Single Height- 5.10 incs/ 176 Cms Body- fit and healthy.

Athetic body. Work experince- 3 years in customer service agent education- Bachelors. Extra activties- Swimming.

languages- English, Hindi, kannada, arabic and Spainsh. Hi Ms. Kara, It’s been 3 months since I received an on-hold successful email from emirates. Since then, I have not received any email from them.. I already made a follow up regarding my application to the agency and I already emailed the emirates group but still they have not responded .. Will I still be able to get the job? I am very worried. Thank you in advance for your help Ms.

Kara. It means a lot to me. Irahhhh, you must be losing your patience. There is no definite time line, it all has to do with the available training spots as well as accommodation. I’ve had readers who had to wait up to 6 months to receive a DOJ, but others got theirs after 3 months. It can be anytime, but set yourself to 6 months so you don’t get disappointed.

I’m sorry I can’t be more specific. Hi Kara, I’am planning to try for a flight attendant and i’am very curious to get through. The issue is that I’am 155 cms and my weight is 44 kgs.. According to the requirements my height should be 157 cms and weight accordingly. Also I have a tattoo on my left wrist. I have excellent communication skills in Hindi and English.

I’am planning to apply since a long time but have the fear of rejection. Please suggest. Your advise would be appreciated Thanks in advance. Hi Kara, I am John, my origin is Melbourne, Australia! My BMI is 28, is that acceptable level? At the moment I am doing Bachelor of Aviation Management. Which will finish by May, 2016 only.

Though I got a chance to go for Cabin Crew Assessment with Qatar this month in my city. I am super thrilled about working as Qatar Cabin Crew! From early childhood my ambition was to become a cabin crew for elite airline, I always used to check out sky when Aeroplane zooms past by. And it still is.

However, I don’t know what to include for work experience in resume. I have not worked that long in 1 place because it were all casual positions and temporary. I have had experience of being a kitchen hand/delivery driver – preparation of pizza, packing and delivering to customers and taking their feedback and or complaints at Crust Pizza store (6 months), Kitchen assistant – preparing and serving food for residents at Aged Care (2 places, one of them i am doing currently only 2 weeks since started this), Cashier at Convenience store (6 months temporary) – sales, face to face customer service, experience with Eftpos machine, Public transport survey officer (temporary) – survey passengers – fast paced work, auditing, answering commuters questions and providing information accurately.

This is all my work experience I have had till now. Would this be good for cabin crew position? Also should I include all of this in resume or just 2-3 will be enough. Should I include my Interest/Hobbies in resume or is it better not to? Does resume have to exact 1 page, is it alright if it goes over a page or so, Kara? This is my first at applying for a cabin crew role. I am bit tensed although I am euphoric about this opportunity of being a Qatar cabin crew.

Moreover, could you describe what to expect on the assessment day processes as well as on the job like moving to Doha? I am bit naive on this. Many many Thanks Kara, you have such a helping heart and wonderful person! Hope your living a happy life! Kind Regards Hi John, In your case, you can group your work experiences in time batches.

If you worked over summer break, you should write exactly what you did with a brief descriptions. Such as December 2014-February 2015 During summer break I worked as a…(Company A), … (Company B) and…. (Company C) I was responsible for… and …. and ….. In these roles I acquired the following skills: working under pressure, processing sales and dealing with customer demands in an efficient manner(examples of skills).

For more about the assessment stages you can read these articles Good luck 🙂 Priya, the airlines do not advertise any upper age limit. This being said, in your country candidates are recruited by an agency and they set age limits. You will have to check with them. Etihad doesn’t use an agency and I had a reader in her early 40s hired by them. Qatar seem to prefer younger candidates in their 20s, max 30. 212cm is 6ft9in. That’s on your tip toes. frst of all thanks a ton ma’m fr rplyng..

1.anyone wit a height of 5’4 could arm reach 212cm isn’t? 2.if i couldnt hit da require cm difrnce of 2-3 cm,could i still hope fr qualifyn? 3n how frequent recruitmnet evnt comes out?

once in a year,twicw or thrice? ot it does hav a fixed tym? 4.hw many days one can get leave in a year? lyk one has to gohome town or may be for any importnt wrk aftr joining. Thnks again fr all yr answers.. M preparing my self fr airline OD n pursuing my graduation simultaneously. what im much worried abt is, i have a born extra skin on my right ear near ear hole lyk a capsule shape. will that be a issue? m helpless to do anything with that stuff.. in this case what do u do u advice me?

Thnks again kara ma’m.. one more question, i actually reach 212cm fulling my feet up standing on toes is it ok? usually wat happen is if i raise both of my hand to measure then i cnt reach 212cm bt if i try to do wit one hand thn i reach, so is it ok to reach wit one hand? n having mole around lips is ok or? i hav two…..? Hi Kara, I already pass the final interview for Emirates.

however, they are waiting for additional training course before they can send me a formal letter of employment. It’s been a month already since the last time I received an email from them. frown emoticon Is it normal to wait for a couple of months. I am worried. Can you please help me what to do? would it be okay if I will follow up on them? I am hoping for your reply.Thank you.. Are you still referring to your underarm Alexa?

Here are the requirements for your eyesight: -Distant visual acuity with or without correction is 6/9 or better in the better eye -Near visual acuity with or without correction is at least N5 at 30-50cm and N14 at 100cm It is unacceptable if you have -spectacles for visual correction (only contact lenses are accepted) -visual field defects -functionally monocular vision Hi kara, i’m priyanka,23.

My weight happens to be in propertion with my height. My height is 5.5. but i’m kinda worried about the chicken pox scar on my cheek. Would that be a problem? and my teeth are quite fine to look at, from the outer part.. but inside there are cavities. But it doesn’t appear when i’m smiling. Plz help.. Hi Kara, Do you think I’m qualify to be a flight attendant since I have a rather big scar (around 10cm) on my leg just right above the ankle but its not very dark. Currently doing A level and wanted to be a pilot but it’s too expensive to afford , do you think it’s possible for a flight attendant to be a pilot in the future?

Michelle, it really depends how obvious the scar is while wearing skin colored pantyhose. It also depends on the airline. Qatar Airways has very strict grooming regulations, so it is quite unlikely you will be selected, but Emirates and Etihad are more permissive. And yes, it is possible for flight attendants to become pilots. Hi Kara, I want to apply as a cabin crew in Dubai Emirates I have submitted my CV and photo’s online.

You think they’ll accept my application even if i’m married and have one child living here in Dubai? I’m currently on husband’s visa my husband works here in Dubai .. Just wondering if i have any chance to join airline industry. I am 21 years old with a height of 160cm, i have test if i can reach 212cm and i can reach it, birthmark is not visible also, we have our own accommodation here so i have no problem with that, i understand the rule that i have to stay 6months if they put me on training.

My only concern is my status and i have a one child, i really want to be a flight attendant its my dream since i was kid so you think i have chance? I feel bit hopeless on the blog i’ve read about Qatar and Emirates Contract marrying and having child, i wasn’t really sure what to do.. Lyka, you can be married and have kids, however the contract is being offered on a single base. That means the benefits you receive from the company (medical insurance, accommodation, visa sponsorship, etc) are only applicable for you and not for the members of your family.

But this is not an issue for you as you are already there under your husband’s visa. So be confident, be positive and start thinking of the arrangements you must do for your baby to be taken care of while you are flying.

Hi Kara, i want to thank you for all the informations you are giving everyone with a dream to be a cabin crew, i am one of them and i can’t even explain how much u have helped me, i have already bought your book and i applied for Emirates also for Etihad airways online, both sent me an invitation and i went for Emirates before two days. It was very good but also intense situation during all the eliminations in all the stages, i passed all the stages and i have now appointment for final interview.

With your guidance i have prepared very well for the assesment day and it really did helped me, and now i am already preparing for the final and i have a very good vibe about it, as you say ” the key is preparation ”!!!

I have one problem though, i am worried about my eye sight, i don’t have same power in each eye, one of my eye is 6/6 but the other eye is not really good with out correction, i found out that even with correction one of my eyes can not be 6/9, the other eye is with out correction 6/6, so i am wondering if this would be a problem for me, i honestly belive i can prepare well by your book and i can win the job but my eye sight is not really something i can change , so plz tell me what are my chances in this case?

it is bothering me a lot. Thank you really for your time. Dear Kara, wow, where to start, i got successful with Etihad airways, we were more than 250 people on the assessment day and very scary,it was very good i can say but a lot of elimination took place, we were about 40 people remaining for the final interview and it was actually pretty good interview, the recruiters were so friendly and that definitely was so comforting, on third date i got mail which says i am successful, it is sooo amazing and great feeling, now i am on the process of submitting documents which they have asked me to provide, in the mean time my final interview with Emirates were very intense, was not as comforting as Etihad, they contacted me to send a casual picture after my final interview and i hope that is a good sign as well so i can see which one fits me best to join so i just wanna thank God first and then you of course,i have your book and i have red all posts u released with out any cost, i can 100% say it helped me a lot, because i prepared my cv according to yr guidance and every action i did or show at the assessment day was also according to your book and believe me i saw many of the candidates making simple mistakes because they were not prepared at all and i would have done the same mistake have i not red your book or your other posts, so i finally want to say Thank you for all your guidances and your priceless book and posts and i really recommend every one who wants to be a cabin crew must read it, my time has come, soon to fly….

and Fyi, it is my first try. – hi kara I’m peter and I would like to know is there any chance for me to get a job as a cabin crew member , I read the requirements to be eligible to join the crew . but the draw back is tat my height is only 5’5 and I only can speak Hindi at a basic level , but I’m good in my English , can u please help me and let me know if there is any chances of me joining the cabin crew field please let me know thanks .

Hello, Kara! First of all, thank you for amazing job! For what you’ve done for the girls and guys, who are dreaming about becoming flight attendant.

And what about my question – I’m from Georgia (Country in Caucasus, not state of USA). I’m going to send my resume online just today. The AD-s in nearest locations are on 13th July(Russia) and 25th July (Lebanon). No matter the vacancy is still on going, how you think, is there left enought time until the AD, to get invitation on my resume?

(if it ever happens) Have a nice day! Thank you so much! Hi kara. I have tried a lot of times in india recruitment for emirates but did not get through.I am an experienced crew with domestic airline and even learned urdu and german.I have no scars or tattoos.

I fill up all the criteria what emirates is looking for.even I gave the best interview as I can communicate really well.just telling u all these to take advice from u that wat shud I do nw.I really want to get through with emirates.

Please need ur help. Angel, I can’t give you a reason for your results, however Emirates is a highly competitive airline. On top of that, in your country they only recruit through an agency, so you must pass the pre-screening. I can only advise you to apply for any other airline recruiting in your area and then reconsider your options. Hello kara my name is hossam I went to the emirates open days a couple of times now but isn’t I didn’t receive any messages or phone call still that’s ok as I think iam not ready for a final interview yet so Iam just trying to get prepared more and more iam always working on my English and improving it with the time right now iam just wondering what can I do to improve my customer service and communication skills as like what courses should I take what books should I read I already work in the hospitality industry in sharm el shiekh in egypt thanks for taking the time to read my comment kara .

Hossam, what a great attitude! Your customer service is something you experience regularly when working in the hospitality industry. Make it your daily goal to have one customer absolutely amazed by your work. Go the extra mile, do more than what you are supposed to. This will teach you some outstanding customer care.

As for your communication skills, start by asking for feedback from your manager, colleagues and customers. Then take it from there. I always recommend the book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. It’s a great read for all of us working with people. All the best! Hi all, I’ve worked in the Finance sector for 17 months after my graduation. But now Im pretty sure that Cabin Crew is what I need as Im absolutely passionate about it.

Please can you let me know what are the courses that I should be going ahead with in order to enhance my CV for a cabin crew role? Will MBA in hospitality be a good option? Many thanks.

Hello, you run just so wonderful website for cabin crew-wannabe like me. Thank you for all awesome information that you share with us. Can you please help me just one thing? Do you have any recommend sport, or something like that to improve arm reach test? I try everyday, i’m just 158cm so i have to struggle so much to do arm-reach. Now , it’s only 208cm. I have a lot of times, but i’m still worry.

I’m Vietnamese, can speak English, Korean, i have some experience in customer service ,but it’only part time , or seasonal job, also volunteering.

