Best dating andover ma restaurants north

best dating andover ma restaurants north

Best Restaurants in Andover, MA 01810 - BuenoMalo, Grassfields Steak & Seafood, Yella Grille, Andolini's, LaRosa's, Tavern on Merrimack, Burtons Grill & Bar of North Andover, Elm Square Oyster, Somebody's Place, Palmers Restaurant & Tavern, Thai…

best dating andover ma restaurants north

, , Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, having a night out without the kids, or just spending quality time with your sweetheart, dinner at one of the most romantic restaurants in Andover or North Andover would help make it a perfect night. According to the locals, here’s a list of the 8 most romantic restaurants for you to consider for your night out: 1.

Yella Grille 16 Post Office Avenue Andover, MA 01810 978-749-0011 Located in the heart of downtown Andover, Yella is an intimate, modern Mediterranean restaurant with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Serving luscious Lebanese-inspired cuisine that is ample, simple and exciting to the palate. In Lebanese, Yella means “Come on, let’s go”! A visit to Yella Grill by The Phantom Gourmet: 2. Andolini’s Downtown Andover at 19 Essex Street Andover, MA 01810 (978) 475-4811 Italian restaurant with cozy and relaxing atmosphere serving pasta, New York style pizzas, old-school appetizers and entrees, Gluten Free menu, catering & family meals, and Sunday Brunch 3.

Buono Bistro 220 Sutton Street North Andover, MA 01845 (978) 258-0658 Italian restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere, at an affordable price. The menu combines classic Italian comfort with a gourmet twist. 4. Burtons Grill 145 Turnpike St, North Andover, MA 01845 (978) 688-5600 An upscale-casual restaurant with a beautiful bar and lounge area and a seasonal outdoor patio serving hand cut steaks, sustainable seafood & locally grown produce.

They also offer an extensive vegetarian & gluten free menu. 5. Chama Grill 115 Main St, North Andover, MA 01845 (978) 258-2238 This restaurant offers Italian cuisine and Brazilian B.B.Q. They serve various cuts of seasoned beef, lamb, pork, chicken.

The Italian menu is made with fresh ingredients and fresh homemade pasta. All of the pasta dishes can be made with gluten free pasta. 6. Palmers Restaurant & Tavern 18 Elm St, Andover, MA 01810 978-470-1606 Located near the center of downtown Andover, this restaurant features a large tavern and three dining rooms, two with fireplaces. An upscale Lunch and Dinner menu is offered daily and Tavern fare is also available throughout the day.

Chef Ingalls and his team create a popular “Specials Menu” which changes weekly and features the best seasonal seafood, meats and produce available. Live Bands are featured on Friday and Saturday evenings. 7. Jaime’s North Andover 25 High St, North Andover, MA 01845 (978) 655-4735 Located in the historic Davis and Furber mill, Jaime’s offers a delicious variety of sandwiches, burgers, soups and entrees for both lunch and dinner.

Indoor as well as outdoor seating is available in addition to takeout and catering options. 8. Orzo Trattoria 1085 Osgood Street (Rte 125) North Andover, MA 01845 PHONE: (978) 686-6921 An Italian restaurant with a roomy seating area, casual atmosphere, open kitchen and moderately priced menu.

The dinner menu features pasta favorites such as Potato Gnocchi’s, entrees including Chicken Parmigiana and Grill specialties like Steak Pizzaiola. Chef’s specials such as Seared Tuna, Veal & Lobster with Sambuca sauce, and a lobster and pasta special every Friday add to traditional Italian favorites. This list is just a few of the many romantic restaurants in Andover & North Andover.

If you know of a romantic restaurant that you think should be added, please let us know! If you are interested in homes for sale in Andover & North Andover, contact Ron Carpenito at The Prime Property Team at Keller Williams Realty 978-494-0436. Newest Listings of Homes for Sale in North Andover, MA

best dating andover ma restaurants north

best dating andover ma restaurants north - North Andover Dating

best dating andover ma restaurants north

North Andover is a town in . The lands south of the around and the were set aside by the in 1634 for the purpose of creating an inland plantation. The Cochichewick Plantation, as it was called, was purchased on May 6, 1646 when Reverend , who had settled the land for the English, paid chief Cutshmache six pounds and a coat for the lands.

