Best dating 4 demon dx2

best dating 4 demon dx2

Their Atlus produced demon collecting series, Shin Megami Tensei, has produced a brand new entry. Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 has arrived with everything fans have appreciated the series for. There’s hundreds of demons to collect, send into battle, and enhance in order to further the mission of the Liberators. Use this tips guide and you won’t have any problem putting down those damned Acolytes!. As the newest member of the Liberators, you’ll be sent out into the world to fend off dangerous demons with your own party of four demonic allies. You’ll enter into a wealth of battles within the story, ascending floors of the “Aura Gate” dungeon, and PVP “Dx2 Battle” mode. • As you unlock new Liberators, make sure you create a varied four-demon party for them.

best dating 4 demon dx2

This is a Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 discussion thread that also allows discussion of other related SMT games. Ground Rules: 1.

Properly Use Spoilers. As the playerbase here likely consists of people who play more SMT than this mobile game, please be considerate and properly use the spoiler tag for big choices and twists in the games. Failure to do so will be frowned upon. SB has a No Spoiler Rule people, and it is meant to protect you and others. For those who have forgotten how to spoiler something, it is done by using this BBcode This 2. Control Yourself. As this is a gacha thread as well, it will be a common sight to see rolls and lucky moments posted in here, understand that a time will come when anybody will be frustrated and type out a negative comment.

While things like “die lucksink” or “go explode” can be tolerated if you start seeing your salt-filled reply become longer and more cutting than expected, take a step back.

Breathe. Exercise common sense and caution in interactions, and take a break from the thread if you ever feel overwhelmed with negative emotions. 3. Be Accepting Noob shaming and hate will not be accepted. Waifu wars should be dissolved quickly (no more than 3 pages at maximum because they are grounds to ultimately become horrible saltfests). Do not attack other people for pixels on their screen being different from yours.

General Game Information and Resources: Fusion Calculator: Skill Database Main article: • Lists all of the skills currently in the game, as well as the demons that have a skill and if it's transferable. Demon Compendium Main article: • Displays Elemental Resistances, Stats, Race, and Grade. Detailed demon info such as their skills can be found on their individual pages. • The demon colour is their Archetype. This only affects the demon's archetype skill when awakened - so Gacha demons cannot be fused together with other Gacha demons.

Skill Transfer Main article: Don’t use your Yasaka Magatama on 3★ or lower rarity demons as duplicates or the same rarity can easily be fused or pulled from the gacha for skill points! • Skill transfer allows a demon to learn a skill from another demon, increasing its combat options and creating powerful combinations.

• To transfer a skill, the demon that receives the skill needs skill points, and you need another demon with the skill you want to transfer. • Skill points are per-demon, and they are acquired by sacrificing other demons and special items in Pandemonium.

Possible sacrifices are: • A copy of the same demon (ignoring level and rarity). (3 points) • A demon of the same rarity. (1 point) • A demon soul (obtained from encounters in the Aura Gate) of the same demon. (1 point) • A Yasaka Magatama item (1 to 6 points, number of points equal to the item’s Stars) • Actually transferring skills requires a demon with the skill to be sacrificed, the donor. The donor may only transfer certain skills, marked with a DNA tag in their description.

This is always the first skill, any skills received by transfer, and the bonus skill a Summoned demon receives. The UI shows you all skills that can be transferred to the particular demon, including skill point price, and will let you pick from demons in your stock that can provide that skills.

• Skill points and transferred skills are lost when fusing. The game will warn you if you are about to sacrifice a demon that qualifies. Skills are not lost when evolving, so feel free to power up! • Once you have transferred a skill, you can replace it with another transferred skill using the same process.

If you transfer the same skill again, the skill will level up and become more powerful! Rerolling • Gacha Rates: 0.5% for a 5★, 5% for a 4★, and 94.5% for a 3★ Rerolling for a 5* isn’t recommended as the 0.5% rate will burn you out. You should however try to reroll for a high tier 4* or the gacha exclusive White Rider using the 4* ticket.