Is it enough to attending assesment day of Emirate or Etihad? Thank you so much. Hope you all the best! Hi, i just recently found your website as i am very interested in applying as a cabin crew. i am currently working as a passenger service agent in a UK airport but i am very keen in being one of emirate’s cabin crew. i have graduated in college with BTEC level 3 diploma in travel and tourism and i have 2 gcse’s.

i am also a high school graduate. i am 5’3 but i am just a bit worried because im turning 23 soon and i think airlines usually hires 21-22 applicants.

i also have a birthmark covering the back of my palm on my right hand, will that be a disadvantage? can you give me any tips for the interview please. i also am not confident about swimming and i am short sighted. thank you so much! There is no maximum age Anne. There is only a minimum requirement of 21 years old. You need a high school diploma as well. Your birthmark, it really depends how big it is.

If it’s small and most people don’t notice it, you should be fine. Your vision is acceptable if -Distant visual acuity with or without correction is 6/9 or better in the better eye -Near visual acuity with or without correction is at least N5 at 30-50cm and N14 at 100cm It is unacceptable if you have -spectacles for visual correction (only contact lenses are accepted) -visual field defects -functionally monocular vision As far as swimming is concerned, you should be confident enough to swim with the aid of a floatation device (life jacket).

Read more about the interview here if you can afford it, get the book “How to become a flight attendant for airlines in the Middle East” hi kara. I applied for Emirates cabin crew on January 15th this year. the assessment day was on 8th feb and I was not invited. it’s been more than six weeks now and still no email from them. could they have rejected my application?

when I check my application status it reads ‘application received’. should I consider myself rejected? Hello, I am planning to apply in emirates airlines online or qatar airways. I am wondering if I will still pass or be consider if I have scars coz I have 5 medium scars on both of my legs that are visible. It can be less visible with stockings. If however I get through the online application and get invited on assessment day, will airline shoulder the expenses to get to the assessment day even out of the country?

How about swimming? Is it a must to swim like 200 meters in how many minutes? Is knowing how to swim required? Thank u for your reply in advance. Hi Jacnaza. Your scars shouldn’t be visible while wearing stockings. All the expenses with your interviewing should be supported fully by you, the airline will not reimburse any costs.

You should know how to swim, minimum acceptable being with the aid of a floatation device. Speed and distance are not being tested. I can’t do the application on your behalf if that’s what you’re asking.

You can read more articles here on how to handle the online application and other tips here As for the Qatar Airways online application, you must wait for an event to be advertised in your country or in another location you are willing and able to travel to at your own expense.

Only then you can apply specifically for it. I hope this helps. hello kara! this is emjhey. i’ve read all the questions and ur replies to the needful like me. just want to ask you something and i would be very thankful if you can share to me ur ideas. I applied more than 1 month ago in Qatar airways, they sent me an email that i need to pass asap the result of my medical exams. i’ve done it today and everything was OK except for my eye test because my distance vision for both eyes is 6/9 UNCORRECTED, i don’t have color blindness and i read 38 plates in ishihara’s chart correctly… i can’t sleep and i’m so worried about this… i don’t know if i will pass or fail the medical exam just because of my eye test.,,, do u have any idea about the standard eye grade for qatar airways cabin crew?

please…. ur reply would be greatly appreciated. thank u kara…. Dear Kara, thank you for sharing your advices, its great! Your book is awesome, it is helping me a lot! Just one more question for you.

Does the rule- No tattoo on the hands apply for men as well? If I understood properly its all about visibility of tattoo and men have long sleeve uniform as far as i know. I have small tattoo near my elbow. Should I go for laser? I have one more question… if I decide to go to an open day and bring my resume, should I use the online application as a guideline for my portfolio. in other words, I have a lot of gaps on my cv and left jobs due to travel, is that something I should mention on my cv.

I am afraid it will look bad and the recruitment team will think I got fired or show commitment problems. thank you so much for your time 🙂 oopse I should have specified, for Emirates.

I have not applied yet, but there seems to be some confusion around this topic. when is it necessary to have to wait six months?

if your online application has been denied? if you go to an open day and don’t get shortlisted? thank you for messaging back 🙂 I love this website 😀 Lorraine, the official rule is wait 6 months if you’ve failed at any stage during the initial assessment and 1 year if you failed during the final interview.

This rule however seems to be disregarded, with recruiters verbally inviting the candidates to reapply at any point if they failed at any stage and reapply after 6 months if the final interview was not successful.

I guess you have absolutely nothing to lose when you show up again. Good luck! Hello Kara, How are you? I recently attended AD for fly dubai but I got knocked out in role play, my questions are 1- is there any possibilty that I can apply before 6 months 2- how can I imporve the role play stage because that is the only part where I got confused otherwise I’m good with all other stages Please help Thanks Hi Kara I’m Tamer from Egypt and I would like to let you know that there’s an open day for Emirates in Egypt Dec 27th and Jan 32th and I will be ready ( weight issue ) on Jan open day but my question is can I attend the upcoming open day and if I got rejected opened the next one or I have to wait six month to apply again???????????

and what if I’m over weight but I’m dieting and doing my best to make my BMI 25 ASAP so I need your advice. Thanks Tamer, you BMI is required when you do your medicals. The recruiters won’t ask you about your exact weight, but they will judge on your overall appearance.

For Emirates, you can participate in another open day at any time provided you did not reach the final interview. This information however is not official. Hello Kara! Good day. I’m syrian and living in the UAE currently, I want to apply for Emirates and Etihad and try my luck in one of them.

However, my worry is about my passport, It’s valid for one year and I have to renew it every year. Will this reduce my chances of getting the job? I would appreciate it if you can explain a bit for me regarding Passport requirements and the validity of it.

Thank you Hey kara I’m nepali girl age 26 years old with e height of 165 cm but my weight is 72 kg do u think it would be possible for me to apply for cabin crew regarding my education iv passed my 10th 12th was incomplete bt hav e diploma certificate in hotel management n has max 5 years of experience at 5 star hotel like the Taj Group and Radisson properties including the reputed fast food restaurant KFC right now m in kuwait currently working at Radisson Blu hotel and soon there is a recruitment goin on for the qatar airways which is on this 26th of dec what do think my chances are your advice would be of great help Nitu, Your weight and height must be in proportion.

This is measured using a BMI calculator. Your BMI must fall between normal ranges. Calculate yours here As for your education, you must have minimum a high school diploma. The certificate is not a valid document unless it is from an accredited university. I hope this helps. All the best! Hi Kara, first off i would like to thank you for everything you’re so helpful and i want to know if Emirates hire a bald cabin crew as i’m totally bald but kinda handsome i’m not tall 172 CM but kinda handsome i’m Egyptian and can speak English fluently and Arabic my mother tongue how you see my chances and i need your advice as i’m afraid that they don’t accept bald people ????

Hey Kara!! Thank you for your reply, it is encouraging!!!! However, I forgot to mention that I can reach the 212 cm only with my fingers, all of them but my thumb doesn’t cross the line. Is it OK or do I have to reach the mark with my palms?? I’m a bit worried since I’ve read that there are different standards for men and women about how to pass the reach test.

Not to mention the fear that I still may get rejected due to purely aesthetical reasons associated with muy height. I guess my safest bet is with Etihad, the problem is they rarely come to South America, let alone my country (Bolivia). Thanks again for your time!!!! You really do a great job!!!! Hi kara I have 8 years of customerserive experince in front ends of the copmany and Im working a customer service coordinator at the moment with one of uk’s big 4 banks where I mange staff for customerservice though i got lots of experince my age is 35 and beside that I m badly lossing hair.

My question is am I still be able to apply even im 35 and will other candidates will have advantage over me because im too older? Thankx alot and keep the great work up. Hi Kara! I’m a 23 yr old guy, and I want to apply for one of these airlines. However, I’m only 165 cm tall. Do you honestly think I stand a chance???

I can reach 212 cm without tiptoeing but only with my fingers. Is it true that for the reach test, men can leave their shoes on?? If true, it would help me a lot!!! Thank you!!!

Hi Kara! Im Esther, 23 years old, ive been dreaming of becoming a cabin crew member since i was a young girl. I’ve applied for Qatar airways last month, i really did my best to be prepared, done my researches, I was able to get into the Final Interview, had a very good feeling about it and was really excited, but I received an email two weeks after telling me that I was not selected.

So I’ve been thinking about what could have weakened my application, I remember my friend who happened to be working for Qatar that told me not to mention that I have two children at first. So I was now thinking that it could have been one of the reasons why I wasn’t selected.

Do you think she’s right? And also, I know that everyone who are aspiring to become a cabin crew need to be physically fit, I am very healthy now, I’m practicing a very healthy lifestyle, but I had previous PTB that was treated two years ago, do you think it would be a problem? Do you think my past could harm my future in becoming a cabin crew? Sorry I have so many questions, I figured this could also help the readers who are into the comments as well as the other comments have helped me.

Thank you Kara! Hi Esther. Your children are probably not the reason why you were rejected, as long as you understand that they will not be able to benefit from any of the company benefits. Try going through how you answered the interview questions and focus on improving them. To answer your other question, you need to give me more details.

Start with explaining what PTB stands for. Hi kara, i really enjoyed reading your blog, and its really helpful specially for those people whos dreaming to be a cabin crew, and for the beginners,just want to ask a question from you as well because i wanted to apply in any airlines but i have a big problem with my legs i have a big old scar from my childhood it was just a mosquito bite and it became really worst and i tried all the possible treatment at home like scar gel and lime jc but still visible, would that be ok for any airline with a visible scar since all the airlines is allowed to wear stockings, coz, if i will wear stocking it doesnt really show my scar.

hope you can help. Thank You! Hi there, i have a tattoo of a lizard on the top of my wrist. its a little one and was done to cover a scar. if i wear long sleeves it cannot be noticed. i also have a tattoo on the back on my neck, which would be covered with my hair as well as the collars of my clothes. Finally.. i can just make it 211cm barefoot and tip-toes…. what are my chances? Your vision is acceptable if -Distant visual acuity with or without correction is 6/9 or better in the better eye -Near visual acuity with or without correction is at least N5 at 30-50cm and N14 at 100cm It is unacceptable if you have -spectacles for visual correction (only contact lenses are accepted) -visual field defects -functionally monocular vision I hope this helps.

HI Kara, thanks a lot for your precious advices. I have one question though : is there an age limit to become a cabin crew? My brother who is 33 years of age, good looking, extensive working experience in the service industry, has applied to the assessment day of Emirates Airline. But unfortunately he has been unsuccessful!!! so I was wondering if ever it could have been because of his age. Thanks again. Hi Kara.. Im doing my BA 2nd height is 5.5 feet and im 19 yrs old…i want to join Qatar airways after my graduation in 2016 .I have good eyesight,clean and straight teeths,clear from scares and blemishes,black hair,chinky eyes :p.

But my only proplem is that my weight is 79..will they take me? If not im planning to join Sky international academy aftr graduation for cabin crew training ,one year. Hi Kara..would appreciate for your help…i worked in dubai beforei resigned to joining qatar airways ground services. ..i applied cabin crew with emirates and i was invited to nairobi 28th may 2014 assessment day which was invites only…unluckly they postponed the dates and sent email that they hold my application until they reschedule….now they have opened the assessment again and sent me invite again..which im planning to attend…nut now im fearing coz iv started working with qatar airways. their any restrictions? ?? Will they disregard me since im with qatar airways?? Thanks in advance… Hi kara, how are you? i applied for a cabin crew position a while back (march of this year) shortly after i submitted my application, got an email stating that they well received it and that i if was shortlisted they would be in contact with during the next 6 weeks.

6 weeks passed and i didn’t hear from them so i took it that my application was unsuccessful. About a week ago, i was really surprised when checking my email, i realized that i had an email from emirates in. The email said that they “have reviewed my application and would like me to attend a recruitment event” which is taking place in 2 weeks in my home country. As pleased as i am to be given this opportunity, i did find it a bit strange that they would contact me after that long.

Does that usually happens? funny how i was waiting for the 6 months period to pass before giving it another shot. Does that mean someone else had a look at my resume and liked it? lol i bought your book by the way, it’s helped me understand what is expected from us let’s hope i make it to the assessment day. Thanks kara 🙂 Hi Kara. I have my assessment day in two weeks by Emirates Airline. Well to be honest I am very excited. But I am actually in a dilemma. I have a tattoo on my feet and I think it is one the red area.

I just got the invitation this week and the AD is in two weeks which means that I won’t have enough time to remove it. Working as cabin crew is my dream. During my interview, I am definitely sure that they gonna ask me whether I have a tattoo and at no time I want to lie to them that I don’t have.

