Question: How do I use Google plus?

To use Google plus you need to have a Google account (gmail). If you already have a gmail, then you also have a google+ account, look for the + sign next to your name in the top right corner. Like Facebook, Google+ can be used for both personal and business use.

Where is my Google Plus?

At the top right of the page, click on your profile picture. The pop up should show you all the information about that Google account including your name, email associated with the account, and if you have one, a Google Plus account. Clicking on the Google Plus account link will take you to your Google Plus page.

What does Google Plus include?

Googles fourth attempt at building a social network, Google Plus followed the likes of Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, and Orkut. For years, Google Plus integrated with apps like Photos, Hangouts, and YouTube. You had to have a Google Plus account to use and interact with these apps.

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