Best easy dating apps for relationships 2017

best easy dating apps for relationships 2017

Best Dating Apps for Relationships Beyond Tinder Looking for the 2017 best dating apps for relationships? Tired of using Tinder? Click to learn which US apps will help you find your perfect partner You shouldn’t be scared of online dating. It has become one of the easiest ways to get into the relationship. Also, online dating is not a taboo in the society anymore – The huge growing audience of best dating apps and top dating sites speaks for itself. themes: 71.

best easy dating apps for relationships 2017

So, Valentine’s Day went by, and you’re still single… that’s okay! In a country with so much population, there still may be a hope for you. And that’s where technology comes in bridging the gap between you and your potential soul mate. The android platform contains the Best Indian Dating Apps to make your romantic life easier in the search for your soulmate. Whether you are just curious or want friendship, everyone is welcome to try anytime and anywhere through your smartphone.

So, what are you waiting for? Check our list of Top 10 Best Indian dating apps 2017, Best Indian Dating Apps For Android & iOS 2017 1. MeetMe MeetMe, as the name suggests, employs the use of geotagging and social media to arrange meet ups with random people in virtual and real life.

Although this isn’t a typical dating platform, it can be used to find make formal and informal friendships with people of same/similar interests. It also facilitates filtering your interests based on your preferences and allows public & private chat conversations.

2. Hot or Not Hot Or Not, the users can link to Facebook and upload their best photos, and even invite friends over to see how well they rate. This app is a ‘Rating-driven’ game where you get to rate not only your friends but also strangers and random people from all across the world.

In the profile section, you can fill in your personal data, such as relationship status, appearance and special features, self-introduction, etc.

You may also set the filters to search for people in your geographical location or search for people by gender and age. If the interest is mutual, a private chat opens up for a personalized chat. The software also calculates your score according to the amount of likes received from other members.

3. Happn Happn connects you with the people you’ve crossed paths before. If you have ever missed a connection with someone you like who takes the same subway every day or take the same bus after working hours, then it connects you to them.

You can check out profiles on the timeline of people you’ve crossed paths with, and it also displays the time and location of such an encounter. You can send an anonymous like or even send a crush if you want them to know who you are. Unless it is mutual, the other person will never know about your identity. The app makers claim that the app is 100% built around the safety of the user and it’s quite trendy in its appearance providing all the functionalities that a dating app requires.

It is worth remembering that it is free for women but paid for men. 4. Bumble Bumble is one of a kind app that gives the Right To Choose to women. It may seem a bit biased to the men using this app but cool down, it is not aimed at being a sexist, but just meant for the safety of women, who are usually the victims. Only women can initiate a conversation with their chosen match. This methodology keeps fake profiles and predators at bay.

5. Badoo Badoo is a popular dating app in many countries including India. The app tracks potential friends living in your area. Now you can arrange a meet up with encounters, or go to a cinema with a group of newly made friends. The app is good for socialising but beware of the fake profiles and enjoy your time using this cool app. 6. Lovoo Lovoo has a built-in geolocation and geotagging feature that lets you make friends living in your area.

Apart from that, you can also see who’s interested in your profile and approach them. The functionality resembles that of Facebook or Twitter which makes suggestions for friends but you can also find peers with similar interests and start a friendship with the opposite sex.

You may also find the app useful to search for events taking place near you. Use the app to find your next date or a more permanent partner. 7. Skout Skout is fully interactive. The distinguishing feature about Skout is that the user can purchase virtual gifts with a Credit card to spice things up.

You can make use of the private chatrooms if you so desire. Social Media accounts can be synced with registration beginning with Facebook account. It allows you to add favorites to your list and you can also like and comment on the photos of other users. You may find yourself in the featured user’s panel based on their popularity and authenticity. 8. POF or PlentyOfFish POF is a popular dating app around the world.

Here you can communicate with a match through messages which are available free of charge. You may also integrate Instagram to add more pictures to your profile, and in this way you prove your authenticity. The profile page itself is quite easy on the eyes and allows you to write your heart out. The app makers update the app with new features such as voice calling, online chat, and more, perhaps that’s why this app has the most number of users in the world. 9. Tinder Tinder is undoubtedly one of the most popular app in the world that employs geotagging feature.