I think that I we have the Golden Call, you can leave your country in the delay of six months. Do you think that I can tell the interviewer that I am aware that I have this big opportunity to work for their company and I am planning to do a laser treatment to remove it?

In the delay of six months, the tattoo will completely disappear. Also, I want to say that I did a trial with some foundation and the tattoo can’t be seen and with the stocking it is just perfect. Thank you if you can please advise me? Fiona Fiona, the rules about tattoos are pretty simple: you have one visible while wearing uniform, you are automatically disqualified.

From this point, you have two options to consider. First is to delay your participation in the recruitment event until the tattoo is removed. Second is to proceed with the tattoo removal, conceal it during the interview and don’t declare it in the forms.

Either way, the tattoo must be completely removed by the time you reach your medical tests in Dubai, otherwise your contract will be considered invalid and you will be sent home.

I hope this helps 🙂 Hi Kara, I’ve attended one of Emirates Open day and didn’t pass for the next invitation. However, I have also submitted my application online on the same day which they only replied with my applicant reference number on the next day asking me to wait for their call within 6 weeks time.

In coming October and November, they are going to have an Open day again. Should I attend or should I withdraw my online application and reapply after 6 months?

Thanks for your help. Ricky, the reach test is the same regardless of your gender: remove your shoes, reach the mark. If you are really at the limit and struggling, they might ask you to attempt with both arms (more difficult). This is done to endure you will be able to access certain safety equipment in the aircraft which is located at the arm reach requirement.

Good news is that arm reach improves with time, so you should be practicing stretching every day. Kara, hi! I was wondering, there’s a recruitment for QATAR AIRWAYS next week.

And I’m planning to wear pantyhose during the Open Day till the Final interview (hopefully, I make it till the last day) would that be okay? Will the recruiters let me take them off any part of the recruitment process? 🙂 Thanks! Hi Kara! I just wanted to thank you for all your helpful advice here on the page and in your book.

It was a really good decision to buy your book, it helped me sooo much. I made it to the final interview first try and now my status is “Joining formalities in progress”.

As far as I know it means I should get my golden call in a few days. Whish me luck and keep up the amazing work! Thanks again! 🙂 Viktoria Hi Kara! I’ve applied online for Qatar Airways just this Friday (Sept. 12) and today I received an email saying that my application did not match their requirements. This was really hard to take in and I really cried hard. But there’s an Open Day in Manila on Sept. 27. Should I go or not? Does my online application matter if I show up on their Open Day?

And if I show up, what should I do for them to reconsider my application? Thanks! 🙂 Hi kara, thanks for the reply. I tried to adjust the measurements and i was able to reach 212cm also in tip toes. Guess thats a relief 😀 now my only concerns are my weight (under weight for my height) and my complexion (i usually get pimples on the chin or sometimes on my nose).

Will this affect my application in qatar airways?i hope not 😐 any advice or tips if ever this might affect my appliction? Thanks Nik, you are supposed to have a full makeup on during the interview. If your imperfections can be concealed, you should be fine. If you are extremely underweight, you will not be able to pass the medical clearance tests. You can already contact a nutritionist or another doctor who can help you increase your BMI. Calculate yours here Hi Kara.

I bought your book and I read that as long as you can conceal your scar, there will be no problem, My question is, Will it still be okay if it is on the side of my foreleg near my toes? It is outside the uniform but can be covered by stockings.If I can conceal it with special camouflage makeup, does this means can I not declare it?

because Im afraid that I may not be accepted because of this scar. Also, if I dont declare it, Wouldn’t it be seen during the medical examination?

But considering I will still conceal it until medical, do they place a spotlight or wash your body during medical so They can check if you have any scars concealed? Pleasw please please answer me. I am applying for qatar airways. Hi Maria, Qatar has very high grooming standards.

They prefer people with no scars and no tattoos regardless of their location or visibility. If you can conceal it, then do so. You will not be checked with a spotlight during the medical. They check for your eye sight, BMI, blood pressure, etc, not hunting for scars.

Hi Kara! Please help me clear my thoughts. I have recently submitted an online application for Qatar airways but i have just learned that its not necessary since its an Open Day/CV drop off in Kuala Lumpur. Just now, i received an email saying that my application was unsuccessful. Prior to getting this email, i have already purchased an air ticket and booked my hotel accomodation. *sigh* Can i still show up on the open day? What are my chances? Thanks Kara! Kara, do airline companies consider applicants who undergone orthodontic procedures, I don’t really have good set of teeth so I’m thinking if I can fix my teeth first like having porcelain crowns or dental veneers..

Problem is I’m not sure if this is just a waste of time if ever they are strict and won’t consider ‘facade’ teeth anyway. I just don’t want to get false hope or waste time, money etc if ever.. Akash, to be eligible for the flight attendant profile, you must posses certain skills such as team player, customer service mindset, empathy, cultural awareness and problem solving.

As the above article mentions, the minimum requirements are 21 years old and 212cm vertical arm reach. Any customer service experience is an asset. All the best! Hello i apply online and i was just invited to a recruitment day in Vienna i have work in customer service and in a few hotels too i speak 3 languages i im 1.82cm. I have long hair and im a man should i cut my hair for this dream job opportunity and how often do they hire 22 years old guy! I’ve been reading a lot and mostly girls are around…any tips for me please :)) Hi there Kara!

I am very interested in this book and going to buy this so I can start reading this! Im getting mixed emotions soooo much! 🙂 I am planning to take a flight attendant course here in my country (PH). Just to get a background info and to get a hands on on being a FA. Plus confidence upgrade! Hahaha.. I would like to ask if is thats gonna be helpful? Ive read one of your answer on the comments and you said that its a waste of money?

Better to take a course of costumer service? If I understood it right… Can you please enlighten me on what to do…the reason i wanna take a FA course is bcoz i wanna have an advantage and they will teach you there also some self grooming, confidence etc. I wanna know if what youll learn from there is gonna be handy?

Thank you 🙂 Hi Alyssa. Before you commit for a course, you need to see what they offer in the course. If they promise you a cabin crew diploma or any sort of technical knowledge, it is indeed a waste of time and money.

The companies in the Middle East do not require you to have a cabin crew certificate or knowledge about aviation. You will not have an advantage over the other candidates who did not participate in such courses.

What you need is information on how to be successful through the interview, how to prepare your CV so that it gets selected and how to behave during the various tasks you will undertake during the assessment.

You need something that will give you the confidence to go to the interviews and know for sure that you are exactly what they need for their future cabin crew. The course we are offering starts on September 5th and you can read more about it here If you find something similar in your country, then go for it. Hi Kara, Thank you so much for your reply! The problem is that I do have a credit card with me. Can’t I make a payment via a debit card? I really want to buy this book. And I would also like to know if any of the Arabian airline is coming to Delhi(India) in next 4 months?

Where Can I know all this information? I confident about my communication skills but what are the other things I need to practice? I have never appeared for any Cabin Crew(Air hostess) interview before. But I will try to attend any of the Indian airline’s Interview to get an idea about it. Kindly guide me Kara, as I really want to become an air hostess and I have started grooming and preparing myself for the same.

I will be waiting for your response. Thanks! Hi Sapna, yes, you can pay with a debit card as well. Emirates is conducting assessments in conjunction with Frankfinn Management Consultants agency, so you will need to talk to them first. As for Qatar and Etihad, they publish their recruitment schedule 1 month in advance.

There are regular assessments in India, however they are not monthly occurrences. Your stretch marks should be ok as long as they are not visible through skin colored pantyhose Sapna. The book is available worldwide in electronic format. As soon as your payment is processed (usually a matter of seconds), you will receive an email with a unique link. The book is ready for you to read right away on your computer, smart phone or tablet. The price of the book is USD 29.97 and you can use your credit card to process the transaction.

Here is the link to the book order page This is my very final question, I am sorry if I have so much in mind. I just feel blessed that someone so kind to entertain these stuffs to clarify these questions.

Do Arline companies consider training school like ICATS? I’ve searched this training school in the internet and found out that they legitimate, I’ve heard it beforehand that most airline companies don’t consider most training schools for cabin crew because they consider it as scam. Now, I read some positive feed backs regarding ICATS even written in the newspapers.. Would it help if I consider enrolling myself to a cabin crew training school like this or it just wouldn’t help?

Kara, thank you.. I promise you, this will be my very final question..sorry if my curiousness annoys you somehow.. god bless! Madel, the airlines don’t require you to undergo any sort of cabin crew training. It is not considered an advantage over the other applicants who didn’t attend these courses.

If you have money to spare, it is a better investment to take a language course or a customer service related course. Most cabin crew courses are useless as they are teaching you about procedures and aircraft types that the airlines in the Middle East don’t follow.

You will need to learn new procedures as you join the airline. Their training is free. If you find something to prepare you for the interview, then that is a better use of your money. What is the chance for an applicant who doesn’t also have experience related to being a cabin crew?

And if there are related working experience, which job would they consider for you to get the possibility of penetrating as an airline attendant, Kara?

Thank you so much for my first question has been enlightened.. Hello Kara! Ive just turned 28 this month of July. I am so interested of becoming one of the cabin crews but unfortunately I fell short to their educational requirement and if I’m able to pass at least the minimum educational attainment, I am a little worried that the airline companies won’t favor someone who doesn’t really have completed college degree..

I was on my 3rd year as a student nurse but wasn’t able to finish my course unfortunately.. I already have Qatar airways in mind but I’m not sure about my chances when I’m already in my late 20’s and doesn’t have college degree..

I hope you can respond! Thank you.. Hello Kara 🙂 I just wanna say THANK YOU! I had never tried any airline recruitments prior my Emirates OD. I went to Emirates OD for the first time; and passed all the Assessments and had my FI. Only after 2 weeks of my FI, I received my both JFIP and GC on same day! Recently, I’ve just got my FA. 🙂 Your book was my best friend and advisor to me when I went through all the stages.

Thank you so much for writing this amazing book and making it available to dreamers like me! 🙂 *HUGS and KISSES*!!! Rute, your BMI must be in normal ranges. Even if they accept you through the assessment and you are successful through all the stages, you will be asked to adjust your weight in order to pass the medical examination prior to joining the airline.

This means that your date of joining will be delayed until you provide a doctor note stating your BMI is within normal ranges. Aira, I am not a doctor, so I don’t know what 100 grade in one eye means. Here are the medical requirements related to cabin crew medical checks in regards to vision: Your vision is acceptable if -Distant visual acuity with or without correction is 6/9 or better in the better eye -Near visual acuity with or without correction is at least N5 at 30-50cm and N14 at 100cm It is unacceptable if you have -spectacles for visual correction (only contact lenses are accepted) -visual field defects -functionally monocular vision I hope this helps.

Hi kara Thanks for your reply, actually, this time i prepared for it bery well more than the time i passed it and thats why im surprised, i spoke un a prof.

way and gave her a perfect solution and she was satisfied, i remind my group about the time remaining , i didnt interrupt anyone of them, i listen actively and agreed on my group options about the 2 customers. Thats what i did wen i passed and when i didnt 🙁 I will read the links, but how to buy the book if i cant pay by credit cards?

Can i make a wire transfer ? Thanks Mory Hi kara I want to share my exp with emirates, i attend the assessment day on november 2013 in Dubai, was the first time, i didnt make it at the stage of the group exercises which is before the final interview, then on december i attend the assessment again and i had the final interview but unfortunately after 2 months they sent me the unsuccessful email.

I waited for 6 months and applied again this month and again i failed at the stage of group scenario exercise which i failed on november and passes on december! Its a lilttle bit weird. I will apply on july again for the 4th time, i want your advice how to pass the group exercise , what the mistakes i did to fail for the 3rd time (which i already passed one day!) Thanks Hi Mory, You made it once, so somehow you know what to do.

Try to look back and remember your performance during that day and make some notes on what exactly you said or did that might have created the success. You can read this article here For more detailed explanations on group exercise types, desired behavior and language to use, see the book Hope this time is your time 🙂 Dear Kara, this coming sunday, there’ll be an Qatar airway OD at my country.

i fill up my online form yesterday. but today i received a regret email. said i did not pass. my height is 163(barefoot) 47kg. education background is ok. no visible scar.(my full body photo is scan version because i dont have the softcopy). can you point out the mistake i might have done.?

and,, can i just go to the OD this sunday even though the online application says i fail? (this is my first time apply and i never go to QA OD) . looking forward to ur response.. Audrey, I am obviously unable to tell you why your application was rejected. It can be a multitude of factors, from language skills, soft skills, previous experience, how you answered their online questionnaire as well as missing documents or other technical errors.

