Best dating cities in europe to travel with baby

best dating cities in europe to travel with baby

Best Advice for Vacationing in Europe with a Baby. You recently traveled internationally with your little one for the third time. Tell us where you were headed and what the travel entailed. We traveled internationally with our baby daughter, Alaria, at 3 months, 6 months and most recently at 9 months. Our recent trip was overseas to Italy and Germany One of the best parts of traveling with a baby is the royal treatment: priority lines at the airport, jumping the queue at the car rental office and people’s willingness to help you. One of the challenges we encountered with her was jet lag and her schedule being off. But don’t stress about routine, as babies are very resilient!

best dating cities in europe to travel with baby

Tell the world you’re about to head off and travel with your kids and you’ll often get one of two reactions. The first? “Wow.” The second? “Are you crazy?” But as all travel-keen parents know, itchy feet don’t disappear because you have a kid or two (or more!) in tow.

At we’ve searched high and low to bring you 50 of The Best Family Travel Blogs on the planet that every parent should follow. So if you want to travel with kids, you’ve come to the right place! From experts at navigating airports with young children to families of boundary-pushing adventurers and global nomads, you’ll find loads of the best family travel tips, tricks and get up and go in our 50 top family travel blogs.

Are they inspiring? We think so. Are they crazy? You decide! Either way, dust off your passport, and happy travels!

The 50 Best Family Travel Blogs Every Parent Should Follow (To Travel The World With Their Kids) Why this made the list: Caz and Craig are a dynamic Aussie couple and travel addicts from way back. They’ve lived in five countries, and adventured across 52 – and counting! The pair travel with their two daughters and emphasise that – kids or no kids – life doesn’t need to fit in a box. Want to travel on a dime? Make memories in a country you know nobody?

Or just create lifelong memories with your family? This is the couple that helps over 310,000 visitors to their blog each month do just that. “We caught the travel bug 16 years ago, and have been traveling on-and-off ever since. It’s our absolute passion to help others follow the same bliss.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: With two young kids, this Canadian couple decided to make travel a priority, even though their home base, Vancouver, is an inspirational home base.

With over 65 countries and territories under their belts in the last ten years, they’ve now exchanged their dusty backpacks for large wheelie suitcases to accommodate their family for four.

We recommend checking out their post with tips on how to balance work, family and travel – good sensible advice for those who sometimes feel travel with kids is all too hard. “We go to work every day, like most people, but we choose not to sacrifice travel for work, and vice versa.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: A family of four spends three years traveling 17,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina – on bicycles!

Oh yes, and the kids were in third grade. Need we say more? The Vogel family’s epic adventure is inspiration for everyone who’s ever wondered what’s possible with children in tow. Check out the website for pics, inspiration for families and tips on cycling with kids. “We believe everyone can (and should) pursue their passion and follow their dream – wherever it may lead.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: This travel blog has grown with Heather’s family – it started out focusing on spots within driving distance of their California base.

Now, as the children grow (she has two teens and a five year old), the clan is jaunting further afield and are currently travelling 100 days a year to round out the family wish list. Also interesting – this family of vegetarian and vegan travellers don’t do things on a budget: “We want wonderful experiences and are willing to pay for it,” writes Heather.

“Family is everything and life is meant for adventures!” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: The fact that there’s not just one, but many Traveling Moms posting here means this family travel blog is packed with tips, tricks and destinations from experienced travellers and writers.

Editor-in-Chief Cindy’s children (now teens) have travelled with her since they were preschoolers, while other ‘traveling moms’ focus on everything from cultural heritage to national parks and getting a bargain on the road.

Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : PSSST. How are those itchy feet going? Why this made the list: With 2.5 years of non stop travel under their belts already, this family of global nomads was originally from the UK before they emigrated to Australia’s beautiful Port Douglas in 2007. However, itchy feet reigned and the family set off in 2013 for an epic roadtrip that covered Malaysia, Thailand, Loa, Sri Lanka, England and Wales – and that’s even before their feet hit the ground in North America.

As well as blog posts about their adventures, families heading off to travel for an extended period can read about how this family has homeschooled on the road (it’s going well and they’ve no plans to stop any of the above while there are mountains to climb, cultures to explore and great food to enjoy). Inspiring! “A lot of people find the idea of setting out into the world with a backpack a little scary.