It has a solid and functionally stable platform that attracts a diverse user base. The app has a built-in functionality that allows people with mutual interest to start a conversation. The standard services are available free of charge making this the most favored app among users from all over the world. The standard services are available free of charge making this the most favored app among users from all over the world. Check some of the . 10. OkCupid Dating OKCupid ranks in one of the top 3 apps meant for dating and meaningful relationships.

Whatever your requirement may be you can put it down without feeling shy. Whatever your sexual preference might be, the app makers never discriminate.

Having said that, the algorithm used here is quite effective and pairs you with the right kind of soulmate you wish to be with. Although OKCupid isn’t a Netflix & Chill kind of app, its popularity among users isn’t any less. The entire app and its desktop version are based around answering the questionnaire from different categories (all of which are fun to answer) which improve your profile and fetches you the best of what it has to offer.

This app is not recommended for those who aren’t interested in talking about themselves or are trying to be very discreet. You can establish your authenticity by posting photos and/or videos of yourself. Talk about who you are, what you are doing with life, what you do on a Friday night, things you can’t live without and lastly, why should someone message you. It also allows a user to chat with you and shows if you’re online especially if they have sent you a message.

You can also tweak the settings and find someone based in the same geographical area as you, or by match % The Quickmatch feature presents you with photos of other users which you can swipe left or right to say Yay or Nay.

best easy dating apps for relationships 2017

best easy dating apps for relationships 2017 - best dating apps for relationships 2017 Archives

best easy dating apps for relationships 2017

(Updated August, 2017) Lonely human minds are on the lookout for connections. Loneliness meets companion and turns into friendship which may turn into a sweet and romantic relationship. Do you own an ? If yes then your iPhone can help you get started with lovely dates and a possible brewing romance with these best dating apps 2017.

Surely you might think there are many other forms or social platforms to use where you might finally meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right? Well, you may be right, or not.

The thing is you carry your phone with you all the time and don’t necessarily have your computer – so it’s fast and easy for you to calmly select your date over the phone.

iPhones offer a lot of dating apps to choose from, but we make it easy – we’ve checked them out have have picked out some of the best dating apps for relationships in this post. So come, let’s discuss how easily and interestingly you can find a date over a simple iPhone app. Plenty of Fish This one is not only a dating app on iPhone but also a very popular and one of the largest online dating communities. It has more than 50 million members registered, so if you want to spot someone that happens to be local, it’s quite likely that you are going to find someone on here.

You will find the app very well designed and easy to use. You will get the advantage of push notification in this app. Push notifications will help you to track visitors to your profile and messages amongst potential matches. Since registration to this dating app is huge and authentic, finding probable potential matches is not too much a challenge.

We can say this mobile dating app takes a bit of a different twist and requires you to share a bit of information. You need to connect this app to your Facebook account. Potential matches are found mostly from extended friends from your friend list, so the matches are reliable in that way if one thinks of security and safety. This app works to get you to meet one date or bagel per day.

If you and your probable date like each other mutually, then ‘Coffee meets Bagel’ serves a personal number for partners to share more info. If you are slightly jittery about online dating, then this app is a good one to try since you will meet matches where you can feel a bit safer and trust to be legitimate as they will be in a way connected to your friend list.

Of course, that assumes you like and trust those that are on your friends lists! This app first lets you browse through local profiles on an anonymous basis.

Once you start liking someone and that someone likes you too only then does or will Tinder reveal the profiles to each other. Once you’ve made a match, you can chat regularly and also continue to look for other matches. If you believe in a more anonymous date search for starters, then Tinder is the right app for you.

That means if you want to hide personal details before finding a likeable match, then this app allows you to do that. Plus, Tinder is one of the most well designed app options out there. This app has been around for quite some time. The most unique feature of this app is that it broadcasts your free time and interests to common members. Probable matches put up advice and suggestions as how to utilize the free time.

If you like any of the suggestions then you can choose the person to hangout with. If you want casual hangouts or if you are a person who chooses a date on a spur of the moment, then this app is right for you.

Also this app boasts of huge membership and a wide range of locations . This app can be counted among the largest online social dating apps available. This app is mostly for gay, bi sexual or bi curious men.