Good news though is that you can still show up for the Open Day regardless of the online application status. All the best! Sorry to keep writing here. It’s just that I tried everything to find out about this alleged pre screening. On the Emirates web page there is no official email, and for some reason I’m unable to send my request in ”contact us” section. I found out somewhere about live chat, but it seems that’s not operating until Sunday.

I called the local agency in Zagreb, but they only give info about flight arrangements. It seems impossible to find out any info… but the Emirates published the location of the event, so if this was and ”invitation only” or the assessment day, they would not have done so. I guess I can only hope nothing will go wrong at this first stage, since I already booked the ticket for the capital. Thank you.

Thank you for the reply. I’m coming from Croatia actually. I’ve found 3 different resources online saying the Open Day is being held in Zagreb ( the capital) on the 10th. Even the Emirates official web page says it’s an open day even, but with this remark: ”Please note that pre screening will be conducted by our appointed agency FASCO.

; the link: ” I already tried to find this agency in Croatia, but the only existing company going by this name is company with tools and equipment, so I’m highly confused and wondering if this is an mistake… Marta, in this case you must contact Fasco Agency first. Here is the link They will screen your resume before the day.

You might want to double check the information though, as per the events that I have, there is no Open Day organized in China this month and usually the events there are Assessment Days, not Open Days.

Hi Kara, im 2nd year college student and will shift to Tourism. I wanted to be a flight attendant/cabin crew but the thing is i have a crooked teeth. but i will fix it by the end of the semester. i just dont know if they will allow me. i just wanted to ask if its okay. and about wearing contacts, it okay right?

but, can you tell me more details about it? thank you. please reply Hi Kara and thanks for all your info!!! I red all the comment below to see if there is a similar question but i didn’t find one..

there were many about tattoos but not like mine… So I want to go to an open day for emirates this sunday but I have a small tattoo on my wrist which I am covering it with my watch. Do you think I stand a chance?? I am also willing to remove it but you think I can go for the open day and tell them that? because I can’t remove it before sunday as you can imagine..Thanks again!

Hi Kara, I’m soon attending Etihad assessment day but there is a problem. The thing is that I suffer from palm sweating. I don’t have it all the time, just wheni it’s too hot or I get stressed. I tried to google this problem but I haven’t found out anything. Could I be employed or considered unfit? In the past I had some botox injections in my palms and for some time it helped to block the sweating so in case of necessity I could repeat it again. Do you think I still have a chance?

What shall I do? Thanks so much in advance Hi Kara, I would like to clarify my recent experience with Emirates for my assessment.I was shortlisted and attend the assessment day in Dubai.The recruiter asked me on arrival if i was here recently and I agreed.We were required to go through an English test and a Geography test which I was pretty sure I have past, but I was not considered, as the recruiter said I have attended the same process before 6 months.I want to know why the recruiter asked me to go through the assessment if the person is aware that I was there before and finally did not accept me.

Thank you. Hello Kara, here is elie again. I just have one question and I am really thankful for every approach you did and you still doing in order to make our dream realities. I still have 20 years old but in 5 months I will reach the emirates airline required age. If I attend they open day this month, will they give a chance to attend their assessment day if I passed the first screening? I am asking this since I heard that many people was far at least 6 months from their 21 and they received the Golden Call and meanwhile this period the company kept them on its waiting list in order to join the company once reaching the requested age, but I got a little bit confused cause I thought that a CV will be automatically eliminated once the minimum requirements aren’t available even it was only about age matter before the assessment process take place.

please advice thank you so much Dear Kara I’ve been invited to participate to the Open days Emirates which is an Open day for everybody. The thing is that I don’t know if I am medically fitted for cabin crew member because I wear glasses (and there aren’t any contact lenses invented yet for my case), I have diastema and I am a little overweight (not obese and I am well proportioned). I want to try it because I speak 5 languages and I have experience as customer service.

What chances would you give me? Hi, I attended an Emirates open day about a month ago and I got through to assessment, but didnt go any further. I received an email the other day telling me there was another open day and that i could attend but it then stated that if you have already attended an open day you should wait 6 months before attending another one.

What should I do. Any help appreciated 🙂 Dear Kara, Its me Katy once again. I am planning to apply in etihad,will the surgical scar on my knee create a problem. Its very concealable . n does not fall in birthmark,tattoo or piercing category like they have mentioned on their site. Its not at all visible under skin color pantyhose post concealing with make up.

What are my chances like. Suggestion n advice appreciated. Regards, Katy. If accepted to work as a flight attendant you must not be wearing any braces. If you feel comfortable wearing them, it is fine to go to the interview, however they might tell you to come back when they are removed.

You can also come with a letter from your doctor stating the date when they will be permanently removed. Hi Dear First of all l really love your page, its very helpful for me and other dreamers. I am brazilan and l am looking for a course to prepare myself for my AD next months to Emirates.

I need to improve my English little more. Do u have any course that l can do by skype? My lnterview will be 31 of May here in Brazil. Thank u Crislaines, this is not an English course. This course is specifically design to teach you how to prepare for the cabin crew interview.

Read more about it here If you are looking for a language course you better contact the British Council or whatever other reputable language schools are available in your country.

In order to be able to go through our course, you level of English must be fluent. Hi Kara! I am 24 and i applied for Etihad airways….in a day i got a letter that says that i was invited for an assessment day! I wear braces now but in few months it will be removed but just wondering if it is ok to wear braces in the assessment day????Tho I was with braces on the picture which I sent to them.

And it was too noticibale on the pic! What`s your advice? How can I prove them that i`ll remove it soon? Thank you for your answer in advance! 😉 Hi, Kara, I’m so happy that I ran into your website with all your useful advices 🙂 As far as I’m going to apply for Etihad airlines I do really need your advice.

I have bad eyesight (myopia -8.0), but i’m going through the laser surgery next month. Will I fit to medical requirements after laser correstion? or are there a chance to be hired with -8.0 with lense correction??? BUENOS DIAS. TENGO UNA PREGUNTA , SOY UNA CHICA DE NACIONALIDAD RUMANA Y ESTOY REZIDENTA DEL ANO 1999 EN ESPANA HE TRABAJADO EN HOSTELERIA MUCHOS ANOS ATENCION AL CLIENTE .


….MUCHAS GRACIAS Y UN SALUDO Hi, I have been invited to an assesment day with Etihad. I have been to 2 with Emirates and not made it past the group stages. Do you know what they look for in this stage? Since then I have complated an online Cabin Crew Diploma and scored 98% in the final exam.

However, on documents from Etihad they say that Asthma is not acceptable. I have asthma but it is well controlled and doesn’t cause me any problems.

I am currently a dancer and have studied dance for years with no problems from my asthma. Is it still worth me going to the assesment day? Thanks. Hi Sian, Here is an article to help with the group exercise Your cabin crew diploma is irrelevant for the airlines in the Middle East. At this point of the interview, they are looking for interpersonal skills that will make you a great addition to the team and a great ambassador to their customer, and not aviation knowledge.

If on the medical documents they mention asthma not being acceptable, then you will probably be rejected during your medical. Emirates however accepts candidates having well controlled asthma, so you may want to look into improving yourself more and try again with Emirates in the future. Either way, I think that participating in an assessment day will give you great insight and it will be a fantastic chance to practice the skills that are needed.

Hi Dey, I am sorry I can’t tell if you are a woman or a man from your name. If you are a woman, you should be ok as long as you can conceal the scars with makeup. If you are a man, you might look into some laser treatments to remove the scars. Appearance is important and a clear complexion is appreciated. Dianne, the airlines in the Middle East do not require a specific diploma. The minimum requirement is high school diploma. Any extra studies are considered an advantage, so just go for something you feel passionate about.

Flight attendants are coming from various backgrounds, some in tourism, some in economics and some are even engineers and doctors. As for the training, the airlines in the Middle East offer you a spot in their training program only after you’ve been successful through the interview and medical examination and you are offered a job. Hello..mam..being an airhostess its not only my dream but its my requirement because i have invest lots of money to taking a diploma in aviation managment..but i have a very little strech mark on my left eye but it is soo small…..can its creat a problem in my interview???

Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me a reply…this job is like my workship. Thank u Hi Kara? Your post is really heplful. I just would like to ask if will I be able to qualify as a Flight Attendant if Im an underbite,? considering that a good set of teeth is required?

Will this affect my prospects of getting hired? Thank you so much. Looking forward to your response. By the way Im studying BS Tourism in the premier and the most prestigious university here in the Philippines. Im 5feet and 3 inches tall. I really want to become a flight attendant. please help me. Hi Kara, How are you? First of all I want to congratulate you on this great website. It’s very informative and useful.

So far the one I came across. 🙂 I am going for Qatar Open Day and I have 2 questions for you. 1) I’m 160 cms in height (bare foot) and my weight is 47 Kgs. Is that acceptable? 2) I have a birthmark on my leg which is can be concealed properly and hardly visible. Is that going to be a problem? Does Qatar generally ask if we have birthmark and stuff? Can I keep quiet about it till they notice it ?

:p Sorry this is my first time applying for FA and i want to be sure of everything. 🙂 Aria, your BMI is 18. Normal ranges are 18.5-25, so you might be asked to gain 1 kg or so, but I don’t think that is a big problem. Qatar is very strict about scars, tattoos and birthmarks. If the mark is not too big and can be overlooked, don’t tell them about it. If it’s visible, better declare it and they will decide if it is an acceptable size or not.

Hi Kara. I was wondering if you could help me and clear up a few queries I have about applying for Middle Eastern airlines. I am in my 20’s and currently completing a university degree in travel and aviation management. I have studied this field since leaving school and also work as a team manager in a fast-paced customer facing environment. I have the knowledge, enthusiasm and the mental and physical ability to become a flight attendant, however i have ONE BIG PROBLEM!!

When i was 16, I got small script tattooed on each wrist and now i am coming to seriously regret them. I am currently spending thousands of pounds on getting these removed as working as an FA for one of these airlines has been my dream for quite a few years now.

It is not guarenteed that there will be no trace of the tattoo left and there may be some faint scarring. If I got into an AD, would I have to declare the scarring? Even if there was no trace if covered by makeup? And with the education and experience behind me, would I really not be considered at all? I hope you can shed a bit of light on this situation. Many thanks. Maria-Louisa Hi Maria Louisa, I have to tell you that you are not alone in this.

If the tattoo removal is successful and all you have left is some small scars, you should be fine. Try to use bio oil after the removal treatment to minimize their appearance. You need however to be ink free. If the scars are not too visible, you can get away with it (without declaring). If they are big, you need to declare them and the airline representative will make a decision about it. I have a missing tooth at the back and it will never grow back.

Is this a problem of not getting hired being a flight attendant? And is it okay to have some of pasta filling in teeth? Do they really check my teeth if they are complete? And if they are not complete. Will this affect my prospects of getting hired?

Hi..thank you so much for your great advice,can you kindly help me am 20yrs old from Kenya my passion has always been to be come a superb air hostess,but i come from a very poor family and i got an accident when i was 6yrs old, am now heart broken but have not given up yet, can you kindly help me out i need to help my family.i will be glad if i get your feedback…please reply through my email lots of love dear Kara..

Lorna, you must apply directly on the airline’s website. If your application is shortlisted you will be invited for an interview when they come next to your country. You must however be minimum 21 years old to apply. We only offer advice on how to be successful at the interview. Read through the articles here to get a better understanding on how the interview is structured. Hello Kara, I have to say thank you to you for sharing of very interesting information with all of us.

I´m about to apply for Emirates CC vacancy. I´ve been working in aviation since being out of school ten years ago. I worked as check in agent, check in dispatch supervisor and my current job is Duty Manager in Centralised Load Control company. Shall I have an advantage having some experience in airline business? Thank you D. hi kara,i have another question.=)what if the applicant was invited for an assessment day,but was not able to attend on the said day.Is there a possibility that they will ignore your next application due to not appearing/attending your past AD?And also I have read that it is not permitted for cabin crew to wear braces,My friend also dreamed of becoming FA,but she has crooked tooth,and she couldn’t smile a lot cause it’s now very obvious.She wanted to wear braces,but it would only frustrate her since it is not allowed for FA.please help her too with your advice.BIG thanks to you kara!=) If you are unable to attend you can reapply at a later date when they come next to your country.