Steps to Reroll • Complete the tutorial until the summoning demonstration. • Go to the mailbox and claim the the 4* ticket, gems and other tickets. • Pray to RNG. • If you are unhappy with your pulls clear data (or if rooted on Android, delete com.sega.d2megaten.v2.playerprefs.xml inside data/com.sega.d2megaten/shared_prefs) and repeat. • Either save your newly pulled 5* or 4* demon account via the facebook link / recovery code.

• For recommended demons please check . • Note - Any 5* is better than no 5* and aside from the Fiend and Hero race any 5* is fusable with time. Liberators The Liberators are the orginization that the Protagonist joins at the start of the game.

Before every battle you can swap between different Liberators to gain different effects, depending on what you want. • You’ll have enough SP to max out every skill once the liberator hits max level. • Protagonist: Used for increased EXP gain or to support a strong support demon from a friend. • Templar Dragon (Ch1): Used for amping up Concentrate + Charge, increased healing and ½ Press Turn on items, making her ideal for high difficulty quests.

• Megakin (Ch1 Clear): Used for Demon Talk. • Chalk Eater (Ch2 Clear): Has a chance to buff when hitting weaknesses and getting hit by weaknesses. • Eileen (Ch3 Clear): Used for Macca + Item farming. • Kangaroo Boxer (Ch4 Clear): Used for a chance to go first in battles as well as physical attack related stats.

• Shionyan (Ch5 Clear): Used to amplify the effects of inflicted status ailments. • Meat Balloon (Ch6 Clear): Used when in need of playing defensive/stalling. • Seiran (Aura Gate 50F Clear): Reveals area around boss in aura gate exploration as well as inflict status ailments/healing upon reviving a demon.

FAQ as things in the game become more well known: Q: Help I started SMT Liberation and don't know what to do! A: Well I have no words for you except you walked into this hell willingly. But here's a sort of guide. Q: I can't access anything in the beginning, everything is locked! A: Demon summoning, the compendium, and demon fusion open up after clearing mission 1-2.

Adding people as friends opens up after clearing mission 1-6. Enhancing and selling demons is unlocked at 1-7. Q: I'm having trouble with some of the later sections and I don't know how to advance. A: I'd suggest using this guide linked below to help. It's currently the most up to date guide for the game and has good demon suggestions to help put together a strong enough team to beat the section where you're stuck. Quite laggy in battles on my Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet even on low graphics.

Quess I need a faster device. I'm a FGO player mainly but might try this a little as SMT is another one of my favourites. Nice catchy soundtrack! Did I mishear or does it say "We'll make you rich online" in the title screen song? Nice. Click to expand...Ose is a pretty good heavy hitter, takes a bit of tinkering with fusion before you can get him though.

Horus is actually decent, but you need to awaken him so that he can get his healing ability. Baphomet is a magic nuke, but he's pretty fragile so be mindful of his weakness.

Forneus is a very tanky debuffer, he's good, but don't expect him to do much damage with his spells. I'm currently running a Hamsa and seeing how far can I go with the duck meme, surprisingly he's putting in a lot of work with his evasion/accuracy buff.

But he doesn't have the best magic stat to be a magic nuke, best use him as a buff/debuff bot with his sizable bulk. Also, play around with demon fusion, you're going to need to memorize a lot of specific demons in the future to use as fodders.

Ose is a pretty good heavy hitter, takes a bit of tinkering with fusion before you can get him though. Horus is actually decent, but you need to awaken him so that he can get his healing ability. Baphomet is a magic nuke, but he's pretty fragile so be mindful of his weakness. Forneus is a very tanky debuffer, he's good, but don't expect him to do much damage with his spells. I'm currently running a Hamsa and seeing how far can I go with the duck meme, surprisingly he's putting in a lot of work with his evasion/accuracy buff.

But he doesn't have the best magic stat to be a magic nuke, best use him as a buff/debuff bot with his sizable bulk. Also, play around with demon fusion, you're going to need to memorize a lot of specific demons in the future to use as fodders. Click to expand...Setanta is a rigged roll, you always get him. Keep him level, since there's an event going on where you can only field fairy demons. Loki is one of the better magic nuke, although what color does he have on the upper right of his portrait?