The plantation was then incorporated as , most likely in honor of the hometown of many early residents, , England. The town was centered in what is now North Andover, but the spread of settlement south and west of the old town center created much conflict in the early years about the location of the parish church. In 1709, the matter was brought to the General Court, which set aside two parish churches, north and south.

The parishes grew apart as the years went on and on April 7, 1855, the North parish separated from the south and was incorporated as North Andover. There are several first period (pre-1720) houses still standing in town.

The oldest house is probably the Bridges House, relocated from Marbleridge Road to Court Street in 2001; the original portion of this house probably dates to about 1690. Other first period houses include the Stevens House on Great Pond Road; the Faulkner House on Appleton Street; the on Salem Street; the , which is a museum; a house on Andover Street near the intersection with Chickering Road; and the at 140 Mill Road.

No house in North Andover has been scientifically dated by , so dates are based solely on stylistic elements, original deeds, and tradition. The on the North Andover Green is a historic church building built in 1836.

It was the 5th meetinghouse of the Puritan church congregation founded in 1645 in North Andover. In about 1836 the congregation chose to become a Unitarian church and commissioned this Gothic building. North Andover's development was varied, with much of the land along the Shawsheen and Merrimack being concerned with industry, and the lands southwest being more agricultural.

Several mills were located in the town, as well as the , manufacturing division, which supplied telephone machinery for many years before it was split up by AT&T into the new company, .

Today North Andover is considered a bedroom community of the greater area. In January 2018, voters turned down a proposal for a and research facility in the former Lucent Technologies building, along the Merrimack River. The town meeting vote was 1,430 against having facilities and 1,155 voted in favor.

The growing and research facility would have brought the town $100 million over a 20-year period. According to the , the town has a total area of 27.8 square miles (71.9 km 2), of which 26.3 square miles (68.1 km 2) is land and 1.4 square miles (3.7 km 2), or 5.18%, is water.

The town lies to the south of the , which makes up part of its northwest boundary, along with the . The northeast quadrant of town is dominated by , which is also bordered by the Osgood Hill Reservation, Weir Hill Reservation and the Reas Pond Conservation Area. The town also is home to portions of Harold Parker State Forest, Boxford State Forest and the Charles W.

Ward Reservation. There are many brooks, streams and ponds dotting the town. North Andover lies in the northwestern portion of Essex County, with a small corner of the town bordering . It is bordered by to the west, to the north, to the northeast, to the east, to the southeast, and to the southwest.

North Andover's Old Center, which is closer to the geographic center of town than its newer town center, is located 3.5 miles (5.6 km) southeast of Lawrence's city center, and is 25 miles (40 km) north of Boston and 30 miles (48 km) southeast of .

A small portion of crosses through town along the Lawrence border, with one exit within town and two more providing access to the highway.

The town lies along , known as the "Salem Turnpike," and is also served by and , which are concurrent for much of their routes within town. The town is partially served by the bus line. The nearest train station is located in Lawrence, where the stop along the of the lies. (The line actually passes through the town along the Merrimack, but there is no stop.) North Andover is also home to the , providing small aircraft service to the region.

The nearest national service, at and , is within a thirty-mile ride of the town. See also: Year Pop. ±% 2,343 — 2,549 +8.8% 3,217 +26.2% 3,742 +16.3% 4,243 +13.4% 5,529 +30.3% 6,265 +13.3% 6,961 +11.1% 7,524 +8.1% 8,485 +12.8% 10,908 +28.6% 16,284 +49.3% 20,129 +23.6% 22,792 +13.2% 27,202 +19.3% 28,352 +4.2% * = population estimate.

Source: records and data. As of the of 2000, there were 27,202 people, 9,724 households, and 6,904 families residing in the town. The was 1,020.7 inhabitants per square mile (394.1/km 2). There were 9,943 housing units at an average density of 373.1 per square mile (144.1/km 2). The racial makeup of the town was 93.67% , 0.72% , 0.05% , 3.96% , 0.01% , 0.74% from , and 0.85% from two or more races.

or of any race were 1.99% of the population. There were 9,724 households out of which 36.8% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 60.2% were living together, 8.5% had a female householder with no husband present, and 29.0% were non-families. 25.1% of all households were made up of individuals and 11.8% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.61 and the average family size was 3.16.

In the town, the population was spread out with 25.5% under the age of 18, 9.5% from 18 to 24, 29.1% from 25 to 44, 22.6% from 45 to 64, and 13.4% who were 65 years of age or older.