Add children to the picture and it can look impossible. We know it’s not” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Jamie’s approach – to see and laugh about the funny side of travel can’t be faulted.

She’s right – there IS one (and if you don’t see it, you will after the fact, we promise.) With tips for family travel on everything from ‘dude ranches’ to llama trekking, there’s plenty of good fodder for humour in this entry to our best family travel blogs list, but it’s not all a laugh a minute: we find Jamie’s entertaining posts great to read, with loads of great family travel tips woven in. As you’d expect – this mum has been to 4 continents, 20 states and 22 countries with her kids.

“I see and blog about the funny side of family travel. Yes, there is one.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Camping and cruising, roadtrips and Redwoods, Seattle-based mum Kim’s beautifully laid out site, Stuffed Suitcase makes for great reading. Between the (mostly US) destination posts are some solid family travel tips on the practicalities of travel with kids – including on how to pack the car on that all important roadtrip. For a sneak peek into Kim’s life back home with her husband and two daughters, explore her “life between trips” section.

“We’re not a family who dreads packing or planning for trips. I actually start to get an itch if I don’t have a trip on my books to research, plan, and book.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : (She’s right – that travel itch really does need to be scratched regularly! ) Why this made the list: With the goal of keeping kids creative, curious and connected to the world around them, Edventures writers share tips and activities that are equally good at home as on the road.

Although the ‘formal’ travel posts here are on Kansas City, where founder Jacquie (an outdoor enthusiast) is based, parents will find posts like the one on nature activities for kids, and ‘what to do over the winter break” will help you bring a holiday feeling to the everyday. “I’ve realized that when kids don’t just read about things, but also get to experience them and discuss them with others, they learn so much more!” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: With blog posts on their family travels going back years, the long list of countries in the left sidebar of this huge website shows just how far and wide this family of three has travelled.

The blog posts may be less frequent now, but the archives are full, and the family is very active on twitter, as well as YouTube, where teen Mozart and long time musician (she travelled with her parents for 8 years to 47 countries and started playing the violin before she was 2) now showcases her singing and songwriting skills. Back on the website, check the family’s books list for recommended travel reads as well as books to help new destinations come alive for your children.

“[Our daughter] has been raised bilingual from birth, which has been no easy feat because her father is not a native speaker.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: As wonderful as travel with kids is, there’s no doubt that sometimes, it’s easier to stay home. But since mum Margalit decided travel was the key to helping her autistic son, she hasn’t looked back.

What’s more, she’s documented it all in what we believe is one of the best family travel blogs to follow if you have special needs kids, as she shares what she’s learned from visiting over 30 US states and 60 countries. This site is practical, comprehensive and inspiring and should be a go to resource for those with special needs kids. “[My son] was in front of me, tears in his eyes, stressing over his test the next day.

He stated meekly, “How can I memorize this, mom—do you have a mnemonic?” I looked at him and thought, “He needs to imagine these places; he needs to see, touch, smell, hear, and even taste these places. That’s the only way to make them real, that’s the only way to make him understand this material.” Website : Twitter : @autiglobetrot Most widely shared article : (60 countries!

Okay, life is NOT a race, but it does make you realise how much of the world there is to explore – ) Why this made the list: We’re not sure what really qualifies as ‘large’ families in this day and age, but regardless, it’s always impressive to find a family heading out with more than a couple of kids in tow.

World explorer Nichola has three, and they’ve gone everywhere from North Korea to the Cook Islands. Home is the UK, so expect plenty of Europe travel posts on this jam -packed blog – look out, you could end up here for hours!

“We really don’t like being tourists and love to search out the unusual.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: For over twelve years, Marina and her family have been living as expats in Central America (Costa Rica and Guatemala). In their spare time, the family of four has travelled through a good slice of this fascinating continent, including Belize, Cuba and more.

Marina shares plenty of tips on her family travel blog, but she also works as a travel consultant, helping families, honeymooners and groups visiting Central America plan the trip of a lifetime.