You will not be rejected just because you were unable to make it once. No braces are allowed, so your friend might look into getting braces now, solve the problems she has with her teeth and apply when it is all done.

Good luck to both of you girls 🙂 hi kara,does having stretchmark on the back of the legs can affect job application?though it’s not visible when skin-toned stocking is being used.but still,i have that feeling that they are very particular when it comes to the fairness of the skin.And from research,FA undergo on some swimming training?I’m afraid that they would see it since it’s visible without the use of stocking and visible also against the light.Im living near Jeddah KSA and there will be an assessment day of qatar airways this coming March 31.I want to have the opportunity to join their cabin crew team.If I am not lucky to be one of them,can I still re-apply?thank you very much.

Joanna, Qatar is very particular about grooming. They will be checking for scars, birthmarks or tattoos during the initial assessment. If there is anything visible while wearing uniform (knee length skirt, short sleeve blouse), you will not be accepted.

If your marks however are not very visible, you will be fine. If you don’t pass this time, you can reapply any time in the future. Hi Kara I am attending an open day for emirates next month.

I am unfortunately only 5ft and started with an arm reach of 206cm, i am now reaching 209.5cm. This is still not 212cm ! will I still be rejected even if its just a 2cm and bit difference. I have honestly seen some girls my height on a few emirates flights.

This is my dream and would hate to be cut because of 2cm 🙁 what to do ? Danielle, I am sorry to say that the arm reach part of the assessment is non-negotiable. They require this to be able to reach safety equipment located in higher areas of the aircraft. This is one of the first stages and you will not be able to continue to assessment process if you fail this part. You can keep on stretching and hopefully improve your reach. You may also want to consider Etihad Airways.

Their arm reach requirement is 210cm. Hi Orille, the book is available in electronic format (eBook). As soon as your payment is processed (usually a matter of seconds), you will receive an email with a unique link. The book is ready for you to read right away on your computer, smart phone or tablet. The price of the book is USD 29.97 and you can use your credit card to process the transaction.

If you prefer to use PayPal, I will send you a separate link for that. Here is the book order page Let me know if you need more help.

hi Kara 🙂 I really want to apply for cabin crew in one of the three flight companies that you have listed ,but I live in Albania…is this a problem? Do i need to just apply online or I have to fly there to do my interview…coz i don’t live in abu dabi,or in the emirates this is what is concerning me right now thank a lot for your help! 🙂 have a good day Kena, as you can see from the recruitment events listed, there are open days or assessment days organized all over the world.

Albania is also visited sometimes, but not too often, so your best bet is to travel to a nearby country where recruitment events are organized more regularly.

Take a look here For Emirates and Etihad you can create a general application and if shortlisted you can participate in the event closest to your country. Good luck 🙂 Is it necessary to have clear complexion all over the body? Well, i have a skin condition(keratosis pilaris) at my back and shoulders but it’s not that visible though.

And to be a flight attendant, should i really have a complete set of teeth? Well, sad to say that i remove my tooth at the back part of it but i don’t have a problem when smiling because at the front part is fine.

Will this affect my prospects of getting selected or hired? I’m a male by the way. hi kara! I am Margie, since elementary, I am a big fan of flight attendants.

When I experienced riding on a plane,(that was November 3,2014) my dream of becoming a cabin crew was built. I am a 5 feet 4 inches stunner, and a graduate of hotel and restaurant management. But I don’t know how to swim, is swimming one the requirements to become a cabin crew? Thanks 🙂 Hi Kara & all, I was selected for the position of cabin crew among 450 candidates fortunately we are four of them. after this the formality begins and they ask me for a medical i sent my medical reports to them which is also cleared but after a day or two i got a reply from them in a form of regret mail.

(Remember the selection process tooks two days in which i went through 2 to 3 interviews,Test Essay writing and all and after passes all, i am waiting for Golden Call and so hopefull and fully sured that i got the job but i got a regret email. i didnt understand their Recruitment Policies after selection unselected how is that possible but it is 🙂 .Feel so Bad & disappoint but not loose the hope i will again try and get the job) what he wrote in his regret mail is mention below Please have a look on this and guide me accordingly !!

We Regret to inform you that you have Unfortunately not been selected for the position of cabin crew on this occassion.We have However noted that Your Skills and experience may be a potential match for other opportunities across qatar airways group & There fore you may be contacted at a later time for other opportunities if you are Contacted and dont wish to be consider ed Please note that you can withdraw from the process at any time.

We wish you ever success in your job Search Qatar Recruitment Team I was Shock !! How they dont select me after full filling all the requirement infact i have done my medical & all and waiting for the offer letter. i am still Confused is still there is a chance for me ????

Appreciate all your answere. Syed, I am really sorry you didn’t make it this time. What the email says is that you will not be considered for the Cabin Crew position, however they may consider you in the future for other positions such as airport or other ground positions. If that sounds good to you, then you just need to wait for them to get back to you.

If you only want to be a cabin crew reply to the email and tell them you are not interested in other positions. Thanks for the reply Ms. Kara! One more thing, (re: extending DOJ), if ever I get to have the same period of Golden call from people of the same FI, will I be given the go signal to have my medicals too? Since the medicals will be valid until 6 months, that will be okay right? For example, my GC is March and my requested DOJ is August, that is still valid right?

Thank you very much! Hello Ms. Kara, its me again. I would like to ask if during the FI in Emirates, the recruiter will ask you of your preferred DOJ? If yes, will they find it odd (to the point of hurting my chances) if I choose a date that is six months away from the FI?

I will be enrolled in a course that will last for six months and I was wondering if Emirates will be understanding of that? Or will that mean that they will put me in the last priority during the Golden Call? Thank you! Maria, it is not odd to give them a date of joining further down the line. There are many candidates with ongoing personal or professional commitments.

Your Golden Call will probably be in the same time with the rest of the candidates participating in the assessment, however they will not proceed with your visa and security clearance until you are closer to your preferred date of joining.

hi kara h r u? Can i ask you a question i went to an OD for EK and i received an invitation to the AD i look at my application status online i found my application is still (application received) but there is another one that i didn’t see it before (unsuccessful) i am really confused now cause they already send me an invitation email is is an mistake or what?!!

Thereza, cabin crew are not permitted to wear braces, so if you decide to participate in the recruitment event, you must remove them or be able to advise them when the braces will be removed.

There are no open days organized in Dubai for non-arabic speakers. There are only assessment days for which you will be invited if your online application is shortlisted. So that is your first step: apply online. hi kara hope u r well i went to the OD with fly emirates in dubai but the requireter didn’t ask me about the tattoo or if i applied before for cabin crew with them she only asked me how long i have been here in dubai and why ?is it means that iam rejected or what ?and when will they contact me?

PLease kara can you enlighten me! Hello Kara, My daughter has just turned 21 and is planning to attend the next open day for emirates in NZ where she resides. I would like to know that since we (her parents) are residing in Dubai, will this affect her prospects of getting selected.

She also has some acne problem which can be concealed by makeup, however will this affect her chances? Thank you and best wishes Burjor Burjor, a candidate’s parents country of residence is an irrelevant detail for the recruiters. This topic doesn’t really come up in an interview. They care more about whether your daughter has the skills required for this position: team player, customer focused, empathetic and kind. Her acne is also not a problem as long as it is not visible under the makeup.

Good luck 🙂 Hello Kara. Your website is real good for those desiring to get into cabin crew. I see you’ve put much effort into guiding people and sharing all that you know and I appreciate it.

Well, I have a few doubts and need your views and advice. I’m based and working in Muscat,Oman. Keeping the minimum requirements for a flight attendant job in mind, I have applied in all the 3 Airlines in their respective websites submitting my CV. How long do they generally take to get back to us and also do they hold recruiting events here in Oman too or just selected places in the Middle East?.

I’m certain that i am a perfect candidate for the job but i need to meet them personally at such events because i can’t completely rely on waiting for a reply by email if I’m correct and so the reason for me asking you about recruitment in Oman. Also i plan on visiting UAE sometime in April this year and taking part in any of the events held during the month.

What do you think about it?.. I believe that you will provide me the necessary info and many thanks Kara! Cheers! Hi Mathew, All 3 airlines have regular assessment days organized in their base city. Recruitments in Muscat are not scheduled often, so it is good that you are willing to travel. Etihad and Qatar Airways take 2 weeks – 1 month to answer on your application, Emirates is taking slightly longer, 6 weeks-3 months. Wishing you the very best 🙂 hi kara h r u?i want to ask u something i an here in dubai and iread there is an event for fly emirates on 18/jan but after their site has changed i really don’t know is it an AD or an OD ihave already applied online but there is no even a confirmation email from them as usual and the job status is (active) and the submission status is (application received) WHAT DOSE IT MEAN?!

Please tell me Ho Nour. Here are the details from Emirates new website When: Saturday 18th January 2014, 1400hrs – 1700hrs Where: CV DROP OFF – ARABIC SPEAKERS ONLY, Auditorium, Second floor from Entrance, New Emirates Head Quarters, Al Rashidiya, Dubai. You can go ahead with your CV. If you are successful, they will call you for an assessment day.

If however your online status changes to ‘Not shortlisted’ , you need to wait for another 6 months. Hey kara! I applied for etihad and had my assessment day in July 2013. I passed the final interview and got my acceptance email but then something went wrong and got an email that my clearances werent ok and i couldnt join I want to apply again, should I?

Its been almost six months. What do you suggest? I also noticed that If i want to apply again I should sing up with a different email account. Hi, Kara! 🙂 I would like to ask a question about body marks… I do not have tattoos or piercings, and I don’t have birthmarks – not that I know of, at least. However, some time ago I discovered a little mark in my arm, like a hyperpigmentation mark, which is a rather small circle, and you have to pay a lot of attention to be able to see it.

But it’s not a scar and it’s not something I came with when I was born, so I suppose it’s not considered a birthmark? Another question is: do I have to mention that at the interview? And finally: Would that prevent me from getting the job?

(it’s not very visible and it depends on the light you see it with. I will go to the doctor to see if I can use some kind of cream to remove it, but anyway in the meantime I will go to interviews, so that’s why I’m a bit worried). Thanks a million! 😀 Hello there. I just want to know that i’ve gain a chef diploma but wanted to become a flight attendant. I’ve also done 2 years of course in hospitality management but sad to say couldnt finish it because basically hospitality course is a 4 yr course.

And i also dont dont know how to swim. And no work experience yet. So is it possible to apply for flight attendant job? Pls reply. Tnx Jasmine, you must look at the minimum requirements for the flight attendant position.

Every airline is different. Etihad, Emirates and Qatar do not require previous experience nor any studies except a high school diploma. You need however to be comfortable enough in water and be able to swim with the aid of a flotation device (life jacket).

The surest way to know is by applying online. Good luck! Ello there! so grateful for all the info & guidelines .Just wondering how i can start getting the online notifications on the open days…Currently living & working in AD and all my friends keep telling me to apply. apparently i look the part. oh and how i can apply online to be invited for assessment days and such…. Hi Christine, you must go online to the careers webpage of the airline you are interested in and create an online application.

If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to participate in an assessment day. If you are interested in Etihad, there are 3-4 assessment days organized every month in Abu Dhabi. All the best 🙂 Hi kara your site is really helpful to me. I am a filipino who’s dreaming to become a flight attendant someday. But the only problem is i have 1 front tooth that has been restored i believe that all of the airlines are very strict when it comes to teeth, and it really breaks my heart and cant help but cry.

I am really afriad to apply even though i have the looks the height and the knowledge to became a flight attendent since i took up Tourism Management couse and had an OJT to some airlines.

I hope you could help me. Hey Kara! Thank you for your amazing advice! I have a question for you. In July 2013 I attended and AD day for Etihad. I was succesful(got the email and and all) but something went wrong with my clearances. I was brutally honest on my Medical form and I guess it was that. So, my question is, should I bother applying again? Do they keep records of all succesful candidates? If I can apply again, when should I? Looking forward to your answer. HI Marilena. It all really depends on what was the cause of your rejection.

If there was something you cant receive medical treatment for, or a pre-existing condition that will stand in your way of safely and efficiently perform the cabin crew duties, it will not be possible for you to join the airline. They do keep a record of all candidates. I am sorry about that! Dear Kara, can you please help me with some information regarding the service letters? I have 2 service letters from the same company with the same official letterhead because I have worked in different positions in different departments but in the same company: in Food & Beverage and in Tourism Agency.