And what color does Pazuzu has too? But yeah, you can use Pazuzu as a healer too. Oh yeah, almost forgot, when you get to the Awaken tutorial, won't be until you complete Chapter 2, the game will give you a freebie on your first Awaken, so use it on your best unit. I recommend Loki if he has a teal color on the upper right of his portrait.

best dating 4 demon dx2

best dating 4 demon dx2 - Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2

best dating 4 demon dx2

Sega’s brand new turn-based strategy is now live on Google Play Store and App Store and challenges you to beat the demons and build a great party of demons. SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 game features a variety of demons, game modes; events, PvP, Classic, and much more.

Since there are too many aspects to understand the whole game, it could be difficult for the beginners to figure out what to do!

And in this post, we have covered almost all the aspects of the game you need to know: – SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 guide, tips, cheats & strategy. Quick Navigation: – • • • Basics – How To Play SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2?

Well, there is no such unique mechanics in this game, everything is same as other turn-based strategy games except the name of attributes, in-game currency, items, and supplies.

In the game, you have to build a party of demons and defeat the enemies in the battle to progress. The game starts with a tutorial that guides you the basics; demons, summoning, battle, and much more.

After it, it’s up to you. You start the game from story quests mode in which you complete the chapters and earn XP, supplies, Macca, Mag, and many more items. As you gain more XP or clear the chapters, you will obtain more demons, your character will level up. Leveling up unlocks access to the new feature such as Aura Gate, Black Market, Pandemonium, and more. In the battle, you can choose up to four demons and one support demon.

All you need to do is use the demons’ skills wisely and defeat the enemies. Main Screen Guidelines: – So this is the basic SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 guide for the beginners. Now, let’s head to the ultimate guide to learn every aspect. SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 Guide: – In this part, we will learn about the demons, leader, party management, skills, summoning, items, fusion, and much more.

Make sure to read everything. • Demons These are the main characters. You can pick up to four demons for the battle. All the demons have different stats & skills. Let’s learn about their stats and skills. Demons’ Stats: – • St = Physical Attack and defense • Ma = Magical Attack and defense • HP = Hit Points • VI = HP, Physical/Magical defense • Ag = Accuracy, Turn Speed • Lu = Evasion How to check the demons’ stats? • Go to the menu • Choose Party option • On the next screen, at the bottom, head to demon info • Tap the demon to check its stats How to obtain demons?

There are a number of ways to obtain demons in the Dx2 game; • Through Fusion • Talk to them in the battle and make them your friend • Summon Keep in mind that the stats, grade, skills, the power of each demon are different. You can obtain high-quality(3-star) demons through fusion and summoning. Go to the menu -> hideout -> compendium -> there you can check the list of all the demons featured in the game.

• Party Management In SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2, your main objective is to build the party of best demons.

Well, the game features plenty of demons and it would be difficult to figure out the best demons in the game. All you need to do is compare their stats and skills and pick the best four demons in the battle. Managing the party – How to add or select demons?

Go to the menu -> party -> on the next screen, you will see two teams; one should be yours and another one would be of Rika. Select a team. After it, tap the demon you want to remove and on the next screen, you will see a complete list of demons you have.

Select anyone to replace. Skill Points (SP) Guide: – When you level up, you earn skill points. You can use these points to learn skills. For instance; HP Plus a skill that increases the HP of all the demon characters(team).

How to spend these points? • Go to the menu • Choose party option • On the party screen, at the bottom, head to the Dx2 info tab • Choose a leader • Tap the SP icon next to a skill • Summoning Guide Summoning is one of the main ways to obtain the demons. It costs you gems; you could get 3*-5* demons.

You can earn gems as a reward(check the gift option on the main screen), by completing the missions, quests or achievements, from safe. To summon a demon, go to the hideout -> summoning portal -> summon. There are three ways to summon; superior(using gems), normal(summon files), and fragment. You can obtain summon files from the black market OR through battle points exchange.