“The best part about being an Expat is the fact that you always have an excuse to travel!” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: If you’ve ever wished your travels had a bit more, well, “verve” you’ll love retro mum Mary’s site – particularly her travels through America in her 1950 sea foam green Bel Air, where she seeks out the quirkiest retro roadside attractions.

Part travel blog, part lifestyle blog, expect a strong dash of travel served with a slice of fashion, home design and food – a lovely family travel blog to follow. In fact, it’s the perfect retro recipe! “I really have fallen in love with the vintage lifestyle as a whole – the clothes, the home decor styles, the wanderlust, the food (well, maybe not the food).” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Mara’s approach – to bring the world to your kids and your kids to the world – has won her a loyal following since she began Mother Of All Trips in 2004.

Part travelogue, part memoir, part “meditation on motherhood” Mara throws in a spot of how to in her quest to entertain and inspire other parents to travel with children.

She’s also a keen skier – so has lots of good tips on skiing with kids. “I don’t know when or where I got bit by the travel bug – perhaps it was in Italy when I was nine? In France when I was nineteen? Or India when I was twenty nine? But having children has done nothing to cure me of it.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Ski trip? That sounds good! Or, like Mara, maybe France or Italy? (Seems both worked out for her!).

Where to go? Travel blogger Colleen’s writing hasn’t just led her around the world – it’s led her to the White House. (She was invited their a summit there on studying around, but even better – returned later for a tour of the Oval Office). An American who has also spent time living in France, Colleen now lives in Arizona with her husband, two children and two dogs.

Although she founded the site, today Colleen is just one of a team of Travel Mamas on this jam-packed family travel blog, which aims to help parents and children connect with each other and the world around them through travel and beyond.

Fun fact: The site has lots of tips on US theme parks, including Disney. “My greatest passions in life are travel, parenting, writing, teaching, and hotel pools (not necessarily in that order).” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Because sometimes, okay, often – all of us dream of being ‘location independent’, or even just being fit, healthy and jaunting about the world.

This couple doesn’t just talk about how they’ve done it – they show others how to do the same. Rob and Kim’s website is less about armchair travel or family travel than it is about changing your life to earn money wherever you’re based from (and yes, even though she’s not a key feature on the site – they have a young toddler along for the ride).

So if you feel like you need a push to change your life before you become one of those families who travel with kids seemingly non stop – check these guys out! “Our motto is “Excuses are Over. It’s Time to Live!“ Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Australian travel blogger and travel addict Sharon has visited a whopping 90 countries, many of them with her husband and two young children in tow (a third is on the way in 2016).

She recently spent 13mths in Asia and Europe with her young family and her family travel blog is packed with tips, guides and inspiration to get families travelling.

We love this site and chose it as one of our best family travel blogs because it’s comprehensive, practical and can keep you hooked for hours! “No matter where in the world we go, our kids are an incredible entry point to the local culture.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Despite openly admitting she’d love nothing better than to call her RV home, Jody’s home base is America’s Midwest (Iowa, to be precise).

A fan of travel with children, Jody is also proud to say her kids have never visited Disney – instead, her family’s travels usually involve driving, hiking and campfires, all part of Jody’s quest to help her kids grow up as free-thinking individuals who “see obstacles as opportunity”. Jody’s also a big lover of Ireland, where she visits at least once every year. “My family has been rambling since the girls were infants and in these years of travel we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a great family trip [including] how to spend days in a car without going crazy!” Website : Twitter : @Jody Halsted Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Like , Corinne (the mum behind Have Baby Will Travel) started the site when she was frustrated by the ‘scattered’ information on baby travel.

She succeeded: this site is packed with useful information for those heading off with young kids. By all accounts, Corinne doesn’t pause for breath – the Canadian blogger, magazine writer, editor in chief of The Movie Network and mum of two is also an independent travel consultant. “A lot of people thought we were nuts for taking the baby on vacation, but it was such a wonderful experience that I wanted to make it easier for other families as well.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Wow, you’re still reading and you HAVEN’T stopped to book your next trip?

Great willpower! Why this made the list: Because we applaud anyone who says travel can be both educational and fun! Mum of four from Washington DC in the US, Erin, aims for site visitors to take away more from their next vacation than “a bag full of shells and shoes full of sand”.