One service letter is signed by the Director of Human Resources and the other one is signed by the General Manager. Is this ok? Or should I bring two service letters from two different companies? Because in this case I should bring another service letter from University where I have made my internship as a trainer.

The second question: The two employers from the service letters should be the same with the ones mentioned in the Reference Contacts point 1.4 from the Registration form? Thank you very much for your help. Hey Aster. The assessment day has limited participants.

When the planned number of candidates is achieved, no more applications will be accepted. For such as popular location as Ethiopia, try to apply online in time, usually 1 or 2 months before the event, or create a general application to be considered for the future events organized in your country.

You can not participate in the assessment day without having an invitation to attend. Hi Kara, I have an OD here in Australia next few weeks and is currently doing up an online registration for Emirates. I was wondering if i can somehow contact you about my resume? Its 3 pages long!! I just want you to have a lil look to see if its ok and appealing.

I have been researching alot about FA-ing but nothing came close to your page. I give ya two thumbs up for all your helpful information and indepth responses you give. I am so very grateful to have came across this page. Keep up the good work, and as us Aussies like to say, “bloody fair dinkum sheila you are mate” 🙂 Vee xo Hi Valentina (e) 🙂 Three pages is very long, especially for applying for the cabin crew position which is an entry level job. Check out this article about building a great CV.

As a general rule of thumb, it should never be longer than 1 page. There is simply no time during the Open Day to go through all the info. The recruiters spend max 2 minutes per candidate. You can also get the book ‘How to Become a Flight Attendant in the Middle East’ where you will find 3 sample CVs as well as sample job descriptions and guidelines on how to build a great application and how to ensure that your participation in the recruitment event is a success from the first try.

HI Kara!I’m 18years old, I’m moroccan but I’ve always lived in Italy, I’m in my last year of a linguistic high schol and I would like to become a flight attendant…I can spak Italian, French, German, English and arabic and I want to know what I have to do to do that, thank you anyway for this precious information.

Nermin Nermin, all the information is available in the article above. You must be 21 years old to be able to apply for the airlines in the Middle East. SO for the moment, you can either consider going to college, get a customer service job, or ideally both.

USe these years wisely. If you have a dream, nothing will stand in your way 🙂 Hi Kara, First of all I want to thank you and congratulate you for the great job you did on writing the Flight Attendant Guide, I fould it to be very useful. I wanted to ask you if there is a way to contact the girls from Romania that posted here (Miruna or Alina) or give them my email to share information on the AD. Thank you so much! Hi Kara, I am a final year Law student.

I am passionate about being an airhostess. My studies in law will get over by April’14. I have few doubts.Please help. 1) How early shall I apply so as to be at work soon after my studies(April ’14)? 2) I possess a resident visa of Saudi Arabia. Will it be of any help if i mention it in my CV when I apply for any airline in the Middle East? Thank you 🙂 Hi Nissy, You should start applying just when your studies are finished or just couple of months before that.

It can take a while for the recruitment process and I am assuming you will be busy with your final thesis. Your Saudi Arabia resident visa makes no difference when you apply to work in UAE or Qatar. If it comes up during the interview, having experience living in the Middle East is great, but it is not something that should be mentioned on your CV.

Good luck! Dear Kara, I have received today the invitation for Assesment Day from Etihad but the last available interview date is on 23 of October in Abu Dhabi but I can go to Abu Dhabi only in November. If I will wait until next month they will introduce on my careers account the new available dates in Abu Dhabi for November or what should I do to book an interview for November in Abu Dhabi?

Thank you very much. Hi Miruna, congratulations on being shortlisted 🙂 They publish the assessment dates by the middle of the current month for the next month. So by middle of October you will have the dates for November. Every month there are 3 assessment days in Abu Dhabi for the cabin crew position. Just wait until then. Good luck! Dear Kara, Thanks so much for taking time to give me a prompt reply !! You are the BEST 🙂 I will follow your advises. Just another 2 questions- 1.

I will appear the open day for emirates in 21st Sep in Geneva. Usually who comes for the recruitment, the local Emirates staff from Geneva/ Zurich office or they can be recruiters from any European locations and different nationality.

2. If a candidate gets selected in the final interview and passes the Medical test- how long does it take from the day of the final interview till landing up in Dubai for the training? Best regards Arif Dear Kara 🙂 Please accept my best wishes and reverence from Switzerland. I intend to make use of this note in an exceptionally humble manner. I would modestly like to appear my sincere and deepest gratitude to you for the superb job you are doing!! Hats off !! I have a few questions. I will be much obliged if you could kindly clarify my queries 🙂 1. I am 35 years old male, possess 185 cm height, Swiss permanent resident and Bangladeshi National.

I will be appearing the Open day in 21st September 2013 in Geneva for Emirates. I have 12 years of working experience in customer service (Event management, national level Cultural program anchor and customer service manager in state owned resort where only Head of states and diplomatic delegations are entertained.

I was also a physical fitness instructor and did some modeling for fashion industry) . For my good performance I was promoted to Hospitality and protocol officer for the Prime minister’s office.

I came across 34 different head of States and countless diplomatic delegations. As an incentive from the government, Prime Minister’s Office sent me to United Nations as volunteer for Humanitarian affairs and medical support in Côte d’Ivoire where I worked in a multinational team.

Currently I am working in a Swiss company as Client acquisition management officer. 2. MY question – is there any such thing called OVER QUALIFICATION for being a FA in Emirates or Etihad or Qatar airways? MY friends think that I am over qualified and I may not be short listed as a cabin crew.

3. I feel sad to hear that I am over qualified because I really want to be a Cabin crew and I believe that I have all the qualities to meet the requirement. What is your suggestion for me? Should I hide my qualifications and make a low profile cv if you think that over qualification is a problem ?

4. To learn the best of etiquette, I was sent to Military officers School. Do you think that my military background could be a problem? I have a clean disciplinary record in all respect and always served in customer service and humanitarian affairs, never a war. 5. My highest education level is MBA. I also have a Diploma (1 year) in Human rights.

If over qualification is a problem, should I just mention the Diploma only? 6. Out of Emirates, Etihad and Qatar air, which one is the best for flourishing professional career and has the best working environment.

I have no obligations and I am open to extensive travels and long haul flights. I speak English, French , Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Basic Arabic. I have ambition to work with the best organization. 7. As a male candidate what should be the preferred haircut for the open day? I will wear a complete suit and tie. Thanks so much for your patience and hope to hearing from you soon 🙂 Best regards Arif Hi Arif, Please see my answers below 2. MY question – is there any such thing called OVER QUALIFICATION for being a FA in Emirates or Etihad or Qatar airways?

MY friends think that I am over qualified and I may not be short listed as a cabin crew. A cabin crew is an entry level position in an airline. You might consider it due to the perks of the job, however you must be prepared with a very good answer to the question ‘Why somebody with your level of experience is considering this job? Why didn’t you apply for a higher position within the airline, etc?’ 3. I feel sad to hear that I am over qualified because I really want to be a Cabin crew and I believe that I have all the qualities to meet the requirement.

What is your suggestion for me? Should I hide my qualifications and make a low profile cv if you think that over qualification is a problem ? Absolutely not. You need to be honest and truthful in what you do. 4. To learn the best of etiquette, I was sent to Military officers School. Do you think that my military background could be a problem?

I have a clean disciplinary record in all respect and always served in customer service and humanitarian affairs, never a war. I can not answer this question for you. There will be a security clearance that you must pass in order to be granted the right to live and work in the UAE. Only the local authorities can answer this question. 5. My highest education level is MBA. I also have a Diploma (1 year) in Human rights.

If over qualification is a problem, should I just mention the Diploma only? Mention them all. Worst case scenario they will advise you to apply for a different (higher) position. 6. Out of Emirates, Etihad and Qatar air, which one is the best for flourishing professional career and has the best working environment. I have no obligations and I am open to extensive travels and long haul flights. I speak English, French , Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Basic Arabic. I have ambition to work with the best organization.

All three airlines are excellent both for their customers as well as their employees. YOu will have equal opportunities regardless which airline you choose to apply for.

7. As a male candidate what should be the preferred haircut for the open day? I will wear a complete suit and tie. Short and neat is always the best. I’ve been selected for an AD for Etihad Airlines.

Can anybody tell more about the swimming test? On their site it is written ” Must be confident in water and be able to swim with the aid of a flotation device.”, but in their invitation they wrote “able to swim 25 m without any flotation device”…so which is which? I want to know, because I just learned how to swim and I don’t have the strength to swim 25 m, 15 maybe…but not 25…That’s the only thing that is bothering me.

Hi Kara, I have finally received my invitation for the assessment with emirates airline 🙂 Am I supposed to bring any documents on that day, e.g. my diploma, passport pictures or something like that?

And in case of employment, will I be regularly registered by the airline company through the local employment office in my home country or…? Thank u for your response 😉 Hi Yasmin, congratulations for getting shortlisted.

You need to be prepared with all documents for the last stages of the assessment. Have with you: -Copies of your CV – 2 -Passport photos -6 -Full length photo in business attire – 2 -Full length photo in casual attire – 1 -Copies of your highest educational diploma and other certificates -Copy of your passport For the initial stage you only need your CV and the photos, but it is always better to be prepared 🙂 As for the employment, you will be registered in Dubai and no longer with your local employment office.

Look for information if your country has tax agreements with United Arab Emirates or you will need to declare and pay taxes for your salary in your country. Good luck! Hi Kara, I was invited to an AD with Etihad Airways and I need some help 🙂 I have to bring two service letters from current or previous employers.I am currently working for my family’s company, which means that the letter should be written by my mother or father, and that would make them my referees.

Is that a problem? And besides, do the letters have to be written necessarily in English ? Because the employers might not know this language. Thank you! Rachid, the invitation to the assessment day is received after the airline screens your application. It can take anything between couple of weeks to couple of months. First step, you need to apply online. It is not possible to apply today for an assessment that happens tomorrow. Create the online application in time, and you might receive an invitation for the next recruitment drive in your area.

Tariq, it really depends on how many people show up for the Open Day. If there aren’t that many, the assessment day may be in continuation of the Open Day (right after you drop off your CV, you will wait in the hotel to be notified if your CV was shortlisted). If there are a lot of people present, you will be notified by the end of the day for the assessment day that will take place the next day. So it will be either August 31st or September 1st and the final interview 1 day after.

Hi Kara. left u a msg few days ago about medical result for Qatar Airways well…to b honest..there’s nothing much r that bad in my medical result BUT i do have short sight…is that possible for them to fail me ? seriously…this bad experience do really upset me and do stop me trying other airlines pls gimme some advice..

Cyrus Hi Kara Thanks for ur lovely and useful information here. but do u have any idea what medical requirement they do need in Qatar Airline? I have gone thur ALL of their screening and interview…but til i sent for the medical check-up upon their request. they send me an upset and heartbreaking news. :((((( im sooo upset as that’s actually a last straw and i dont know what is the reason..

pls give me some hints so i will pass in the next airline. Cyrus Hi Kara, I just have a question. I have applied for Emirates Cabin Crew, and noticed that there is a Open Day in my area coming up later this month. I have applied for it on their website, but I am not sure if you need to be invited to the Open Day or you can simply go? I absolutely LOVED your 25 Questions and Answers guide, has helped so much! If you could get back to me that would be great 🙂 Thanks Hello Kara, nice to hear from you, thank you for your support 🙂 I have already read a lot of articles and discussions about it so I am sometimes confused for what kind of reasons they send people away, they said that those active people were sent away and quiet people passed and maybe its only subjective feeling.

Yes, I will apply for Etihad and Qatar too, I am afraid of their question if I have applied for another airline, why I have applied, what airline etc….I know that I can apply but I don´t want to show myself in bad light. And psychometric test.. my nightmare, I am stressed out from it. When I have found your website tt was like I have found a treasure! Have a nice day 🙂 Titi, Your answers are exactly what you choose to share with your potential employer.

I am not encouraging you to lie, however if your want to avoid this question (did you apply for any other airlines) you can always say no. The psychometric test is the easiest part of the assessment. It targets your personality and that is something you can’t change or learn.

If you are not convinced that you are a perfect fit for this job, it will show during the interview, and the result will not be positive.

Try to work a bit on your mindset and confidence. -Kara Hey Titi, Can I ask why are you becoming less confident? It is supposed to be the other way around.