The median age was 37 years. For every 100 females, there were 92.9 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 87.1 males. According to a 2007 estimate, the median income for a household in the town was $87,076, and the median income for a family was $113,796.

Males had a median income of $66,793 versus $38,495 for females. The for the town was $34,335. 2.9% of the population and 2.1% of families were below the . 2.7% of those under the age of 18 and 4.1% of those 65 and older are living below the . North Andover employs the form of government, and is led by a five-member and a town manager, .

The town has its own police and fire departments, EMS, public works, and a senior center. North Andover has no hospital, the nearest being Lawrence General Hospital.

It is located within the Boston media market, and is served by the newspaper. On the state level, the town is served by Essex County services, and is patrolled by the First Barracks of Troop A of the , based in Andover.

North Andover lies in two districts, the Fourteenth Essex and Eighteenth Essex, in the , and the First Essex and First Essex and Middlesex in the . North Andover is located within , and has been served by Representative (D) since 2015.

Massachusetts' senior Senator is (D), and its junior Senator is (D), both in office since 2013. North Andover has no mayor, but, until his death in 2006, William P McEvoy, the director of recreation, was known as the "unofficial mayor". North Andover is home to its own school system. It has an early childhood center, six elementary schools (Atkinson Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Kittredge Elementary, Annie L.

Sargent Elementary, Thomson Elementary and Saint Michaels Parish. ), North Andover Middle School and . On May 16, 2017, the citizens of North Andover approved the expansion of the early childhood center.

It is anticipated that the new kindergarten center will be ready to open for the 2018-2019 school year. The primary reason behind this expansion was to reduce elementary class size. As of 2004, a brand new high school and complete sporting complex including a football field, a soccer field, field hockey greens, and a lacrosse field have been added.

There is a complete track and field area and numerous tennis courts. North Andover's mascot is the Scarlet Knight, its colors are scarlet and black and it competes in the Merrimack Valley Conference and Division II of the . Its main rival is , although it plays Andover High School in the annual Thanksgiving Day football game. High school students from North Andover are also allowed to attend in Andover.

There are several private schools in North Andover, including the , Meritor Academy (an early learning school) and Saint Michael's Elementary School. The nearest Catholic high schools, (6-12), (9-12), and (9-12), are located in the nearby towns of Reading, Lawrence and Methuen, respectively. North Andover is also home to , a Catholic Augustinian four-year college. The nearest public community college, based in Haverhill, is , which also has a campus in Lawrence and a Corporate & Community Education Center in North Andover.

The nearest public university is . Residents can purchase a discounted summer pass to Steven's Pond where they can go swimming for the day. Nearby offers trails for hiking, walking, biking, and views of the surrounding area. Many events are held at the old common, including the festival in late spring and various summer activities for children and adults. offers 25 miles (40 km) of trails, a campground, and a freshwater swimming beach.

Other activities include horseback riding, camping, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, and hiking. In September there is also an annual fishing tournament. is also located in town, and is home to the . The , a , is also in North Andover. • , game designer • , poet • , Anne’s husband, minister and co-founder of • , minister of and great-grandson of the founder of • , DJ, writer, interdisciplinary artist • , philosopher • , current NFL linebacker • , former NFL guard • , former NHL player • , first Postmaster General of the United States • , screen and TV actor ( Boston Legal and The Blacklist) • , textile manufacturer • , former NFL player, former college ice hockey coach, and US Hockey Hall of Fame inductee.

• , stand-up comic, actress, Broad City. • August 24, 2011, at the . • . U.S. Census Bureau, American Factfinder . Retrieved September 5, 2012. • Sprague, William Buell (1859). . 1. R. Carter and brothers. p. 129 . Retrieved 2015-04-16. • Bailey, Sarah Loring (1880). . Houghton, Mifflin . Retrieved 2018-01-24. • . Commonwealth of Massachusetts .

Retrieved 2015-08-05. • . . Retrieved 4 April 2018. • Adams, Dan (2018-01-31). . . Retrieved 2018-01-31. • . U.S. Census Bureau, American Factfinder . Retrieved September 5, 2012. • . United States Census Bureau . Retrieved September 13, 2011. • . United States Census Bureau . Retrieved July 12, 2011. • (PDF). US Census Bureau.

December 1990. Table 76: General Characteristics of Persons, Households, and Families: 1990. 1990 CP-1-23. Archived from (PDF) on December 7, 2013 .

