Question: When did BearShare come out?

What year did LimeWire come out?

2000 While it initially launched in 2000, LimeWire wasnt the overnight success (if that word can be applied here) that its predecessor Napster was.

When was Kazaa first released?

Kazaa was introduced by the Dutch company Consumer Empowerment in March 2001, near the end of the first generation of P2P networks typified by the shutdown of Napster in July 2001.

When did LimeWire become popular?

In 2006, LimeWire reportedly had 4 million active users a day, and was well on its way to being downloaded 200 million times. The company itself was extremely profitable, thanks to the small percentage of users who opted for the paid service. According to the New York Times, LimeWires revenue in 2006 was $20 million.

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