Although, she’s able to give tips on that too! Some great practical posts among the posts on (mostly) US destinations – look for best road trip games or how to teach your kids to be better photographers.

Fabulous! “I’m an early-riser (4:45 am on weekdays), a runner (two marathons completed)” [wow! From Sue At Babies Who Travel] Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: With the motto of ‘exit rate race, enter adventure’ this family of five are now global nomads.

The couple dropped out of the traditional nine to five over seven years ago, heading across the world with their three sons after simplifying their life, or in their words “selling our crap”. First stop was Central America, then, Southeast Asia.

The family ‘travel school’ their kids, and have some great blog posts on this as well as plenty of tips for aspiring digital nomads on this inspiring family travel blog.

“Traveling and living with kids in exotic locations, homeschooling our boys, and working as digital nomads has taught us many useful life lessons….It’s a heck of a lot more exciting than the suburban rat trap.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : (Hmm…Central America, Southeast Asia, Hawaii…they sound pretty good.

) Why this made the list: While it’s more a lifestyle blog than a straight travel blog, there are a few things we really love about this site. First, under the ‘travel’ category are plenty of family travel tips for the Boston/New England neck of the US – handy for those travelling locally. Second, we also loved the ‘Edit your life” category – handy tips for those parents keen to get rid of some life/emotional baggage and just live a better life.

No surprise when we find out who is behind the site: neuroscientist turned multimedia creative, Christine, also cowrote a book, “Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less.” “I’m passionate about the various dimensions of healthy living –nutrition,fitness, mental health.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: When searching for the best family travel blogs to follow we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss the destination specialists – particularly those who know exactly what families will love.

On this site, Jody from Family Rambling shares her love of the land of the leprechaun via travel tales, podcasts and plenty of family travel tips. “Even if you’re beyond the age when you’re “supposed” to believe in faeries, the moment you step foot in Ireland a feeling of possibility washes over you.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Who doesn’t love a luxury experience? But Mum of 3 Tamala has made it an art with this luxury family travel blog.

The North-America centric site has beautiful destinations in the US and Caribbean for those who have a few more dollars at their disposal. “Hubby and I are just two big kids, who love our children more than anything in life.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : (We know: Luxury. Budget. Who cares? You just need a holiday, right? ) Why this made the list: When Tonya started The Traveling Praters, she never intended others to read it. But the chronicles of living for 18 months in a 31-foot motor home with her husband, three homeschooled teenagers and a rescued puppy caught on with readers.

Seven years later, the blog is still going strong as Tonya prepares for life as an empty nester she’s getting ready for even more roadtrips. Readers who travel with older children will appreciate her post on travel with teens – great tips for those with teen explorers. “As my husband AND I adjust to life as empty nesters WE have big travel plans, which include a New England road trip so we can say we’ve visited 49 of the 50 states (Hawaii will have to wait), a trip to Mexico to visit our kids, and we’re gearing up for a 300-mile bike ride from Pittsburgh to Washington DC.

I hope it doesn’t kill me.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Mum of three Debbie also co-founded and co-managed , an annual bloggers fundraiser that’s already raised over $200,000 to help kids across the world.

Back on Delicious Baby, we love the travel tips section, with posts on things like how to baby proof a hotel room, and on preparing kids for travel, while blog posts and city guides are good for US travellers. Debbie also recently launched a free app called that helps families keep track of their travel wish list.

“If you’re like me, you’re always dreaming of the next trip.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : (Where have YOU been dreaming of traveling next? A Hawaiian beach? A gorgeous European city? ) Why this made the list: Heather aims to live a “no regrets” life, so with her husband and two kids, spent a year travelling the globe.

“We aren’t rich. We can’t afford to do this,” she says. But equally: “We couldn’t afford not to.” The journey through six continents and 20 countries is all here on her family travel blog, as well as more recent posts on everywhere from Ireland to Miami. “We imagined having more time to do nothing (and everything) together. We hoped that one day we’d make it happen. And then one day we decided to do it.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Now the mum of two teenage boys, Michelle and her husband relocated to the US from Dublin, Ireland, back in 1995.