Retrieved July 12, 2011. • (PDF). US Census Bureau. December 1981. Table 4. Populations of County Subdivisions: 1960 to 1980. PC80-1-A23 . Retrieved July 12, 2011. • (PDF). 1: Number of Inhabitants. Bureau of the Census. 1952.

Section 6, Pages 21-10 and 21-11, Massachusetts Table 6. Population of Counties by Minor Civil Divisions: 1930 to 1950 . Retrieved July 12, 2011. • (PDF). Bureau of the Census. Number of Inhabitants, by Counties and Minor Civil Divisions. Pages 21-5 through 21-7. Massachusetts Table 2. Population of Counties by Minor Civil Divisions: 1900, 1910, and 1920 .

Retrieved July 12, 2011. • (PDF). Department of the Interior, Census Office. Pages 179 through 182. Massachusetts Table 5. Population of States and Territories by Minor Civil Divisions: 1880 and 1890 . Retrieved July 12, 2011. • (PDF).

Department of the Interior, Census Office. 1872. Pages 217 through 220. Table IX. Population of Minor Civil Divisions, &c. Massachusetts . Retrieved July 12, 2011. • (PDF). Department of the Interior, Census Office. 1864. Pages 220 through 226. State of Massachusetts Table No. 3. Populations of Cities, Towns, &c . Retrieved July 12, 2011. • . . Retrieved 2008-01-31. • . . Retrieved 2013-01-23. • Town of North Andover, MA (2004-05-03). . .

Retrieved 2013-01-23. • . . Retrieved 4 April 2018. • Pevear, David. . .

Retrieved 2013-01-23. • . BBC News. 2018-09-14 . Retrieved 2018-09-15. Wikimedia Commons has media related to . • Historical maps • John Farnum and Moses Abbot 1795 Click on the map for larger image. • Dorman, Moses. , including what would later become North Andover. • Beers, D.G. 1872 Atlas of Essex County , plate 55. • Walker, George H. 1884 Atlas of Essex County , page 121.

best dating andover ma restaurants north

, MA Room in an Apartment Apartment 1 Beds 1 Baths 1 Roommates Room details Room Type Private room Bathroom Ensuite bathroom Furnishing Flexible with furnishings Available Nov 1, 2018 Length of Stay Minimum 6 months Preferred gender Males Charges for the room Monthly rent $1,000 Security deposit No security deposit Bills Not included in rent Internet Included in rent Parking Off street parking Near Merrimack College in North Andover, MA. Property has two bedrooms, and you’d have your choice of “master” bedroom or the second bedroom, which would use the main bathroom right , MA Room with Ensuite in an Apartment Near Merrimack College in North Andover, MA.

Property has two bedrooms, and you’d have your choice of “master” bedroom, which has its own bathroom; or the second bedroom, which would use the main bathroom right next door. Small, but complete kitchen, which we could share. Good-sized living room; I’ve got furniture so no need to bring any (except bed). Apartment has built in A/C and each bedroom has its own thermostat.

The complex has a community pool, gym, putting green, basketball courts... I am a full-time professional, and work in Burlington M-F.

I have two kids who will not live here, but will visit regularly (and probably sleep over on occasion), so I must be very comfortable with you, and you with them. No smoking allowed by me (or apartment complex). I am open to a graduate-level student, someone who’s respectful of me, my kids, and the property. And preferably someone who has a regular (or somewhat regular) schedule. I’m generally very “laid back” and if we get along, things should be smooth most of the time.

, MA Room with own bathroom The apartment is located in a private property which is loaded with amenities. The community is very safe and close by to multiple restaurants and grocery stores. The apartment is located on the second floor of a three story apartment building loaded with 2 bedrooms, 2 separate bathrooms, washer and dryer, balcony and renovated interior.

, MA 6.67mi from North Andover Unfurnished room in a share house One private bedroom in a 2 bedroom house in haverhill ,Ma 650 per month single person 750- 800 for a couple per month -Parking -share bathroom -share kitchen -shared living room -internet and cable we are very laid back just one requirement we ask for is to clean after yourself . Send me a text for any question or viewing thank you , NH 7.25mi from North Andover Furnished room in a share house available sep 1 Must like Cats ok furnished house laundry in home no smoking Parking in driveway no private bath private room Looking for a new roommate to share my cozy ranch single family home with.

