Best dating 10 years older than you

best dating 10 years older than you

Wanted to get people's general views on dating older women seriously. As a preface, this person is Asian and obviously there are a lot of cultural no-nos for women to date people who are a lot younger than you as a woman. The basic gist of the story - she's looking to get married within the next few years, and she's approaching 30 soon. As for myself, I'm barely 24 Translation: if you're 21, you have a better chance of getting laid by a 30 something than you do by a 21 year old, assuming your goal is to get laid tonight. I am absolutely NOT in a position to fuck almost anyone. I'm married, chief. Chicks in their 30's aren't 'older' to me. Hence what makes me sad. You guys think a 25-30 year old is an 'older woman'. I think she's a young lady. MY BLOG.

best dating 10 years older than you

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best dating 10 years older than you

best dating 10 years older than you - Dating a Girl Older Than You: Useful Tips

best dating 10 years older than you

I am trying to check in Java 8 if a date is older than 10 years and newer than 20 years. I am using Date.before() And Date.after() and passing currentDate-10 years and currentDate-20 years as arguments.

Can someone please suggest what will the cleanest way to get a date which is 10 year old and 20 years old in Date format to pass it in my before() and after() methods?

Using you can easily get a 10 year old date and 20 year old date from the current date. Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance(); calendar.add(Calendar.YEAR, -10); Date d1 = calendar.getTime(); calendar.add(Calendar.YEAR, -10); Date d2 = calendar.getTime(); As you are using Java 8 you can also use LocalDate currentDate =; Date d1 = Date.from(currentDate.minusYears(10).atStartOfDay(ZoneId.systemDefault()).toInstant()); Date d2 = Date.from(currentDate.minusYears(20).atStartOfDay(ZoneId.systemDefault()).toInstant()); For comparing you can use the date.after() and date.before() methods as you said.

if(date.after(d1) && date.before(d2)){ //date is the Date instance that wants to be compared //// } The before() and after() methods are implemented in Calendar and LocalDate too. You can use those methods in those instances without converting into java.util.Date instances. You can use to do this. Example: If you need to check if 01/01/2005 is between that duration, you can use LocalDate date = LocalDate.of(2005, 1, 1); // Assign date to check LocalDate today =; if (date.isBefore(today.minusYears(10)) && date.isAfter(today.minusYears(20))) { //Do Something } I've taken the liberty of creating a separate variable to address the issue @SpaceTrucker raised.

Feel free to roll back if you wish. Also, note that this answer ignores issues of time and time zone. I would probably truncate the time first using atStartOfDay, and time zone handling would depend on the specific use case. – Dec 1 '15 at 7:44 Another possibility is to get the year count between the date to check and the upper date. If the number of year is greater than 0 and less than 10, it means the date to check is older than 10 years and newer than 20 years.

This code will determine any date in the interval ]now - 20 years ; now - 10 years[: public static void main(String[] args) { LocalDate dateToCheck =; LocalDate upperYear =; long yearCount = ChronoUnit.YEARS.between(dateToCheck, upperYear); if (yearCount > 0 && yearCount -20) if the task is “check whether the age is within that interval”.

But your answer still is the only one not misguided by the XY style of the question that focuses on using before and after instead of the actual task. Note that x.until(y, YEARS) is the same as YEARS.between(x, y) but the latter delegates to the former.

– Dec 1 '15 at 11:48 •

best dating 10 years older than you

Hi Marilyn, Thank you for your great question. To answer your question on whether I would date someone ten years older, my answer is YES. I would date someone ten years my senior. Even when you’re over fifty, and dating I don’t think there is an issue with dating someone older. However, you brought up a great point “I feel older because he is older”. Let’ get into this a little more. I understand that if you are dating a man ten years older than you, and your already in your fifties it can make you feel OLDER than you already are- however the truth is we are all getting older.

I think you need to own your age. I think you may feel a bit insecure about being over fifty, and as a result dating him is a reality check for you. You may be in denial of your age. So, how can this feeling go away? The truth is, when you’re over fifty, and you meet someone who is ten years your senior it may bring to light how old you are, but that is not always a bad thing, because it can also make you feel ten years younger.

Here is my solution: think about being ten years younger than him. The issue is all rooted in your mentality. Try flipping your current “He’s older, and I feel older” attitude, to “I’m younger let me make him feel younger.” Don’t think about him being older.

Think about you being younger, and try to embrace your youth. A man ten years older is happy to date a younger woman. In sum, I think you should start thinking about the positive. Don’t think about him being ten years older; think about it as if you are ten years younger. Knowing and saying you are younger, will make you feel better about yourself, and your age. Remember; think about being ten years younger than him.

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