The more you learn what to expect and what is expected from you, the more confident you should become. 🙂 You can also try applying for Etihad and Qatar Airways. Don’t forget that your confidence and attitude will be what makes the difference during the recruitment process. -Kara Hi i’ve been trying to join Etihad Airlines as Cabin Crew. I was born and brought up in the U.A.E, Abu Dhabi, so i don’t think there will be a problem joining Etihad.

I’m just worried about one thing. i don’t reach 210 without shoes. Is it okay if i am an inch shorter? is it acceptable or will there be a problem? Hi kara, How are you? My name is Rehana…….. Am completed my diploma in frankfinn institute of hostess training on June 2012. trying to get cabin crew job but i don’t know where we need to apply for that interview….well communication skills…………have passport….Please help me to get cabin crew job.

Thank You…. Hi Rehana, From your diploma, I am assuming that you are in India. All recruitment in India is organized in conjunction with a local agency (same company that handled your training) called Frankfinn Management Consultants.

You will need to contact them to get more details about the upcoming interviews. -Kara Hi Kara, I attended a Cambridge English Advanced class for a while at a Cambridge examination center in my town and then took the exam to obtain the CAE certificate.I successfully passed it, but at grade B.

Should I mention it in my resume when applying for a FA position or not ? I must say that the advanced English course for Cambridge did help me interact more with others, work in a team and so on.I was exceptional at Speaking-the assessors said so-which was an important part of the exam. Hello kara, I’ am a nurse and i resigned from my job 2 weeks ago because i was planning to pursue my long lost dream of becoming a flight attendant.i don’t have any idea at first of what to do before applying in different airline companies.

But as I came through your website and read your articles I was enlightened and I’m thankful for sharing your wisdom about this promising career that most people are aiming for.I know it will not be easy but I will always remember all the helpful tips that you shared to all aspiring Flight Attendants.

Thank you and Godbless Dear Kara, By chance I found this website, it is truly very interesting and helpful to the one who are seeking for the job as a flight attendant. Thank you so much for all the useful information and guidelines you have provided to us. I am a male Vietnamese national, currently working for Qatar Airways as a Airport Service Agent. I have a dream of becoming a FA for long time now, but I have never think I could meet the requirements as I am only 164 cm tall and I am already 35 year old now.

However I can reach comfortably to the overhead cabin and other positions where the FA were required to do while perform their duty (but sometimes I still need to stand on my tiptoe – with B777-300.) Except from the above weakness. I have good experience in customer services (5 years in Dubai for a famous five star Hotel) and 03 years working for Qatar Airways as a Ground Staff…I have a good health and I also a Bachelor of Tourism Culture.

With some of the above information I dont know if I am qualified for the job as I am still thinking that, the appearance of the FA is a big asset. The recruiters from Qatar Airways is going to my home town soon for selecting new staff, should I try to apply? and It would be an advantage or disadvantage for me when they know that I am moving from one to an other position in the same company?

Kindly give me your advise!.. Thank you so much Kara !!! Hi Pham, It sounds that you have amazing experience. The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the mental barriers you are creating. If you meet the minimum requirements (21 years old, fluent in English, high school graduate, no tattoos, physically fit), you should by all means give it a try. If you make it, it will be wonderful.

If you don’t, you will at least gain a great experience and you will not live your life wondering what would have happened if you only tried. During the interview however try not to appear dissatisfied with your current role within the company. Formulate an answer as in why are you considering a career change. Wishing you the very best, -Kara Dear Kara, I am preparing for the upcoming Open Day in Canada and had a few questions: -How should the casual photo look like?

What is allowed to wear? I was thinking of a knee length dress. Is color allowed here? -What is a service letter and what should it contain? -Should we also bring a cover letter with us to the Open Day and hand it in together with the CV? -Are the photos submitted with the CV or only during the final interview stage?

Thanks so much!!!!! 🙂 Hi Alexis, here are the answers to your questions. -How should the casual photo look like? What is allowed to wear? I was thinking of a knee length dress. Is color allowed here?

Absolutely. Color is great. Rule of thumb is to provide a photo is a more relaxed setting, but never forget that you are giving it to your potential employer. No smoking, drinking or revealing clothing should be displayed in this photo. -What is a service letter and what should it contain? This is provided by your current or previous employer and it should state the position you held within the company and the period of time you spent doing that job.

It should have the details of the company, as well as an official seal. -Should we also bring a cover letter with us to the Open Day and hand it in together with the CV? It is not necessary. For the Open Day you only need a latest copy of your CV and 2 passport photos. Have with you the full length business attire photos as well.

Sometimes the recruiters ask for it. -Are the photos submitted with the CV or only during the final interview stage? The passport photos are required during the first stage.

For the Final Interview stage you will receive the specific documents you need to provide the next day. This is when you will need the rest. Fingers crossed for you, I am sure you will do great 🙂 -Kara Hi, dear Kara.

Thank you for all your advices, you do amazing job explaining us how to make our dream to become flight attendants come true! I am very worried because I`m 159 cm tall and I can reach 212 cm but I`ve been told that sometimes they put the mark higher than 212 cm and I really can`t reach it in that case.

Are they going to send me home if I can`t reach more than 212 cm? My second question is about eyesight , I have – 5,25 diopters, that`s much and maybe I`ll fail the medical exam, what do you think?

I really want this job but I have to wait until 2015 before applying because I`m not 21 yet. I have no idea if they are going to recruit so much after 4 years!

If you have some information about that , please help me :)) Thank you so much! Annie Hi Anie, The height requirement is 212cm. They will not put the mark higher than that.

As for your eye sight, as long as your vision is corrected and you are comfortable wearing contact lenses, it will not be a problem. The expansion plans will continue for the years to come. Prepare and make sure that by the time you can go to the interview you will be the best possible candidate: learn a new language, enhance customer service skills by doing part time jobs or volunteer work.

-Kara hi kara i m aymen from tunisia 28years old i start this month working as flight attendant in pullmantur air spanich company and i have CFS with this company my qualif machine in 747,now i would like to continue my dream with find job with qatar airways really i like a lot this company,can you help me to find;) Iam 25yrs old,Iam married and a mother of 03yr old baby….But still maintain the look……..I had completed BBA and Diploma in Avation…I had not treid for any airlines yet but have 05yrs of experience in hotel field as well as Customer service Field………..Can I try for Airlines….Its my dream job………but have a doubt since iam married.Please help me @Aaru, Marital status is not something that makes you a better or a worse performer.

Marital status comes into equation only when dealing with the irregular schedule and long time away from home. Also for the Middle Eastern airlines, you will be offered a single status contract, meaning that your spouse and child can’t come to live with you in the (shared) company provided accommodation. You can apply for the allowance to live outside the accommodation after the first 6 months of probation. So… Can you try for the airlines? It is really up to you to decide.

-Kara Hi Kara my name is Meryem JAWHAR, and I hold the moroccan nationality , I got a message on my phone from qatar airways ,that I will attend the Open Day interview on the 23Th June 2013, at SHERATON Hotel Casablanca; Can I ask you the specific document that I must bring for the Open Day because the told me that they have been sent to my email but i don’t get it can you send me the time exact and documents?

Tks u Hi Kara ! I love your site, it is very informativ. And i am delighted to know that i have basic requirement to bacome a flight attendent but i have one problem. You see i am muslim and i wear a hijab (not on the face only the hair) so i was wondering if i have a chance to work in Emirates, Etihad or Qatar Airways?.

I heard i can work in Saudiarabien Airlines with my hijab but i am not interested in there. So do i have a chance? Hi Najmo, It’s great you want to be a flight attendant, but Emirates, Etihad or Qatar Airways’ uniform for the flight crew does not include the hijab.

The only airline that accepts the hijab is Saudi Airlines. There are a lot of girls who remove the hijab when going to work. If this is something you might consider, then you can apply.

-Kara Dear , my name is Ghada Mounir, and I hold the Greek nationality , and I am currently in Sydney , therefore I will attend the Open Day interview on the 15th June 2013, at Radisson Blu Hotel Sydney; Can I ask you the specific document that I must bring for the Open Day , and the Photos, kindly specify how the photos should be.

and How many photos? should I apply online before the open day? as I tried so many times trough the website but I couldn’t. I Do speak many languages: Arabic, Greek, Spanish and French and I am 170cm , but I am 35 years old thank you Ghada Hi kara… This is suraj from india.

Basically kara i just wanted to know some basic tackling questions for the recruitment process Does a person may get a break into emirates as a cabin crew if he/she is 1.currently running in 21 years of years? 2.height for boys 5’6 is fair enough? 3.weight between 55-60kgs in good? 4.does excluding english other languages also we have to speak?

5.the person who is totally fresher in any job they can also get a break? 6. Does after the selection some donation or charges the airlines may ask us ?? Kara there are many more questions running in my mind. It would be gratefull if u answer some of my questions and give me some basic tips for get into aviation. 🙂 @Suraj, great questions. Please see the answers below 🙂 1.currently running in 21 years of years? You must be 21 years old at the time of your application.

2.height for boys 5’6 is fair enough? As long as you can reach 212cm on your tip toes, you are fine. 3.weight between 55-60kgs in good? You weight must be proportionate to your height: a normal Body Mass Index. You can calculate it here 4.does excluding english other languages also we have to speak? For recruitment in India, Emirates expects the candidates to speak Bengali or Persian.

5.the person who is totally fresher in any job they can also get a break? Yes 6. Does after the selection some donation or charges the airlines may ask us ??

No. You work for the airline. They are paying you a salary. It is not the other way around. Good luck! -Kara Hello Kara, I really want to become a flight attendant for the Emirates Airline and I know that having some working experience is important, altough it is not a mandatory requirement.I have some working experience, not much, but it is essential, as I worked all day long five days a week.Now I don’t have the same job because it was in a different city and I had to move back to my home town.Here, I’ve really tried to find a job but unfortunately I didn’t.There are a few job offers as iti is a small town and it really is difficult to find a place to work.Because I don’t want to stay at home and do nothing, I decided to work for my family’s small firm.The problem is that I am not actually employed, I am kind of an intern and I want to know what papers will I need to show the recruitors in case of a FI.Will a service letter/recommendation letter be enough?

I must add I also do some tutoring and, as I don’t have an actual employer, how can I prove I am tutor? Thank you, Kara, for taking your time to read my comment.You are an amazing person, so helpful and kind-hearted!

Hi Maria, Any work experience is great, even for your family, volunteer work or internships. It shows initiative and desire to do your best to succeed. A service letter is enough from your family’s firm. Also, for your tutoring, you can ask the parents to write you a recommendation letter, including a description of your tasks and their assessment of your performance.

All of this is great support to your application. -Kara Hi Kara,my name is Yonela Myataza and I’m 23 years old,I want to become a flight attendant ,I did the medical test and I’m healthy, in february this year i went for a training to a Aviation school but the problem is I did not write the big exams at CAA due to the finance,I would like to know if do you guys train someone and then work for you guys..thank you hello kara I can’t find the words to show you how greatfull i am to you… thanks for helping people everyday.

I have been to Emirates AD almost two years ago and i survived until the final interview but unfortunatly ”NO GOLDEN CALL”. Now i want to try again but not in my home coutry but am scared so my questions are: 1::: during my final interview i was asked to bring documents and since I won’t attend it in my home country i will have to prepare everything before going so if i am successfull can you please remind me what documents do i have to bring to my final interview???

Can i be penalized if one is missing??? 2:::at the biggening of my final interview the lady told me that i have a ”baby voice” wich is true. At that moment i was left in a weakened condition. Know i still wonder if it was the reason why i was unsuccessfull… Is it a problem for me to be hired??? and if i have to face this situation again how do i have to behave and what to say??? Thank once again kara. looking forward for your answer. @Mina, It is really great that you are ready and willing to try again.

This time very prepared 🙂 For the final interview, you will need to bring: DOCUMENTS Copy of your highest diploma and other training certificates (if you have any) Copy of your passport A service letter from your current or last employer, stating your position and length of service PHOTOS 6 passport photographs (make sure you are smiling) 1 full length photographs in business attire (skirt suit, skin colored pantyhose), facing the camera with the arms on your side 2 casual photographs (in a non compromising setting) You should have them all prepared before you go.