They’ve since backpacked the world for a year (visiting 26 countries on four continents) and managed to squeeze extensive travel into life fulltime work live. An adventurer at heart, Michelle now takes her kids hiking in South America, scuba diving in Vietnam or trekking in Kyrgyzstan. In this entry in our best family travel blogs, we particularly like the easy to use snapshot on the homepage (simply click the country you’re interested in for a bunch of posts or her one page travel guide – perfect for time poor parents!).

“I am a technology geek at heart, and when I’m not working my day job at Google, I’m traveling.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: There’s nothing better than a good road trip.

And if you’re about to do some family travel in the USA, this blog is packed with them. Written by various family travel bloggers, there are trips on everywhere from the redwoods in California to enjoying a family-friendly Mardi Gras in Louisiana.

“Every chance we get, we load up and find somewhere to go.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: The UK based mum of one (a second is on the way) is a former adrenaline junkie. Bungee jumping, sky diving, tubing and trekking were all part of her regular travels, before her first child was born. Now, the adventures are somewhat tamer but still involve as many far-flung locations as the journalist can squeeze in. On this site, great for those with young kids, Elizabeth also writes about the personal story that has helped shape her family’s ‘live for the moment’ approach; her husband’s life threatening illness.

“There is nothing like having a brush with a life threatening illness to make you look at life differently…We believe in making the most of everyday and helping Mrs T to get the most out of her life and experience as much of it as possible. Also, we want to prove wrong those who said our lifestyle would have to completely change now we have children.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Ting from My Travel Monkey is the first to admit her life was moving along ‘textbook’ style: “I went to school, then university, travelled for a few years, got a job in publishing…” and so it goes.

But then, she realised the travel bug wasn’t going away. The blog, started to record Ting’s trips with her son “Monkey” now covers the UK based blogger’s family adventures at home and abroad. Plenty of good posts on London, the UK, Europe and Asia, just for starters. “The more I see, the more I want to see.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: A single dad traveling the world with his teen son?

Fabulous! This family of global nomads has been on the road for years, and the website (mostly by dad, Talon) is honest and inspirational in equal measure. The single parent, scuba instructor, former hospice chaplain and yes, Zen monk, has been travelling with his now teenager (Tigger), since Tigger was 9. “After years of working in intensive care, trauma and with the dying, my family and life motto became Vivez sans regrets!

(Live without regrets!)” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : (So, where’s your own next crazy adventure going to be? .) Why this made the list: “Can you really keep travelling with a child in tow?” Cathy from Mummy Travels was keen to see – so she set out aiming to travel as much as possible with her baby girl (now a toddler). Some great travel with kids checklists in there, particularly for those travelling with young kids – check out her post on essential toddler travel toys, very useful!

“I’m a 30-something travel-obsessed writer who’s never knowingly underpacked.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Well first, this has to be one of the most visually gorgeous blogs we’ve stumbled across. An airy design and big beautiful images make for a sense of “ahhh”.

Travel isn’t the sole focus of this site, founder Ashley also talks lifestyle, home and design from her Northern California base, but it’s so gorgeous you just want to snuggle up in an armchair and browse. (Travel posts are mostly US based and not all are family specific, but trust us, you’ll enjoy this site so we wanted to make sure it made our list of best family travel blogs to follow!) “Searching for flight bargains? “A little flexibility at the onset will yield the best results.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: For everyone who has ever thought, “I wonder if I really could take my kids on the road long term” this site answers with a loud “Yes!”.

Single mum Lainie and son Miro are taking on his global education through their nomadic, ongoing life on the road. The blog shares not just their adventures, but issues like unschooling, world schooling, slow travel, volunteering and living in the moment. Tip: Start on their ‘about’ page – you’ll learn lots about this inspiring traveling duo. “We are blessed to be accidental unschoolers.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: In an interweb packed with female-run travel blogs (hey, nothing wrong with that, but variety is nice too) it’s nice to give the guys a look in on occasion.

Not that Eric from Travel Babbo is on the sidelines, especially in terms of our list of best family travel blogs – he’s an uber keen traveller from way back who says like travel got even more fun once he had his wife and kids along for the ride.

Two of his kids hit Europe before their first birthdays and once they clock their fourth birthday, all three get to choose any destination in the world they want to travel to just with their dad that year. This alone is enough to make us instant fans!