Shared bathroom, kitchen, w/d and entry. parking in driveway. great quiet neighborhood! Must like cats . Rent includes all utilities: heat/hot water, electricity, cable & WiFi. Furnished is also an option if needed. Please email if interested. Thank you. , MA 12.35mi from North Andover Furnished room in an Apartment The property is located about five mins drive away from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and one minute away from the shopping center.There is a large car parking lot, swimming pool and laundry.

The apartment is having two private bedrooms and shared bathrooms.It is also fully equipped with internet services, heater,air conditioning, furniture for both kitchen and sitting room. All other charges including gas, electricity and water are included in the monthly rent. Another additional charges will be a security fee of one rent ,which will be refundable at the end of your term.Please do write me for further information.My name is Ash.

, MA 13.05mi from North Andover Room in an Apartment January - June 2019 $650 a month, Heat and Hot water included Additionally - Tenant owes half of utilities (electricity, wifi, tv - SmartTV in unit so feel free to hook up your Netflix / Hulu) Room for rent in 2 bedroom 1 bath unit..

spacious living room with dining room, kitchen, and a balcony. Heat and hot water included. I am a full time professional, responsible, but outgoing. Looking for female roommate, preferably in 20s.

Great access to highways, neighbors very respectful, so no partying here. Easy access to highways and great areas of MA and NH. *Bedroom unfurnished. , NH 13.51mi from North Andover Furnished room in a share house The house was build in 1993 it's a split. it's porch in the back two cars garage under a large off street parking . large living room and kitchen. three bedrooms one master and large bedroom and other small bedroom.

very large yard. the street have only three houses. , MA 14.06mi from North Andover Furnished room with own bathroom Apartment Share Parking Kitchen your own bathroom 2 Bedroom Open Space Family room and kitchen 1 roommate to share. Furnished Walking distance to downtown Newburyport and train Station No Pets $725 with Utilities included WI and cable Pool in the Country Country Road First Last and Security , Massachusetts 14.1mi from North Andover Room in a share house Residential 2-story house, quiet neighborhood , borders state forest; 3/4 acre , secluded back yard , no through streets, grille, patio, garden,off street driveway parking.

Need an automobile. Easy access to Rte 4,128, 495. Owner M- young , athletic, 65, progressive, semi-retired, freelance legal work, lives on 2nd floor, full bath, W&D access; first floor , one female , F-60, progressive, occupies room at opposite end ; another 2 rooms unfurnished , 1/2 bath bedroom, available for rent, on other side of first floor, home fully furnished , kitchen share with utensils , cable TV , WIFI, reasonable heat & elec, incl., ; extra refrigerator in garage, ; looking for another professional, progressive, non-smoking, one M or F ( not a couple or other quasi-live-ins) 50-60s, working or displayed income, credit, no prior eviction or criminal record, for house share (not a B&B); 2 cats.Love to hear .

If you respond , thoroughly describe like I just did. , MA 14.44mi from North Andover Furnished room with own bathroom Currently the space is being rented month to month. If interested please check with me on availability. My home is in Carlisle, MA. Very quiet and private. Great outdoors! Easy access to rt 3 and 495. Very Large Room - cathedral ceiling with beams - wall to wall carpet - double window - skylight - double closet - private bathroom! Plenty of safe parking.

Within walking distance to state park - easily accessible off 495 and rt 3. Quiet rural type setting on large wooded lot! Washer & dryer available in basement - I am a open minded, gay, masculine male - neat - considerate - quiet - laid back - easy going - single professional, non smoker, allergic to pets.

Let me know if interested and any questions you may have. , MA 16.38mi from North Andover Room in a Townhouse Come best Townhouse Communities nestled in beautiful Wooded Conservation Land. It is located in walking distance to Public Transportation and Winchester's unique Boutiques, and elegant neighborhood. Enter the foyer to a large light filled Dining Room to a kitchen in Mint Condition. The Living Room has a wall of windows and walks out to a patio.

Vaulted ceilings, a wood burning fireplace and cozy carpet are so inviting! Upstairs are two Oversized Bedrooms, a Fully Renovated Beautiful Tiled Bathroom. , MA 18.04mi from North Andover Furnished room in a share house This is a home consisting of husband, wife and mother. It's a clean and peaceful home.