If you are only looking for someone to talk to or someone to date then Grindr is a good option. If you are a gay and on the look out for gay partners, I don’t think you need to go beyond Grindr. Brenda is an app exclusive for lesbians. Bisexual women looking out for gay partners will find this app very fruitful. You can seek casual, no strings dates here. This app gives you the capability to face lock your profile. So only those members whom you select, will view your profile.

You can set up the push notification feature to see who visits your profile and what other wonen think of your profile. It is a well designed app for lesbians to seek lesbian partners. This is probably the largest online dating app with millions of users registered with it. So if you are choosy and want a big platform to pick your dates from, then this app is a must try. This site automatically builds a connection with people holding similar interests. If you like someone in your interest list, then you can send a ‘wink’ to initiate chat.

You can chat with prospective dates, surf profiles and photos of matches. It makes it easy to find someone that you have common interests with such as sport, the arts, dining out (or in) as well as finding those that like to go to a .

There’s definitely someone for just about any interests! You can even look for someone locally whom you want to meet. So go ahead download this app , as you get it for free. You can call this app as a date with a purpose. You post your dating idea in the forum. It can be anything, for example if you want Salsa dance partner, then post the idea in this dating forum. It can be movie date too. If someone likes the idea, then that person will contact you. eH If casual dating is not what you want, and instead, you are looking for a serious relationship, then this app is for you.

There are serious examples of relationship which started from a date and ended in a happy marriage. So if marriage is on your mind, then you can start looking for partner in this dating app. You Might Also Enjoy: Like, users here are also connected to each other on common interest level. So once you have matched an in depth questionnaire with someone, you never know wedding bells might be ringing for you.

This app is a fit for today’s world. ‘One night stand’ is not an eye brow raiser term as of the present generation. Rather a dating app like Pure facilitates such meet ups.

If you want to hook up with someone in your area, then the app sends requests to that person. The request will be visible to local users for an hour. If someone with same mental compatibility finds the request interesting, a chat will be initiated by the app.

Next, well, you know best where you are headed to. Few apps allow users to keep their identity anonymous till you find your match.

This app will keep your identity hidden as long as you want. That means if you start building a match, your identity is still not revealed. It is you who decides the right time and place to reveal your entire profile. This app has a feature called ‘Ice breaker.’ It suggests topics which can be a common interest, to encourage chat among matches and thus you get to know your match more. Hinge allows weird randomness of meeting people online by introducing you to people that share your mutual friends on Facebook.

This a great way to avoid people creeping up on you or other awkward situations but try to make sure that you have a good chance of meeting people who share the same experiences and interests. You can log in to your Facebook account, enter your preferences, sexual orientation, age and location.

Every day at noon, the app gives you with list of potential matches. The fact that you now have friends in common is thought to help with keeping you accountable and less likely to act like a jerk.

Coffee Meets Bagel offers you a single bagel everyday which is a calculated match that from your mutual Facebook friends shares. With this app, you have up to 24 hours to decide whether you like a profile or want to pass.

If both express interest, CMB brings together in a private chatroom where you can get to know each other or even plan a date. Other features, such as the ability to view your mutual friends, can be unlocked by purchasing a virtual currency called “beans”. This fits the free dating apps and has in app purchases that you can get. Well, here’s a first – actually it’s not, I think it’s our 14th on the list atm. But the site is called First and it’s innovative yet classic as well, in that it goes back to a classic way of dating, calling itself the “first real dating app”.

First’s CEO, Truman Kain, has said to that his goal for the app is “getting you off your phone and onto the date”. And considering how much time people spend on their phones and social media, First certainly offers a welcome, and slightly scary, alternative to online dating.

It means you have to actually communicate with another person face to face, Yikes! It also means your have a better chance of meeting someone that you enjoy as well. But don’t think you can mess around here – There’s a strict policy so that if one ghosts another user on a date or is not who they say they are, they are banned – that’s it!

Also, there’s a rating system (only seen by those who work on First) where users are able to rate how well the date went, which is a way for First to weed out who is and isn’t right for their app. A few successful dates in a row and you get the high honor of being “verified”, so that others know you are definitely who you say you are, and won’t flake on the date. We’ve covered a TON of apps in this post! So whatever type of iPhone dating app you are looking for, we’re pretty confident that this inclusive list of the Best iPhone Dating Apps will have at least one for you to test out!