“There are a lot of ways to travel with kids – the most important thing is just doing it. Book a trip and go.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : (Hey, he said it – we just happen to agree! Why this made the list: With their two young sons in tow, Chris and Rob are keen to experience the world as an LGBT family and share their adventures with the world.

The Seattle-based couple mostly post about holiday spots in their (beautiful) corner of the USA, and hikes, waterfalls and outdoor adventure feature strongly in their travel with kids tales. “We will deal with a scary room in a pinch. We will camp in odd places. We’re not afraid of taking our kids on adventures.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : The Olympic Peninsula: almost paradise in the PNW Why this made the list: This family of four is a self described ‘medley’ of Bengali, Punjabi and Yorkshire backgrounds, and parents Samiya and Ashique made sure the travels didn’t stop once the kids came along.

Their kids started traveling at 8 weeks old (if you don’t count their son’s birdwatching trip at 7 days young!) and together the four have travelled to more than 19 countries as a family. While they are northern hemisphere based, a big trip to Australia and New Zealand features heavily on the site. “We try to eat local, fly less, do car/train travel whenever possible and tread lightly on all the beautiful natural places we visit.” Website : Twitter : @rassta2014 Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: First, we love how this site looks.

Gorgeous generously sized pics make browsing the site a pleasure – reason enough to make sure it made our list of best family travel blogs. But dig deeper and you’ll find some of the Wagar family’s global jaunts to places like Canada, Chile, Colombia and plenty of countries that DON”T begin with the letter C. Don’t miss the tips and advice section – we personally enjoyed the post on helping kids find nap time on the road.

So important! (We also liked the pics of crashed out kids – inspiring for the mum of a toddler – Sue from – who is writing this post!) “We believe travel is not just a wonderful way to help our family grow, but also an unmatched educational tool to help our two young boys grow both culture and intellect.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Travel. Food. Culture. Adventure. Families. What more could a travel-keen parent want? Keryn from Walking on Travels has put together a lovely mixed bag of blog posts on everything from jet lag tips and breastfeeding on the go to destination tips on London, Seattle and Kauai in Hawaii.

She’s also keen on helping families find great travel deals, and, as part of that – plan a trip from the saving money stage to the documenting the memories on your return. “I’d rather be on a 10 hour flight with my boys than grocery shopping with them any day.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : (Couldn’t agree more about the grocery shopping.

Ditch it – !) Why this made the list: Like the Aussies, Canadians love to travel, and Cheryl’s Toronto-based family of four is no different. Their main travel focus is exploring North America and the Caribbean, in keeping with her plan to not do flights over five hours while her children are still young (aged 6 and 3 at our last count). While they’re not just showcasing Canada, it’s a great site for those traveling here – lots of family travel tips.

“I want to show my children that there’s more to life than just toys and TV shows.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: The real life mother of two ‘tweens’ is also a travel addict. But once kids came along, she struggled to balance travel and ‘real life’. The solution? The Deal Mommy – a site helping travellers get ‘the best for less’.

Note: the site isn’t all travel based tips, there are a heavy dose of ‘life’ tips in there too (but hey, who can’t use more of those?) Still, in the travel corner, we particularly enjoyed a post from the archives on whether all- inclusive resorts are a good deal (spoiler – she says no!). “I go out of my way not to move once we’re set up in a location.

This means I plan activities based on what’s a do-able daytrip from our home base, and I plan our home base based on what we want to do.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : (Speaking of deals – maybe you’ll ?) Why this made the list: Created by a mum as a family nature club, Kids Unplugged’s initial goal was to provide tips to give children (and their parents) a break from screen time by enjoying the natural world – and each other.

When her kids grew older, the site expanded, and today, Gina – a mum of three girls – shares tips and tricks for fabulous, off-the-grid travel destinations families will love. “As a mother, I quickly became aware of the amount of time children spend connected to some form of technology from a very young age–my own included.

…I knew some kind of balance was necessary.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Mum of two Leslie is a laywer by trade, a training that’s paid off for readers of her blog. Her eye for detail and love of a list pays off for readers of Trips with Tkyes, where her posts on the logistics of travel with young kids make easy reading.