• Hideout Guide Most of the features are accessed through hideout. Go to the menu -> hideout -> and you will see many options there. Let’s learn about all: – • Liberator HQ – Here you can check the missions and • Chruch Of Fall Gods – Here you can fuse demons to get a new one • Summoning Portal – Read the guide above • Pandemonium – Here you can evolve & awake demons to increase the strength • Aether Conversion • Demon Dispatch – Send demons on the missions and obtain free rewards and XP • Black Market – Here you will get the deals; grab the items in exchange for in-game currency • Compendium – List of all the characters • Safe – It provides Macca and gems from HQ after a certain amount of time • Fusion Fusion is one of the best ways to obtain new demons in SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 game.

It is different from summoning feature as you will have to sacrifice two demons in order to get a new one. Depending on their grades, you will get a new demon for free. Fusion’s cost is Mag(can be obtained by clearing the stages in story mode).

Go to the hideout -> church of false gods -> choose a type; normal or multi. Multi features would be locked. Select normal and you will get two options; Demons to use and Demons to make. Demons To Use: – Select two demons to check the result. Demons To Make – Select the desired output and then check out the required demons for fusion. • Aura Gate To play this mode, you need action points and you can access it through the map.

Keep in mind that there is a specific time when it gets opened. In this mode, you clear the floors. At each floor, you battle against demons, gatekeepers, and many more enemies.

From here you can obtain many precious rewards. • Dx2 Duels In this mode, you battle against other players’ team; of demons and gain rank points.

After a season ends, you will receive the reward based in your rank. • Hell’s Park In SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2, you complete the quests and earn amazing rewards. It is one of the difficult game modes in SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation D×2 in which you battle against powerful enemies. Also, see – So this is the short SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 guide for the beginners. Now, let’s take a look at SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 cheats, tips & strategy guide.

SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 cheats, tips & strategy guide: – #1.) Build A Powerful Party Of Demons Well, to top the leaderboard in PvP or to defeat the demons in Aura Gate or Hell’s Park, a strong demon party is a much-needed requirement.

There are a number of ways to build a strong party: – • Focus on 3*-5* demons only • Level Up by playing the story mode • Evolve and Awake demons in Pandemonium • Add friends and get access to the support demon feature • Fuse or Summon to get higher-quality demons • Repeat the story mode chapters to earn more precious items #2.) Attack On Their Weak Parts In the battle, you use skills to attack enemies. Make sure to use wisely as attacking weak spots deals massive damage to the enemies.

How to check weak spots? It’s very easy. In the battle, on the right side of the screen, you can check the enemy stats & skills. You will see (WK) keyword just below of specific skill icons.

Note that skill and use it. As you can see in the above picture, Brute Azumi(enemy) is weak against Zio skill. #3.) Add Friends For 1 More Demon As you know, we can select only four demons in the battle. But you can add one more to the team as support demon by adding friends.

Check the main screen guidelines(in the basic part above) to see friends feature. Adding a friend helps you to borrow support demons. #4.) Activate Skills For Bonus Impact Skill Points guide is above. Make sure to activate it as it gives a small boost to all the party members.

#5.) Earn and Spend Frog Points You can earn frog points by completing the missions. On the main screen, on the right side, just above the gems option, you will see an event icon. Tap it and head to the missions tab. Complete the missions and earn frog points. You can spend these points to obtain precious items such as Yata Mirror(Evolving Material), Brand Cube(to obtain 4*-6* brand), summon file, Hell Bull, Monster Drew, and many more items.

#6.) Dispatch The Demons In Hideout, head to the demon dispatch tab and send the demons on missions to earn precious rewards. #7.) Check Out The Black Market Daily You can grab cheap deals from here.

Check daily if you don’t want to miss any deal. #8.) Pay Attention To Safe Claim free gems or Macca from here gradually. Read the hideout guide above. So these are some basic SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see –

best dating 4 demon dx2

Magnetite (MAG) is used for “Demon Fusion”, a forbidden practice that lets you combine two or more demons to create powerful ones. To fuse demons, tap hideout > church of false gods.