Fingers crossed, -Kara Hey Kara, First of all, congratulation for your promptitude :). I am from Romania, I was today at the Assessment Day. We had the English test and in the same we had the arm reach test and we were asked about birth signs tattoos etc. As you probably know, after that we waited half for the results to find out who will move on to the next step of the Assessment Day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. My English test was good, I am very sure of that, the problem I think was that I have a small (very small) tattoo on my leg down – it is a personal sign.

At the first interview, nobody asked me about any tattoo. In conclusion, if I am very sure that the English test was good, do you think the problem might be the tattoo? If yes, this means I could never candidate for this job again, only if I remove my tattoo? I would really need your feedback, to know what to do further. Thank you in advance :).

Hi Claudia, One of the minimum requirements for the cabin crew position is no visible tattoos while wearing the cabin crew uniform. That is knee length skirt and short sleeve blouse. Because of the tattoo on your leg, you will not be accepted for an interview.

I am sorry. If this job is truly your dream, your only chance is to consider removal. -Kara Alex, The only training supported by Etihad Airways is in their Etihad Training Academy in Abu Dhabi. You must apply online for the cabin crew position. If your CV is selected, you will be invited to participate in a recruitment event. If you are successful through all the stages of the interview and also pass the medical tests, you will be offered a contract to become a cabin crew.

The cost of training will be supported by the airline. There is no other way to become a cabin crew for Etihad. -Kara Hi Kara! I want to become a FA and work for the Emirates airline.I worked in a shop for seven months where I had to deal with customers from my country and all over the world 12 hours a day. The question is : are 7 months of working experience enough in order to be successful at the final interview ? Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to receiving your answer !

Hello Kara, I would like to know more about those medical tests that need to be done. I would be grateful if you can give me a list of them. I am interested in what condition your teeth need to be. One of my first two teeth is like 2 millimeters slightly above the other one. Is that a huge problem? And I had to remove 2 of my back teeth, it is not something you see when I smile but will sure be in the dental chart.

One more thing, I sent and e-mail because I wanted to receive those 25 questions but even after confirming on the link below they weren’t sent to me. Thank you. Hi Ivana, You can read more about what comes after the assessment day, including what medical tests you must pass here Your teeth need to be in general good condition, meaning you should not have any untreated infections or dental restoration that must be treated after you start your employment.

This is strictly an insurance aspect, as the insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions. Small dental defects are not an issue and this will not stand in your way to be successful at passing the medical tests. A new link with the 25 questions and answers was sent to your personal email. I hope it works now. 🙂 -Kara Hi Kara,thanks for your help!!i would like to ask you !! i went 2 days ago OD of Emirates!!there was lot of people about 1000!! so they didn’t call me!!

:(( but in 10 days they have another open days in other city,in Athens 9/2 if i will try there again,what you think? because i have no idea why they didn’t call me,that’s why,i even have no idea what i have to prove on myself!! i gived them my cv,but from the 1000 cv’s.i don’t belive they will remember me!!only if the AD wil come the same cabin crew staff..!!that’s bad news!!but who knows!!so tell me,do i have to try to follow my dream,is it so bad to go again there???

Hi Diana, 1000 is a lot of people. From those, I am sure that the assessors chose only the people who were extremely qualified and had lots of customer service experience. If your CV was not selected, you can participate in an Open Day any time. It is only if the CV was selected and you failed at any stage of the assessment day, you have to wait for 6 months to re-apply. Make sure you are prepared and your CV is flawless.

Read here how to build your CV and what mistakes to avoid Good luck 🙂 -Kara Hi kara, I am planing to apply for etihad airways soon ,but I have tow questions: -How the English test looke like? -I am 28 years old, married and I have five years experience with Qatar airways, do you think I can make it?

The reson why i am asking is that I got terminated from my Companny six months ago Thank you Hi Kara! First of all, I would like to thank you for all the useful informations you have put up here for us.

It’s really detailed and simple to understand. By the way, do Qatar Airlines allow arm reach test of 212cm with one arm or both arms? I can only reach with one hand but if I stretched out with both hands, I can’t. Have a nice day 😉 Thank you so much. Dear Kammi, I am glad that I can be of help to you. As far as the arm reach goes, it really depends on each assessor. Sometimes, when they see you can barely make it with one arm, they will ask you to try with both arms.

Some other times they just let you try with one arm and if you can reach it, you pass. 🙂 Keep on stretching though, the arm reach is something that can be improved with exercise. Good luck at the interview, -Kara Hi Kara I’ll get straight to the point. I have a question – I’ve been recently accepted to become a cabin crew on an international airline. Now, my medical is on Tuesday (tomorrow on the 27th) and I was wondering what’d it’d be like. I have a VSD but successfully closed because of my open heart surgery when I was 2 months old (I’m 23 now).

I lead a healthy lifestyle and have had no major problems with my life. I do regular check ups, but the last one was almost last year! So… if you cane be kind enough to give a friendly (or proffesional) advice on my current situation, I’d be very happy! Basically I’m just asking whether it would be ideal for me to continue to be a Flight Attendant? Do you know anyone else with my condition and is working as a cabin crew? Many thanks in advance! Dear Niko, First of all congratulations for passing your interview!

That is a great accomplishment. As for your medical condition, the only qualified individual to assess your situation is an aviation doctor. You say that your VSD was solved and it did not impact your adult life and normal development, so that should not stop you from performing this job.

However, the honest thing is that this work puts a strain on your body: from the long hours spent standing, different cabin pressure, lower levels of oxygen and humidity than on the ground and the hectic schedule of day and night flying.

For all the benefits and incredible perks of a job, there will always be a downside, and this is the one here. It is ultimately your decision, and I strongly recommend you see an aviation doctor and ask all your questions. All the best, -Kara Thanks again Kara! I’ll learn as much as i can! I want to specify again about the recruitment process – if i go to an Open day and i am not asked for the Assesment day at all, do i have to wait again 6 months or not?

otherwise i absolutely agree that u have to improve yourself and this requires time ( although 6 months are a lot of time:( but it’s their rule and there is nothing to be done ). @Luba, If you just hand over your CV and it is not accepted, you can of course try again whenever you wish.

That is provided you did not apply online. Once you do that, you application dates will be monitored. When you participate in the assessment day, even if you fail the first stage, there is a 6 months waiting period.

🙂 -Kara Hi Kara, Thanks again – i did the test and i am very hopeful now because the result was advanced:) I have two more questions: Is it true that if u r not asked for AD by Emirates u don’t have to wait 6 months and u can go to the next OD earlier? I have silicone in my lips and couple of people told me that this might a problem, is this true?

I mean i know that it’s not very goob,but i was asked for QR AD so i hope that if i am good enough and they like they will take me and this won’t be an obstacle? Thank u for ur answers in advance! Luba Luba, to answer your questions, yes, it is true that if your are not successful in any of the stages of the Assessment Day you can not reapply within 6 months.

This makes sense, because if you need to improve any skills, you will not be able to do so in couple of weeks. Use the time wisely and learn about what does it take to be successful in the interview process. As for your lips, if your appearance is overall pleasant, there should not be any issues with it.

And well done with your English test 🙂 -Kara Hi, I’ve been dreaming about this job for maybe a year nad a half and after two unsuccessful attempts i’ve realised that you have to be really well prepared for this companies ( and they definetely the places where i want to go ).

I am very glad that i’ve discovered this site and i am sure it will be very useful! One of my biggest concerns is my english level ( i am working on this and i will do what is necessary so that i improve it to the requested levels. I saw in the article above that i can check my level somewhere here but i can’t find exactly where. Can u help me with this? Thanks a lot! Hi Kara! I just can’t believe I found this page, first I want to thank you this is a very completed site!… My dream is to become a FA, i’m from Colombia and I’m really interested to apply for Fly Emirates, I’m a little short, my question is if i have to reach 212cms with both arms or just one, because with both arms i only get to 209cms, but we one i get 213cm… and God bless you girl, you’re helping so many people!!!… Hi Vanessa 🙂 At the Emirates interview they will ask you to reach with one arm or with both (if you can).

Minimum requirement is at least one arm and at least one finger. Just make sure though that your finger reaches over the mark on the wall. Qatar Airways and Etihad might ask you to reach with one arm and then with both to see if you can do it. Keep on stretching every day, it really is possible to improve your arm-reach. Good luck and keep up posted on how it goes at the interview, -Kara Hi Diana, If your online application did not receive any response, then you may want to look into the possibility of participating at a recruitment event – an Open Day, whenever these are organized in your country.

However, if your application did not receive any response, I recommend that you re-build your resume and make it look more appealing so it will have a chance during the selection process.

Here is how to build a CV And here is the list of airline with each Open Days or Global Assessment Days Good luck 🙂 -Kara Hi Kara, I truly enjoy reading your blog and you have provided a thorough information with regards to becoming a flight attendant.

Before I ask you a few questions, I would like to thank you for putting so much effort into formulating various articles in this blog that have benefited everyone in succeeding their goals. My questions: 1) Have you met any short FA girls at Emirates or any Middle Eastern Airlines?

I understand that most middle eastern airlines would require you to reach 212 cm (on tip toes). I am only 5’0 and that is (150-152.4 cm, I think). I haven’t tried marking the wall and reaching 212 cm yet as I don’t want to disappoint myself and which would only stop me from applying or attending the OD in my home country. I was watching some videos on youtube (flight attendants on different airlines) I have seen some short girls that are about my height.

2) Do all Middle Eastern Airlines require you to swim? I am particularly interested to join Emirates Airlines – do they test your swimming skills? I asked one of my friends who works as FA with Emirates Airlines re if swimming is a must skill. She told me that 4 years ago during her DOJ there was no swimming test and she also said that Emirates does not require you to be able to swim at all.

I also checked Emirates website under requirements it does not specify that you must be able to swim. So what do you think Kara?

3) Kara, I would like to know if you are still working as FA until now? If yes, which Airline? That’s all for now, I hope you can answer all my questions and thank you once again for taking the time to read my comments and questions.

I look forward to read your answers. Dear Maddie, To answer your questions: 1. Your height is not really that important. What is crucial however is your arm reach. When interviewing for a flight attendant position, you will be tested for an arm reach of 212cm for Emirates and Qatar Airways and 210cm for Etihad. The reason for this is purely safety related: you must be able to reach the safety equipment located in the upper storages, as well as being able to close all the over-head compartments where passengers store their luggage.

2. In terms of the initial requirement, only Etihad requires its cabin crew to be able to swim 25m. Emirates and Qatar Airways do not, however you will have to show that you are comfortable in water during the initial training as you will need to do a simulation of evacuation on water.

It will all be in a pool and you will be wearing a life jacket. 3. I worked in aviation for 7 years, and now FlightAttendantCentral website is my full time job.

I hope this helped and I wish you good luck 🙂 -Kara this is just what i need have been living in the state of worries and confusion, thousands of questions like how do i get there, what do i need to get there and so on keep my heart burning day by day now i think i can start from somewhere thanks to who so ever has brought this up.

keep it good work going. regards HI, I’m originally from Eastern Europe, but I live and study in the US. I’m studying general business, but I’m not enjoying it as much as I was thinking I would.

I started daydreaming about becoming a flight attendant. Since I was a little girl it was my dream,however I convinced myself that my chances of getting in were really low, so I put my dream aside and started college. After talking to few friends who recently became flight attendants I became interested in becoming one too. However, my friends are flight attendants for Emirates Airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines. They both love and enjoy it.

Since I’m in the states and not in the same position as my friends were I’m wondering if American Airlines hire international crew, or do I have to be a citizen to be eligible to apply for position? Dear Vanessa, Here at Flight Attendant Central we are only talking about the airlines in the Middle East, such as Emirates, Etihad or Qatar Airways. I did some research for you however and I found that US carriers accept applicants that possess and maintain a valid United States passport or foreign passport.

Applicants must have the right to travel freely in and out of the United States, to and from all cities served by the airline. American Airlines is not currently hiring cabin crew and your best chance is either with a regional airline or with a foreign airline, but that assumes that you relocate. Wishing you good luck! -Kara Hi Amber, A tattoo on your lower back should not be a problem. Airlines have a problem with tattoos showing out of the uniform, meaning: – tattoo is located above your neck – on your arms (visible when wearing a short-sleeved blouse) – on your legs (visible when wearing a skirt) The question comes at the first interview.

You will have to be honest about it, tell them if you have tattoos and where are they located on your body. There have been incidents when people have been sent home during their training and medical tests because they had tattoos that were visible while wearing the uniform and they never said a word about it.

Better be honest! Good luck!

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