A self confessed ‘miles and points addict’ Leslie also shares tips on how to make your frequent flyer points add up. Ooh – before we forget –are you heading to Disneyland with a baby? Don’t miss Leslie’s post on how to get the most out of your Disney day. “After surviving our first trip or two with an infant, we realized that we could do it. So, we simply kept doing it.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: A keen traveller and cruise lover, this Florida-based mum often jets off on trips muiltiple times a month (often with her tween-aged daughter in tow).

A particularly good site for those interested in US-based cruises, as Stefanie covers many of the major cruise lines on the site. Fun fact? Her husband is also a popular blogger in his own right – find him or “Cruising is a really awesome way to travel. If you haven’t tried it, you have no idea what you’re missing!” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: With 65+ countries under their belts, this wildly popular site showcases the travels of Aussie’s Erin and Josh who left Perth, Australia in 2012 with their two young kids and haven’t stopped yet!

The site is packed with destination info from their travels spanning South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America and frankly – enough destinations to make even the keenest family traveller’s head spin. They’re also great on ‘travel hacks’ – pro tips to help others travel better and for longer.

“Contrary to the most common question we get asked – no, we have not won lotto. We are just an who use our laptops, internet connection and a bit of creativity to keep working on the road wherever we go.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : (Bali…Who can resist? Why this made the list: There are plenty of parents who are scared to travel with just one person (we’re guessing, not you!). But twins? That’s another matter.

This family provides tips on the practicalities of travel with twins – offering advice on things like dealing with jetlag, choosing airline seats and how to pack light with twins.

(Surely a great life skill!) “Travelling with twins is in constant evolution. It presents some challenges, and isn’t as easy as travel without children, but it is absolutely doable.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Not only does UK expat Karen have twin sons, but she also has a daughter, giving this this UK expat (now resident Aussie) plenty off good material showcasing their real life adventures.

Not just a travel blog, Karen shares the family’s migration journey as well as general posts on all things family. Parents of multiples will also enjoy her ebook, titled Don’t Panic: A practical guide to twins, triplets and more.

“I wanted to share my experiences with other families of multiples to show that although life can be manic with twins, it’s still pretty awesome.” Website : Twitter : Most widely shared article : Why this made the list: Run by a team of local parents, this fabulous, comprehensive site is a must for anyone visiting Amsterdam, or indeed The Netherlands. Search for kid friendly activities by day, time and age group, and keep up with their Facebook page for regular inspiring round up posts on the city’s best food, activities and more.

“Even in the city, it takes a village.” Website : Facebook : Most widely shared article : So – that’s it! What do you think? Have our best family travel blogs inspired you to dust off your passport and travel with kids pronto? You’re still here and We ! If there are other family travel blogs you think should have made this list, let us know in the comments below!

And if you’re about to travel with small children, we hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the practical tips and inspiration on , or become part of our free Facebook community where travel-keen parents share their own tips for travel with kids at Want to stay in touch? Aussie journalist, travel writer and founder of Sue White has always been a traveller.

When her son was born, Sue knew her travel itch would still need regular scratching. But how do you travel with a baby under one and still have a good time? Is it even possible? Where do busy new parents discover practical tips to support those first few trips?

To find out, Sue and her baby son travelled both Australia and Europe doing house sits and house swaps; cat sitting and car journeys; took on 24 hours flights and short domestic jaunts; travelled with friends, solo and family members; and cycled, drove, flew and train-ed around seven countries, all before his first birthday. .

best dating cities in europe to travel with baby

best dating cities in europe to travel with baby - The 50 Best Family Travel Blogs (To Travel With Kids)

best dating cities in europe to travel with baby

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best dating cities in europe to travel with baby

Europe is very child friendly and your children will open doors to new experiences and relationships Planning Your Trip Planning is vital for enjoying a trip to Europe with kids, particularly with babies and toddlers as you will need to ensure your transport, destinations and hotels are all child friendly.

The most popular family holiday destination in Europe is Euro Disney, located just outside Paris. Other popular destinations for families include; , , , Amsterdam, Copenhagen, , Provence, and the (s ee our individual destination guides for for more information where to go with babies, toddlers and younger kids).