Under normal, you can combine two characters to create a new one. Under multi-fusion, you will be able to combine multiple demons to create a powerful character. Tap normal and then select two different characters by tapping their portraits. Make sure you have a good look at the new demon’s stats before fusing characters. When you are ready, tap “Fusion” to create a new demon. Fusion costs magnetite and the new character’s rarity will determine the total MAG required for fusion.

Some may cost less, others may cost more. You must have plenty of MAG if you are looking to get rare characters from fusion. With the help of this guide, you will find out various ways to magnetite in Shin Megami Tensei Liberation DX2: 1. The Aura Gate is the best place to farm magnetite. You can unlock it after clearing chapter 2-1. Go to “Map” and then tap the gate to enter. It has several floors. Just enter a floor, fight enemies and a boss demon and receive magnetite as rewards for beating them.

Defeat the boss to clear a floor and a portal will let you enter the next floor. You can also play a previously explored floor to discover more enemies and fight them to get MAG.

You will have to deploy two parties to explore a floor of the Aura Gate. Make sure you recruit the best demons before entering one. Use the virtual navigation keys to look around and find the boss. The mini-map will help you locate the boss demon’s lair. While exploring a floor you will come across random enemies. You will have to beat them to get MAG. You will get more magnetite after defeating the boss. You will also receive lots of MAG as “first clear rewards” if you beat the boss in your very first attempt.

Here are a few tips and hints to get more magnetite from the Aura Gate: A. When you are at the gate fighting enemies, your party members’ HP do not automatically heal after a battle, so make sure you have a demon that possesses a healing skill. B. You can use the auto-navigate button to explore a floor and find the boss demon quickly.

C. You can switch between parties anytime during battle, but you will lose a turn. While battling, tap the menu (located on the left side of the screen) and then tap “swap” to change your party.

D. You will receive 5000 and more MAG, starting from floor 40. Make sure you recruit rare demons once you enter floor 20, because bosses will be very tough to beat.

You should also have demons that possess high AG stats to get battle speed advantage, which means your party will attack first. E. Keep an eye on moon phase effects while exploring the aura gate floors. Once activated, they will increase the amount of obtained MAG by a certain percentage. Tap the icon on the upper left corner of the screen to know more about such effects. F. While exploring, you can find various item drops, including MAG, so make sure you explore the entire map.

If you are lucky, you will stumble upon a “MAG Chest”. It’s like a lottery where all players can participate. This weird cube-shaped chest contains lots of magnetite and if you pick the right number, you will hit the jackpot and win lots of magnetite. However, if you select a number and if it’s a miss, then you will lose action points (AP), which are used to explore the gate.

2. Finish orders to get MAG. You may get lots of magnetite when you complete a set of missions. For example, if you complete a set of fusion training orders, you will receive 5000 MAG. 3. Complete reward events, such as the “Freak Storm” event to get MAG and other prizes. The freak storm event lets you collect frogs by completing certain missions. You can then exchange frogs for magnetite at the “frog exchange” section.

You will get 5000 MAG if you have collected 100 frogs, 10000 MAG for 300 frogs and so on. Such events are available for a limited period of time, so make sure you take full advantage of them when they are accessible. There’s also a 1 Million Downloads event that offered a chance for players to receive lots of MAG depending on the number of likes on the official DX2 page. You can get info about new events by tapping “News” on the lower left corner of your home screen.

4. Time after time, MAG-exclusive events will be activated. Make the most of such events and complete as many story mode missions and aura gate floors when such an event is active to get bonus magnetite. Look for such events on your home screen. 5. If you have pre-registered for Shin Megami Tensei DX2, then you will get pre-registration rewards include magnetite. You may also receive milestone rewards from the game developer. Check the rewards section on your gift box to know what prizes you have received.

As part of the “Facebook Milestone reward”, I received 100000 MAG. 6. Login daily to get bonuses such as gems, macca and MAG. You will receive 3000 MAG on day 10, 5000 MAG on day 25 and 50000 magnetite on Day 28. 7. Bonus magnetite accumulates in your safe at your “hideout” in regular intervals. You may read the “Liberator’s Log” to know how many MAG (including the bonus) you have accumulated.

Don’t forget to tap the safe to collect them all.

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