Your comments and suggestions are highly important. If you find the above apps useful and authentic then leave us a comment. Obviously you will have your favorite dating app, so let us know which one is it? ABOUT presents information on all kinds of technology and products that make your life more fun, better and easier. We focus on home, lifestyle and working gear and gadgets for everyone in the family.

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best easy dating apps for relationships 2017

Tinder basically started the whole dating / hooking up app thing and since then, there have been many other new apps that offer the same features. We have searched the web, read user reviews and looked at the number of downloads to find the new 10 best dating apps 2017 that you can download and use for free.

Some of the dating apps below are completely free while others require a monthly membership or allow you to make in app purchases. If you like one of the apps below just click on the necessary download button to take you to the main download page. Tinder is one of the most popular apps in the world and one of the best dating apps 2017. If you haven’t heard of Tinder then you are on of the few. Tinder allows its users to discover new people within a certain radius of where you are located.

Simply swipe right if you are interested in the person or swipe left to pass. When both people swipe right then you have made a match and have the option of chatting with the person. If you are looking for an easy app to meet new people then try downloading Tinder. They now have a paid version as well that comes with a few extra features that you may enjoy. Coffee Meets Bagel is another free online dating app that has gain a lot of popularity in the past year.

The great thing about this app is that the ladies get to choose from guys who have already liked them that they would want to meet up with and get to know. CMB provides ice breakers for easy conversation, gain feedback on your profile from the community, remove bagels you no longer want and much more.

If you are looking for something real in terms of a relationship then CMB should be considered for one of the best dating apps 2017 that you can download for free. is said to the be number 1 in first dates and relationships for any type of dating. With the matching algorithm that Match has developed you shouldn’t have an issue finding someone who meets your standards. Match allows you to search people nearby, select from daily handpicked matches, see who has their eye on you, chat with others and so much more.

Match is one of the best dating apps 2017 but you will have to pay a monthly subscription for it. However, if you are looking for the perfect person to settle down with, this app may be just the small investment you need. With over 35 million members worldwide, Zoosk has quickly become one of the best dating apps 2017 to find and meet other singles. This app was actually named the best app in 2016 so it’s no wonder why it made our list this year. Zoosk provides it all. You can use this app to casually date, find something serious or to just meet people.

With this app, you can quickly match with someone or have a personalized smart pick based off of your interests and preferences. If you are finding it hard to find a match on other dating apps then try Zoosk today. Happn is a new local dating app where you can match up with people who you have recently crossed paths which.

Have you ever laid eyse on that man or woman who you have walked passed and wonder if he or she is single? Well now with the Happn app when you cross paths with someone their profile will automatically pop up so you can view them. If you both like each other through the app then it will make a crush in which you will be able to talk to one another. This is one of the most unique dating apps out there today which is why it has made the list of the best dating apps 2017.

Bumble is pretty much a sister app to Tinder but it keeps all the creepers from messaging women. With this app, women are the ones who get to make the first move so you don’t have to worry about men messaging you who you aren’t interested in. Bumble is not just a dating app, but also a place where you can meet new friends to hang out with. If you have made a match, the match will only last for 24 hours until it is expired. You can also block and report people which adds to the safety of this app.

With everything that Bumble brings to the table, it has made our list of the best dating apps 2017. With already over 3 million user downloads, Badoo is one of the most popular apps for meeting and dating new people. Badoo will show you people nearby based off of your location and will help find those people that you have bumped into in the past. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can easily see who is passing by leaving you with a decision whether or not you want to reach out to them. Badoo made our list of the 10 best dating apps 2017 for many reasons, and if you want a great way to meet new people, we recommend giving it a try.

Down is another great app where you can easily meet new locals who are interested in you. The great thing about the Down app is that it gives you 10 new picks each day of attractive people that you can chat with, meet, hookup and or date. What makes the Down app one of the best dating apps 2017 is that you can select what exactly you are looking for.

If you just want to hookup then just say looking for a hookup. If you want to find a serious relationship then you can say that as well. Down comes with many other great features for finding attractive people as well. is a free to use website where you will find the most popular and widely used apps which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

We help you find the whatever you are looking for whether you are using them for games, music streaming, dating, reviewing, transportation and more!

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