You will find kids’ menus, hotel playrooms, and kids play areas at freeway rest stops all over Europe along with all your baby and toddler necessities such as nappies, wipes, baby food and powdered formula. Cuisines vary from country to country however, there are generally excellent food choices in hotels and restaurants for toddlers and kids (See ‘‘ in Europe for more information).

There are also plenty if accommodation options in Europe which are baby, toddler and kid friendly. Getting Around Europe is also quite straightforward. Many countries operate fast trains which are efficient and much more hassle free than air travel, particularly with kids.

There are also a number of ferry options and there are airports connecting all major cities. Driving is on the left side of the road in the UK and Ireland and on the right in all other European countries (See ‘‘ for more information).

The Best Months to Travel in Europe There are huge differences in the climates of different regions. Summer and spring are usually good options however, d uring the summer months many of central Europe’s countries get stiflingly hot; August can be a particularly hot period.

Temperatures during the summer months can be more manageable close to the sea such as in the Mediterranean but there have been heatwaves here also. Ireland, the UK, Northern France, Holland and Scandinavia tend to have milder climates during the summer months which are ideal with children. Take the usual precautions in the heat.

During winter many European countries can be bitterly cold, particularly Scandinavia, Poland and part of Germany and Holland. Again, take the usual precautions against the cold weather. Preparing Your Kids If you are travelling with older toddlers or young kids, it helps to get them enthusiastic about what they’ll be seeing in Europe before your trip. Encourage your kids to learn about the countries, cities, sights, and people they’ll be visiting by reading books about their destinations or by showing them cartoons featuring famous landmarks.

For toddlers, the Go Jetters often visit famous European landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Peppa Pig has been to London and Tuscany. Travelling to Europe by Plane The largest air travel hubs in Europe are, in order, London (LON: LCY, LHR, LGW, STN, LTN), Frankfurt (FRA, HHN), Paris (CDG, ORY), Madrid (MAD), Brussels (BRU) and Amsterdam (AMS) which in turn have connections to practically everywhere in Europe.

However, nearly every European city has direct long-distance flights at least to some destinations elsewhere, and other smaller airports can make sense for specific connections: for example, Vienna (VIE) has a very good network of flights to the Middle East and Eastern Europe, while Helsinki (HEL) is the geographically closest place to transfer if coming in from East Asia.

Top Attractions The most popular family holiday destination in Europe is Euro Disney, located just outside of Paris. Other popular destinations for parents with young kids include France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. However, there is so much more to see; from the rugged scenery in the West of Ireland, to Portugal’s turquoise waters to the Eastern European states such as Croatia with an abundance of islands and beaches.

Austria, Germany, Portugal and Greece have loads of family friendly hotels and hotels with facilities specifically catering to parents with babies and toddlers. These hotels have child minding services and activities for little ones. For a beach holiday Europe’s mediterranean resorts such as Majorca, Ibiza, Portugal (pictured), the Costa del Sol and the French Riviera offer some fantastic options for families with younger children.There are a lot of gites in the French countryside which also cater for parents with younger children.

Many of these can be booked with stair gates, sterilisers, baby monitors and other equipment in place on your arrival. There are also loads of resorts in Europe such as Eurocamp and Falcon Holiday Resorts aimed at parents travelling with young kids.

These have shaded swimming pools and child care facilities also. The most popular cities in Europe include Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Prague and Athens. City breaks can be difficult with toddlers in particular and careful planning and research is required so that you can enjoy your trip. Other notable attractions include Neuschwanstein Castle (pictured above), the well-known fairy-tale castle in the Bavarian Alps in Bavaria, Plitvice National Park, with beautiful turquoise-coloured lakes surrounded by a large forest complex in Croatia and the Alhambra, a moorish, architectural wonder located in Granada in Spain.

Again, more planning is involved if you are taking a baby or toddler to these spots, however it is possible! Travel Information – Fast Facts • The European Union or EU is an area made up of 28 member states that all use a common currency, the Euro.

• You can travel freely between these countries, i.e. there are no border checks (except for a few exceptions) however if you are travelling between countries, your visa and documentation must still be in order. • When travelling to Ireland and the UK from continental Europe you will need to present your passport. Additional visas may be required when travelling here depending on your country of origin. • Electrical voltage and sockets vary from region to region so remember to check this before you go if you are bringing electrical equipment with you.

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