This available room is on the second floor with a shared bathroom and kitchen on the same floor. A must see! Fully furnished with brand new furniture. Looking for a responsible and respectful woman to occupy this room. , MA 18.89mi from North Andover Furnished room in a share house Single family beautiful home, with dining, living area, laundry room,yard , hardwood floors,front porch we are family,husband ,wife,daughter going to college and brother we are working people who are kind,loving people .prime location,walk to bus stop,grocery store,dunkin donuts ,etc we also have a small Maltese dog she does not shed ,she has hair not fur ,very loving , MA 19.84mi from North Andover Unfurnished room in a share house Owner lives in an addition to the house.

We only share the Kitchen & laundry. You share the main house of 3 bdrms, 1.5 baths, L.R, D.R, bkyd, 1 off st parking included. Utilities included unless anyone abuses it. We expect everyone to be courteous of each others quiet time. The home is in a private single family neighborhood & very convenient to RT 2.

1st & last month plus 1/2 month for security deposit. , NH 19.98mi from North Andover Furnished room with own bathroom Manufactured home, quiet neighborhood, nice yard, deck.

Kitchen, Living Room and Dining area are open and in middle of house. 2 bedrooms (one used for storage) on one end of home. Mine is on the other end. Have dog. Central air, grill on deck. Five minutes from Route 3, Nashua. , MA 19.99mi from North Andover Furnished room with own bathroom Hi I own in home in revere with a finished basement with two good size rooms ( maybe 500 sq). The space has it's own entry, own bathroom, own thermostat, central air, ressecced lighs, sound proofing. The property it delf is 2 mins to the Tobin bridge, 7 to boston, 20 with traffic, 5 mins to route 1.

1100 includes everything. , MA 20.34mi from North Andover Room with Ensuite in an Apartment Hello. We are looking for a room mate in Wellington park side apartment. They are already 4 people living in the apartment. The apartment has a club house and gym. Both on the same floor. Garbage disposal facilities and parking facilities available. 7-11 is on the main road 5min walk. Shuttle service is provided by the apartment till the Wellington station(orange line) , MA 20.43mi from North Andover Room in an Apartment Private room available in a large 2BR apartment on Clarendon Avenue in Somerville for $1150/month.

Available December 24th, first rent not due until 1/1. House is a first floor apartment that comes with a lot of space and storage including a full basement with washer and dryer. Neighborhood is charming with lots of food options, convenience stores, and grocery store.

The Davis T stop is about a seven minute walk and there is a bus that runs right by the house. We have a backyard/outdoor space and free off street parking space available in a driveway. The room itself easily fits a queen sized bed and has closet and extra storage space for clothes. We have a shared bathroom, a large living room, and a normal kitchen. I am the current tenant moving out. My roommate is a 30 y.o M with a dog that is gone most of the day and a great guy to live with.

I'm sad to be moving out but just need to be closer to work! Photos included, please feel free to email with any questions. , MA 20.65mi from North Andover Room in an Apartment hey thinking about renting out a unused bedroom in 2 bedroom apartment. I can furnish it if need be. If you're clean, don't steal and don't have parties or cats then we will be cool.

I get along with everyone. Building is quiet and safe neighborhood. Close to the casino , MA 20.8mi from North Andover Furnished room in a share house This room is the largest room in our international house.

It has 2 beds (full size and a twin size bed), a desk, 2 night stands, 2 closets, carpet floor, ceiling fan, newly installed forced air AC. The rent includes all utilities, wifi, cable TV, and fully furnished. We also provide bedding and towels. Ready to move in condition. Perfect for 2 graduate international students to share this room ($1600/mo for double occupancy).

Currently, we have 3 graduate international students living here. It has a large kitchen, 2 shared bathrooms, a large living room, and a large dining room.

It's near Magoun Square with plenty of shops and restaurants. Easy access to 3 buses to Davis square, Sullivan station, and Lechmere. About 20 min walk to Davis square and Tufts University. , MA 21.0mi from North Andover Unfurnished room in an Apartment Renovated one bedroom for rent. The apartment is located two blocks from Davis Square. Walking distance to Tufts University, Red line train station, Cambridge Square.

Utilities all included. Only female. Questions call or text. Thank you. , MA 21.06mi from North Andover Unfurnished room in an Apartment 1 Room left in an awesome 4 Bedroom apartment! Located off Cedar St, less than a minute minute walk to the Bike Path - 15 minute Walk to Davis Sq, Porter Square, Ball Square, and Magoun Square.

Kitchen, Bathroom, and Living room are shared. Looking to fill ASAP The other roommates are all working professionals in their mid-late 20s- 2 girls and a guy Coin-Op Laundry in the building Shared Backyard Off-Street Parking The landlord allows small dogs only, 25 pounds or less This is the best apartment around, it's incredible, really - Ask anyone , MA 21.07mi from North Andover Furnished room in a share house Looking for a vegan/vegetarian female roommate (Waltham) Furnished 1 bed room in a NEWLY built house About the place: * Short walk to star market, CVS, Post Office, Banks, restaurants, YMCA * 2 min walk to the MBTA Bus * close to RT-2 and I-95 / 128 * Washer and Dryer included * Utilities and Internet included * 1 fixed car parking * Open kitchen concept, stainless steel appliances , granite countertop * Beautiful hard wood floors and large windows * closet space * CENTRAL AIR (ac and heat) This is a 2 level house.

You will be sharing the bathroom with other working professional female roommate. month to month No Smoking No pets , NH 21.61mi from North Andover Unfurnished room with own bathroom I am looking for a reliable, responsible female roommate in her mid-twenties to early thirties to sign a lease with me for the beginning of January. We would share a beautiful two bedroom apartment in Exeter, NH.

Building is only two years old and is located one mile from downtown. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and walk in closet. There is a great kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. Stackable washer/dryer in unit. I have some living room furniture and a dining table and chairs. Rent is $1775 which includes snow and trash removal. It does not include utilities, but previous tenant tells me that electricity and gas were very reasonable.

Our expenses including rent, utilities, cable and internet should be under $1000 per person. I am a fun, hardworking 27 year old female. Please message me if you are interested or have any questions.

, MA 21.98mi from North Andover Room in an Apartment I own a new construction 3-bed 2.5 bath luxury condo in Chelsea, MA, and am looking for 2 roommates for my current tenant.

There are 2 bedrooms available for rent 1/1/19 - one is 13x14', and the other is 10x11'. They both are west-facing, come with large closets, pretty large storage cubbies above the closets, (the bedrooms have 14' ceilings!) and the 2 bedrooms will share a large full bath with double granite sinks and linen closet. The apartment is 1,600 sq. feet, has a large kitchen with granite countertops and island, stainless appliances, central air, new in-unit high-efficiency LG washer/dryer, hardwood/tile floors, and a small patio.

There is one-deeded parking spot available for rent. Your roommate (Jenn) would be a young professional (f) working at Harvard with a very friendly and happy 3-year-old 25-lb dog.

She's quiet and respectful and likes to spend time outside with her dog and chilling out watching Netflix. She typically wakes up at 7am and goes to bed around 10p. She does not smoke, is a light social drinker, generally quiet at home (no large parties) and would expect the same from you.

The apartment is a 5-minute walk to the either the 111 or 117 bus line (20-min. to downtown/Haymarket, and coming home, the bus will drop you off less than a block from the apartment), a 10-minute walk to the Silver Line bus line that goes directly to Seaport, a 1.5 mile walk to the Maverick T-stop (blue line), a quick 5-10 minute drive into Kendall Sq., Charlestown, and the North End. The area is quiet and neighborhood-y, and is 2 blocks from a waterfront (Mary O'Malley) park.

Market Basket/Starbucks is within 5 minutes walking, Logan airport within a 5-minute drive. I currently live in the apartment, but am moving out in December. Let me know if you'd like to meet us and Jenn, and see the apartment! Looking forward to hearing from you! :) -Francesca , 22.34mi from North Andover Unfurnished room in a Townhouse Single Family Home on a corner lot of a quiet gas-lit side street in Charlestown with easy commuter access.

Five bedrooms in home with one available for rent. Huge beautiful kitchen offers city views and features breakfast bar, stainless appliances, gas range & decorative tile work. Hardwood flooring together with recessed lighting and tastefully painted walls provide a warmth throughout home.

Bathroom offers soaking tub and large tile glass-enclosed shower, and is accentuated by nice woodwork. Front to Back windows and skylit stairway give plenty of sun and natural light. Mud/Laundry Room lead to enclosed back yard. 4 girls are already living in the house. We are looking for a girl roommate to have the 5th room. We are all 24 - 27 years old, working professionals. Rent is 1000/month plus utilities.

Utilities are roughly around $100.00/month. There is no parking included but parking is easy to find on the street. Walking distance to bus stop, supermarket, and T-station. If you are interested, please contact me

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